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This Film took place after Minnie, Cartooners Assemble and Minnie:The Dark World and its a parady of Thor: Tales Of Asgard


Minnie(House Of Mouse) as Thor

Marie(Aristocats) as Loki

Peppa(Peppa Pig) as Sif

Grandpa Pig(Peppa Pig) as Fandral

Kamui(X 1999) as Hogun

Barney(The Simpsons) as Volstagg

Roman Belic(GTA IV) as Odin

Pooh(My Friends Tigger and Pooh) as Algrim

Twilight Sparkle(My Little Pony) as Amora

Daddy Pig(Peppa Pig) as Brunhilde

Tamamki(Ouran) as Geirmarr

James(Sofia The Frist) as Thrym

Closing Song

Radioactive by imagine Dragons