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Minnie:Dark world is a parody of Thor:Dark World

it will Be made by BrucesMovies1 and the trailer will be on youtube on Saturday 21st December

It will Be the first parady film to have intro and outro to Disney on Parade:100 years of Magic from Tokyo Disneyland


Minnie(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Thor

Marie(Aristocats) as Loki

Fizz(Tweenies) as Jane Froster

Angry Grandpa as Odin

Kotori(X 1999) as Frigga

Micheal DeSanta(GTA V) as Erik Selvig

Bella(Tweenies) as Dacry Lewis

Rapunzel(Tangled) as Lady Sif

Franklin(GTA V) as Hogun

Flynn Rider(Tangled)as Fandral

Niko Belic(GTA IV) as Volstagg

Homer Simpson(The Simpsons) as Heimdall

Jake(Tweenies) as Richard

The Hitler(Downfall) as Algrim/Kurse

  • Luis(GTA IV) as Tyr
  • Lisa Simpson(The Simpsons) as Eir
  • Drew(Rock of Ages) as Can I have my shoe back Guy
  • Daddy Pig(Peppa Pig) as Newsreporter on TV

star means Cameo apperance

End Credits Song

Story of My Life by One Direction

Kotrois Memorial Music

Into Eternity by Brain Taylor/ Little Things By One Direction(When everyone Mourns Over her Death)