Minnie (Thor)

Minnie is a parady of Thor

This can be made by BurceMovies 1


Minnie Mouse(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Thor

Marie(The Aristocats) as Loki

Fizz(Tweenies) as Jane Froster

Angry Grandpa as Odin

Kotori(X 1999) as Frigga

Micheal De Santa(GTA V) as Erik Selvig

Bella(Tweenies) as Dacy Lewis

Rapunzel(Tangled) as Lady Sif

Franklin(GTA V) as Hogun

Flynn Rider(Tangled) as Fandral

Niko Belic(GTA IV) as Volstagg

Homer Simpson(The Simpsons) as Heimdall

Dad(Horrid Henry) as Angent Phil Colusion

Perfect Peter(Horrid Henry) as Young Thor

Lisa Simpson(The Simpsons) as Young Loki

Scar(Lion King) as Laufey

Drew(Rock Of Ages) as Male Nurse

Techy Tess(Horrid Henry) as Female Nurse

Mummy Pig(Peppa Pig) as Lady at the desk

End Song

Walk by foo Fighters


Opening/Young Thor and Loki/Minnies Royal coranation

Minnie and Her Friends Visit Joheminen

Frosest Giant Battle

Minnies Bashment

Minnie arrives on Earth/How Dare You Attack the Mouse of Odin

I Can Help/Fizz takes tag off

Marie Discovers shes a frosest giant

SHEILD take everything away(AKA we are Good Guys)

Marie Becomes King

Minnie Visits Pet Shop

Marie and Kotroi watches angry grandpa sleep

Minnie Founds Her Hammer

Marie Visits Minnie

Micheal and Minnie outing in the bar

Marie in Johemien

Bringing Minnie Back Home/Minnie Comes Back as a Asgardian

Marie Vs Minnie

Welcome home party/Finale


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