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Mira Nova is one of the main characters from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. SHe is the tomboyishly beautiful princess of Tangea.


She played as Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed SpongeBob SquarePants

She is Roger's Wife

She played as Belle in Beauty and the Grinch Beauty and the Grinch 2: The Enchanted Christmas and Beauty and the Grinch 3: Mira Nova's Magical World

She played as Penny in Over The Animated Hedge

She played as Cinderella in Mirarella, Mirarella 2: Dreams Come True and Mirarella 3: A Twist of Time

She is a Maid

She played Granny Garbanzo in The Big Comfy Couch (Chris1701 Style)

She is Loonette's Granny

She played as Elsa the Snow Queen in Frozen (CoolZDane Human Style)

She e is a Queen

She played as one of the Muses in Reefcules

She is a Goddess

She played as Sergeant Calhoun in Wreck-It Booster

She is a Soldier

She Played as Adult Odette In The Red Haired Dog Princess

She is a Beautiful Princess turns in a swan

She Played In Miralina

She is a Small

She Played Miss Englatine Price in Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Disney and Sega Style)

She is a Witch

She played Raye/Sailor Mars in Sailor Megara

She Played Jupiter In Sailor Malina

She will play Peg Pete in an upcoming Goof Troop parody

She will play Holi Would in an upcoming Cool World parody

She will play Tony Rydinger in an upcoming The Incredibles parody

She will play Franny Robinson in an upcoming Meet the Robinsons parody

She will play Gadget Hackwrench in an upcoming Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers parody

She will play Audrey Ramirez in an upcoming Atlantis: The Lost Empire parody

She will play Miss Kitty Mouse in an upcoming The Great Mouse Detective parody

She will play Phoebus in an upcoming The Hunchback of Notre Dame parody

She will Appear in Plum Landing: Buzz Lightyear Returns


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