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Mirage is a character from Aladdin (TV Series).

Mirage played Princess Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is a Evil Fire Nation Princess

Mirage Played In Winx Club (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

She is a Witch With sky Power

Mirage played Eve in Alpha & Omega (PrinceBalto Style)

She is a wolf

Mirage played Mother Talzin in Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars

She is a Force-sensitive witch

Mirage played the Evil Queen in Nala White and the Seven Animals

She is a monarch

Mirage played Sith Master Yuthura Ban in Star Wars: Animals Of The Old Republic

She is a Sith instructor

Mirage played the witch of Endor in Krypto

She is a witch

Mirage played Aunt Figg in Flynn and Taran: The Movie

She is a fat woman

Mirage played Tabitha Harperstein in Skippy in New York

She is a murderer

Mirage played Mother Gothel in Tangled (Nikkdisneylover8390's Animal Style)

She is an evil woman

Mirage played Lola in Human Tale (Shark Tale)

She is a fish

Mirage played the Once-ler's Mother in The Sloth Bear (The Lorax; 2012)

Mirage played Zira in The Cat King 2: Danny's Pride and The Watterson King 2: Gumball's Pride

She is an old lioness

Mirage Played Ursula In Dinosaur King (Chris1704 Animal Style)

She is a

Mirage played The Mousequeen in The Meerkat Prince

She is a mouse

Mirage played June in Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

She is a bounty hunter

Mirage played The Queen of Hearts in Sawyer in Wonderland

Mirage played Alice Angel in Chaos and the Oil Machine


  • In Baltladdin (TV Series) Mirage is played by Su
  • In Aangladdin (TV Series) Mirage is played by Belladonna
  • In Christopher Robinladdin  TV Series Mirage is played by Maleficent
  • In Digitladdin (TV Series) Mirage is played by Young Vitani