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Mirage is a character from Aladdin (TV Series).

Mirage played Princess Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is a Evil Fire Nation Princess

Mirage Played In Winx Club (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

She is a Witch With sky Power

Mirage played Eve in Alpha & Omega (PrinceBalto Style)

She is a wolf

Mirage played Mother Talzin in Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars

She is a Force-sensitive witch

Mirage played the Evil Queen in Nala White and the Seven Animals

She is a monarch

Mirage played Sith Master Yuthura Ban in Star Wars: Animals Of The Old Republic

She is a Sith instructor

Mirage played the witch of Endor in Krypto

She is a witch

Mirage played Aunt Figg in Flynn and Taran: The Movie

She is a fat woman

Mirage played Tabitha Harperstein in Skippy in New York

She is a murderer

Mirage played Mother Gothel in Tangled (Nikkdisneylover8390's Animal Style)

She is an evil woman

Mirage played Lola in Human Tale (Shark Tale)

She is a fish

Mirage played the Once-ler's Mother in The Sloth Bear (The Lorax; 2012)

Mirage played Zira in The Cat King 2: Danny's Pride and The Watterson King 2: Gumball's Pride

She is an old lioness

Mirage Played Ursula In Dinosaur King (Chris1704 Animal Style)

She is a

Mirage played The Mousequeen in The Meerkat Prince

She is a mouse

Mirage played June in Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

She is a bounty hunter

Mirage played The Queen of Hearts in Sawyer in Wonderland

Miarage played Abuelina Riviera in Kion and the Music od Mexico

Mirage played Alice Angel in Chaos and the Oil Machine


  • In Baltladdin (TV Series) Mirage is played by Su
  • In Aangladdin (TV Series) Mirage is played by Belladonna
  • In Christopher Robinladdin  TV Series Mirage is played by Maleficent
  • In Digitladdin (TV Series) Mirage is played by Young Vitani