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Bernard (Shrek) Played as Ogre Fiona

She is an ogre.

The Little Mer-Pureheart, The Little Mer-Pureheart (TV Series), The Little Mer-Pureheart 2: Return to the Sea and The Little Mer-Pureheart 3: Pearl's Beginning Played as Andrina

She is a mermaid.

Rio (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style) Played as Jewel

She is a blue macaw

Sailor Fluttershy (Disneystyle172 Style) Played as Sailor Mercury

She is a blue haired girl

Miss Bianca and the Bernard Played as Adult Lady

She is a cocker spaniel.

Kermiladdin Played as One of Genie's Three Dancing Girls

She is a belly dancer.

Bernardladdin (Stephen Druschke's Version) Played as Princess Jasmine

She is an Arabian princess.

Sleeping Bianca Played as Princess Aurora

She is a princess.

Brisbylan Played as Fa Li

She is a mother.

Fifi And Leo and Loretta and Miles Played as Twigs

She is a female pig.

Gadgetlan Played as Grandmother Fa

Miss Biancalan Played as Mulan

Sleeping Brisby Played as Queen Leah

She is a queen.

Brave (nikkdisneylover8390's style) Played as Merida

She is a Scottish princess.

Brave (TheBluesRockz Style) Played as Queen Elinor

Oliver and Berlioz Played as Tobey's Mother

Oliver (a.k.a Bambi) Played as Miss Bunny

She is a rabbit.

The Aristomice Played as Duchess

She is a cat.

Tod (Dumbo) Played as Elephant Giddy

She is a lady elephant.

Fievel and Jaq Played as Nora Frensky

The Mouse King Played as Adult Nala

She is a lioness.

Pokemon (Animal Style) and Pokemon (397Movies Animal Style) Played as Misty

She is a female Pokémon trainer

Sailor Jeanette She Played Owner of the Jewel shop

She is :???? Mother

Pudgeocchio Played as Jiminy Cricket as an extra

She is an extra.

Bianca Poppins Played as Mary Poppins

She is a nanny.

Biancarella Played as Cinderella

She is a maid.

Frozen (Nixcorr26 Animal style) Played as Elsa the Snow Queen

She is an ice queen.

Piglet Pan Played as Wendy

She is a girl.

Little Bernard: Adventures in Slumberland Played as Princess Camille

Fievel Pan 2: Return to Neverland Played as Adult Wendy

She is a woman.

The Little Mouse (Nixcorr26), The Little Mouse 2: Return to the Sea (Nixcorr26), and The Little Mouse 3: Olivia's Beginning (Nixcorr26) Played as Attina

She is a mermaid.

Quest for Camelot (Stephen Druschke's Animal Style) Played as Lady Juliana

She is a widow.

Quest for Camelot (Nixcorr26's Rodent Style) Played as Kayley

She is a girl.

The Mices (The Smurfs) and The Mices 2 Played as Smurfette

She is a Smurf.

Bernard and Friends Played as Baby Bop

She is a dinosaur.

Who Framed Bernard Played as Jessica Rabbit

She is Roger Rabbit's wife.

Bern-Hur Played as Esther

She is Ben-Hur's love interest.

Alex Pan, Fox Alex Pan and the Badniks, and Alex Pan in Return to Neverland Played as Tinkerbell

She is a pixie.

Bernard: The Movie, Bernard (TV series), and Bernard: King of the Mice Played as Celeste

She is Queen of the Elephants.

Bernard Kong Country Played as Candy Kong

She is a kong.

Mices Don't Dance Played as Sawyer

She is a cat.

Olivia (Annie) Played as Grace Farrell

She is a secretary.

Pokemon (Chris1702 Animal Style) Played as Daisy

Big Hero 6 (TheBluesRockz Style) Played as GoGo Tomago

Big Hero 6 (AbananzerGoode485 Style) Played as Honey Lemon

Finding Pikachu Finding Kiki And Finding Miss Bianca Played As Dory

She is a blue fish

She will play Mrs. Brisby in an upcoming The Secret of NIMH parody

She will play Olivia Flaversham is an upcoming The Great Mouse Detective

She will play Maid Marian in an upcoming Robin Hood parody

She will play Megara in an upcoming Hercules parody

She will play Captain Amelia in an upcoming Treasure Planet parody