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Miss Keane
Background information
Feature films The Powerpuff Girls Movie
Television films The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!
The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed (cameo)
Direct-to-video films The Powerpuff Girls: Twas the Fight Before Christmas
Short films :What a Cartoon!
Television programs The Powerpuff Girls
The Powerpuff Girls Z
The Powerpuff Girls (2016)
Video games The Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage
Lego Dimensions
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Kath Soucie (What-a-Cartoon episode "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins")
Jennifer Hale
Performance model
Inspiration Cindy Bear
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Sandra Keane
Other names
Personality Patient, beautiful, understanding, protective, kind, strict, smart, stern (sometimes), horny, slutty, sexy
Appearance Slender, short black hair, sky blue eyes, a orange shirt, red vest and brown leggings
Occupation The Powerpuff Girls' teacher
Nationality American
Home Townsville
Relatives Tod (boyfriend/mate/future husband), Professor Utonium (ex-boyfriend/ex-mate/ex-husband)
Pets Valentino
Allies Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Professor Utonium, The Mayor of Townsville, Miss Bellum, Princess Morbucks (formerly), Cindy Bear (best friend)
Enemies Mojo Jojo, Him, Princess Morbucks, Sedusa, The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins
Likes The girls, teaching, children, cats, Tod
Dislikes Monsters, Gangreen Gang, people telling her how to do her job, Princess Morbucks, Mitch misbehaving,

bullying, her students getting hurt, makeup, being gigantic

Powers and abilities
Quote "We're going to be having some new students with us, and I'd like you to help me welcome them."

Ms. Keane is the Powerpuff Girls' teacher, the ex-boyfriend of Professor Utonium and the best friend of Cindy Bear She is named after the famous American artist Margaret Keane.


Ms. Keane teaches Pokey Oaks Kindergarten which is where the Powerpuff Girls attend school. She wears an orange shirt, red vest, brown leggings, and has short black hair and sky blue eyes. She is patient, beautiful, understanding, and very protective of her students, making her a well-liked, motherly figure. She drives a tangerine hatchback vehicle, as seen in "Reeking Havoc".

Miss Keane played Korrina in Pokemon XY (1701Movies Human Style)

Miss Keane played Muriel Bagge in Scooby-Doo The Cowardly Great Dane

Miss Keane Played Widow Tweed in The Lincoln and the Clyde and The Lincoln and the Clyde 2

She is a Farmer

Miss Keane Played Alice in Miss Keane In Wonderland

She is a British Girl

Miss Keane played Dora in Miss Keane the Explorer

She is an explorer

She played Minnie Mouse in The Scarecrow, Yogi and Fred: The Three Musketeers

She is a mouse



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