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Baby Miss Piggy in Muppet Babies.jpg

Miss Piggy is a pig from Muppet Babies And The Muppets

Cartoon Inc. (My Version) She Played as Celia Mae

Frog-A-Doodle and Frog-A-Doodle 2: Bambi's Great Adventure She played as Goldie Pheasant

Kermiladdin She played as Princess Jasmine

Miss Bianca and the Bernard She played as Peg

The Great Muppet Detective She played as Mrs. Judson

Kermit Hood She played as Maid Marian

The Rescuers (Nikkdisneylover8390's Style) She played as Miss Bianca

Oliver (a.k.a Bambi) She played as Bluebelle

Orinoco Hood She played as Little Sister Mouse

She Played Sawyer in Frogs Don't Dance

She is a white cat

Meet the Feebles (Disney and Sega Animal Style) She played as Sandy the Chicken

Orinoarzan She played as Adult Terk

Pearlhontas She played as Nakoma

The Rescuers Down Under (Disney and Sega Animal Style) She played as Faloo

The Little Mer-Pureheart 2: Return to the Sea She played as Mother Penguin

Giselle in Wonderland (Disney and Sega Version) She played as Female Flower

Kermit Pan She played as Tiger Lily

Kermicules She played as Megara

The Frog of Notre Dame 2 She played as Madellaine

The Penguin of Notre Dame She played as Esmeralda

The Donkey of Notre Dame She played as Laverne

Bettylina She played as Gnatty's Mother

Star Trekkin (Disney and Sega AMV Style) She played as Lt. Uhura

Mouses Don't Dance (DavidPeartFan2003 Style) She Played as Tille The Hippo

The Pagemaster (Chris Peters Style) She Played as Fantasy

She is a Book

Seven Little Wildlife Animals She Played as Six

She is a Beautiful Monster.