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Mitchell "Mitch" Mitchelson (voiced by Tom Kenny, who is known for the voices of The Ice King from Adventure Time, Heffer from Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob SquarePants): The bully at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Mitch has brownish hair, and wears a black T-shirt with the words “MITCH ROCKS” on the front and yellow shorts. Usually talks in a gruff voice; he torments the kids in the class in a few episodes, though he is not a major threat (strange enough he was actually on Santa's nice list in the Fight Before Christmas). His laugh is almost the same as Popeye's. He is Buttercup's close friend, according to Buttercup in her interview in the DVD features of </span>The Powerpuff Girls Movie. For a brief time he hosted a short segment on Cartoon Network called "Mitch Rocks", where he looked at or watched various things and said whether they "rock" or don't. He lives in a trailer park with his grandma and owns a pet snake. In the episode "Gettin' Twiggy With It", he was allowed to take Twiggy, the class's pet hamster, home with him for the weekend. Mitch subsequently taped her into a remote-controlled car, nearly choked the hamster with treats, and finally, taped her to a remote controlled rocket that he then sent down the toilet, causing Twiggy to come into contact with radioactive waste and, upon reemerging, tried to eat him.

Mitch Mitchelson played Sid Phillips in Animal Story (Stephen Druschke's Style)

Voice Actors:

  1. Tom Kenny - English


  • In The Powerpuff Girls spoof for 1986Movies he is played by ???.
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