Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff is Lalaloopsy Land's biggest enthusiast of all things snowy.
Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff

Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff

She loves hot cocoa, snow fights, and snuggling by the fire. Mittens is the older sister of little Bundles Snuggle Stuff. Her name is based off of mittens, one of the items that can be worn during the winter, fluff as in fluffy snow, and stuff as in thermal clothes.

About MittensEdit AppearanceEdit Mittens Pattern Mittens is a light brown skinned girl with pale pink cheeks and black button eyes. She has long blue hair worn in high pigtails held with white bows and wrap around curved bangs.

Downloadmittens Mittens' original appearance

She wears a pink and magenta striped long sleeved shirt with a fur vest with blue trim, a white pair of bloomers with a blue mesh skirt with darker blue spots decorating it. She also has on pink and magenta striped leg warmers and white boots with magenta and pink trims.

For the Super Silly Party line, Mittens has curled her hair and pulled her ponytails into thick sections of hair on each side of her head. To the left of her head is a pink yarn bow with multiple marshmallows sticking out of the top, held together by a stick. She wears a dark pink top with a large, white fluffy collar and a pale blue skirt. The top layer is made of shiny material, while the top is translucent white tulle. Around her waist is a pale pink ribbon. She wears plain dark pink tights and a pair of white fluffy boots with a small dark pink bow attached.

For the princess rerelease, she has styled her hair in elaborate curls. Her hairstyle looks like Goldie Luxe's hairstyle. She has a light blue headband that has a light blue bow on it and an ice jewel in the middle. Her top is light blue with a white collar and white puffy sleeves. She wears a blue icicle necklace. She wears a pearly belt. She wears a puffy light blue tulle skirt. Her leggings are white, and she wears fancy white socks and pearly blue slippers with tiny snowflakes on them.

PetEdit Mittens' pet is a Polar Bear that is white. It seems to have no legs or arms, and simply hops (or gets lifted) to get around.

HomeEdit Main article: Mittens' house TriviaEdit December 21st is the First Day of Winter.

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