Momo (Cocomelon)


Momo is a fictional character in the Cocomelon series. He is the smallest character from all the other animals besides the duckies, he has pink inside his ears and has purple eyebrows, his eyes are blueish gray, his nose is some sort of pinkish, he has pink cheeks, he has two big teeth and a little bit of purplelish pinkish on his stomach, and he also has white whiskers on his face and his entire body color is gray. Momo made his first appearance in the Apples and Bananas song. He also appeared in many other songs such as The Country Mouse and the City Mouse, Sneezing Song, Hiccup Song,Hickory Dickory Dock and many more songs. He was seen in the My Name Song with a name tag that has his name on it. His favorite food is cheese.

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