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Montana Max is a character from the cartoon “Tiny Toon Adventures”. He is the main male antagonist of the show, a human kid whose ultra-rich family gives him a lot of finance-based weight to throw around. Selfish, greedy and a vicious, evil monster, he takes great pleasure in making everyone else utterly miserable whenever he can. Monty majorly hates everyone, included the two main bunnies. He's got a nasty temper, helped by his vast riches, and greed for even more. He doesn't really like anyone on the show; however, he manages to find uses for Plucky and Elmyra, who he uses to help pester the two bunnies. However, he almost always gets his just desserts when he manages to tick Buster off. Elmyra is extremely enthusiastic about Monty, but after she moves to Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain, she no longer is interested in him as Monty doesn’t appear at all in that show. He's actually the 3rd mascot of the Scratch version of YouTube Poop titled "Scratch Poop", that replaced Baldi (as Scratch Poop didn't have a another mascot after from 2020-2021 But Koopaman came back on June 2020 due to Sarah quitted for a year, and BobbyTV (known as mickeymouse1928fan) was a Ayla fanboy and was inspired by pizzaronii , and he's still to this day).

Monty is a widely rich and selfish brat who mostly throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He is known as a nasty, rich, and spoiled brat who really hates rabbits, including Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny. Everyone knows him as a greedy, selfish little brat who cares only about money. He doesn’t really care about anyone else and he enjoys making everyone else’s lives miserable. Monty is known as the most evilest and meanest kid of Acme Acres, and he loves doing his evil deeds, like polluting or rabbit stomping for instance. Based on Yosemite Sam (mostly in the fact that Max has an actual American location in his name), he is a bad-tempered, loud-mouthed, money-hungry tycoon. Like Elmyra, he is a human and attends at Acme Looniversity. He is portrayed as a very wealthy character, living in a huge mansion and not having any friends, just a stubborn teenage boy. He really loves money, and cares about it more than anything. But, back then, Monty used to be poor and was best friends with Buster. But, after Max and his family won the lottery, Monty became the evil, snotty, greedy and money grubbing monster he is known as today. Max and Buster’s friendship broke as Monty said that his all time rival is Buster Bunny. Monty then presses a button that causes an anvil to fall on Buster. The rabbit says “Now you hurt my feelings pal!”, as he is squashed flat on the floor under the anvil.


On the show, Montana Max’s hair color is brown, but sometimes his hair color as mistaken to be a orange-brownish like color. Monty frequently on the show wears a grayish-blue jacket, a light green shirt, grayish-blue pants, and black shoes. In some episodes, he frequently wears suits, swimsuits, and other alternate clothing, sometimes for parodies of other cartoons or movies.

Personal Life & Role

Like his favorite teacher and mentor Yosemite Sam, he has a violent temper and a hatred for certain rabbits, as Sam hates Bugs Bunny while Monty hates Buster and Babs. His relatives are Yosemite Sam and Ophiuchus Sam. Max is a spoiled, rich boy who lives in a huge mansion at the far edge of Acme Acres. He treats everybody badly, and he has no friends to put up with him. Montana Max does not have any friends, he is a bratty, cruel, greedy, sadistic boy and takes great pleasure and pride in being one. His ruthlessness knows no bounds. He actually Rents simply to torture them, and boss them around too. Also, he scared one of his friends away by playing as Robin Hood and trying to shoot him with a bow, but it was just "pretend".

Monty is shown rarely to have a sweet side and is portrayed as a main character in 2 episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures, which are "Love Disconnection" and "Playtime Toons". But, Max does have more main episodes of him, such as Citizen Max. Monty seems to get annoyed by Elmyra Duff, the other villain of the show who has a huge crush on Monty, but he is shown to get help from her sometimes, probably to get those two pesky rabbits, Buster and Babs. This might mean that Elmyra feels like her boyfriend finally appreciates her at last. In Citizen Max, an half hour episode that is about the dark story of Montana Max, Max is destroying his stuff in his mansion until he saw his bike mirror and noticed he had Acne on his face. But, Hamton and other toons thought Monty said ''ACME'' and didn't know what he meant when he said that. One time back then, Monty was a peasant back then and was best friends with Buster, until Max's mother won the lottery and moved into a mansion. Buster thought Monty was going to be his closest pal forever, but by the time the Acme Looniversity class president election started, he began to change as a nasty, evil, and greedy kid who then claimed Buster as his worst enemy and rival.

Monty is also known as a cheater in competition, and he thinks he is better than anyone else, especially Buster Bunny. Monty's goal in life is to bring misery to Buster Bunny's life, since they are both at odds. Both Buster Bunny and Montana Max are arch-enemies throughout the show as Monty is seen as a mega rich brat while Buster is seen as a friendly and popular blue rabbit. Another character, Sarah The Wolf, also has a crush on Monty, but she is more evil than Elmyra and helps Monty pretty often. She is Monty's maid and best friend, and she loves him very much. Max himself is portrayed as a very wealthy character, living in a mansion and not having any friends, just a stubborn little boy. But, He has at least once been shown to have a good imagination. Monty is shown to be an only child and was the very first villain of the series as seen in the pilot episode. Described as a nasty little money-grubbing wart he is the main antagonist of the series and often subjected to severe physical and psychological harm.

Voice Actor

Montana Max was voiced by Danny Cooksey, who also voiced Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown, Mooch from 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Brad Buttowski from Kick Buttowski, and Stoop Kid from Hey Arnold! Danny voiced Montana Max in overall 44 episodes and he also voiced Monty in the special “Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery”.

Other Voices (Different Languages)

Urara Takano (Japanese)

Edilú Martínez (Latin American Spanish)

Emmanuel Garijo (French)

Luq Hamet (French/replacement voice)


Montana Max is a young, brown-haired, male human, who wears a grayish-blue jacket, green shirt, grayish-blue pants and black shoes. Like Elmyra, He is a human who attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Acme Acres. Not surprisingly, Monty's favorite teacher and mentor is Yosemite Sam (also named after a location in the American West). Unlike Yosemite, however, Monty uses proper English, instead of using phrases like "ain't" and "ain't none." However, Monty and his mentor do have similar traits, such as a bad temper and a huge hatred for certain rabbits.

Montana Max is an only child of wealthy parents and lives with them in a large mansion on the edge of Acme Acres. They have several servants, one of which, Grovely, has been seen is several episodes, even starring prominently in an episode revolving around him and his family. Arnold the Pit Bull also serves Monty personally on many occasions, usually as a watchdog. His doorbell at home chimes "Mon-ey!" in place of a bell sound. Monty even has a pool in his mansion and tons of vaults where he stores his large amounts of money in.

Scratchpad Biography

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Short/Medium
  • Age: 14
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Clothing: Light green shirt, grayish-blue jacket, grayish-blue pants, and black shoes.
  • Friends: Elmyra Duff, Dr. Gene Splicer, Arnold the Pit Bull, Perfecto Prep Alumni, Yosemite Sam (Mentor)
  • Enemies: Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Hamton J. Pig
  • Interests: Counting his capital, Landscape deforestation, Pollution and rabbit stomping.


Monty is a bullying, spoiled, rich kid who throws world-class temper tantrums. Monty possesses a nasty personality and a very short temper, and uses his wealth for his own amusement, often to the discomfort or belittlement of others. His pastimes include counting his capital, landscape deforestation and rabbit stomping. He also owns heavily polluting industries that make things like elevator buttons and holes. Some episodes feature Plucky fighting those factories as The Toxic Revenger (pun on The Toxic Avenger). In one episode, "Pollution Solution", Monty owns a environmentally friendly factory where he gives the news a tour. He shows them a boiler that only puffs out smoke once. One of the news pressers ask Monty if he has quit polluting. He responds, "I sure have! Ahem, remember kids, give a hoot! Don't leave garbage lying around!", as he winks to the viewers with his right eye. A few seconds later it has been revealed that Max has been watching himself on TV as he tells the viewers, "And those zaps really thought I stopped polluting!" and he laughs evilly.

Monty enjoys cheating in all forms of competition; oppressing the weak, terrorizing the timid, masterminding hostile takeovers and watching the compound interest rate climb past twenty percent. Monty is bossy and abrasive and hates fair play, honesty and people who stand up to him. He delights in using his vast fortune to bring misery to others, particularly Buster and Babs. He'll spend any amount of money to spoil their fun, but most often winds up bankrupting himself in the process. Monty is the perfect foil for Buster. The sawed-off bully's temper is matched only by his greed, and Buster is always able to bilk some fast bucks out of Monty.

Deep down, Monty is very insecure and sometimes fears no one likes him. He's right, of course, and occasionally feels the need to call "Acme Rent-a-Friend." Although he yells most of the time, sometimes we get glimpses of the real kid beneath the temper. He lives in the grandest mansion in Acme Acres. The grounds include swimming pools, tennis courts, stables and the like. It's the kind of place that would make Donald Trump envious. It has signs which read "Poverty Stinks," and "Charity Workers Will Be Shot."

Monty's goal in life is to bring misery into the life of happy-go-lucky Buster. He's not particularly fond of anyone in Acme Acres, for that matter. He thinks Babs is a scatterbrain and his only use for Plucky is as a pawn in one of his devious plots. He thinks Elmyra is a drippy little nerd, but she is one of his only friends, and he will occasionally call her into service to help him pester Buster and Babs. Elmyra loves the attention, figuring her "boyfriend" has come around and appreciates her at last. In Hero Hamton, Monty was fighting Hamton in a boxing match, which Hamton was very scared of Max. But, at the end, Monty got scared of Hamton because he was brave to teach Max a lesson about not hurting his friends' feelings.


In the Tiny Toons episode, The Acme Acres Zone, episode segment "A Walk on the Flip Side", In a dream, Montana Max was a rabbit, since he hates them so much, and had to experience the life of a rabbit, even seeing Buster and Babs having Monty's role as a rich couple. Monty even was about to be adopted by Elmyra, but woke up from the nightmare. Monty promised that he would be nice to rabbits, but when Buster and Babs came to his door, he yelled at them, and pulled a lever to release his guard dogs to chase the two rabbits. Later, Monty is about to get some breakfast, but a bunch of rabbits come out flying. This causes Monty to yell out "I HATE RABBITS!!!", causing his mansion to almost collapse. After that, Monty cries in a room full of white rabbits as he kicks his feet around and makes a temper tantrum. As Buster narrates, Monty says “You don’t have to rub it in!”, then continues crying. Buster responds “Yes we do!”, and then Elmyra appears and tries to hug Monty as Monty tries to escape from her. Monty escapes from her arms and goes under the rabbits, and Elmyra chases him.

Interests & Hobbies

Monty has interests which include counting his capital, landscape deforestation and rabbit stomping. He also owns heavily polluting industries that make things like elevator buttons and holes. In his own home, he loves destroying his toys because he thinks they are lame, and he finds them pretty useless to play with or own himself. But, in the episode, "Playtime Toons", episode segment, "Fit To Be Toyed", Monty finds a use of his imagination pretty useful and he promises that he will never leave home without it.


Monty often a lot throws a big temper tantrum whenever things don't go the way he expects, causing him to kick his feet around, stomp, and cry. He even cries over ridiculous reasons like Buster tricking Monty, or getting his allowance taken away. But, sometimes, he usually gets away with it, and even has to deal with his punishments.


Montana Max, along with his parents, all live in the grandest mansion in Acme Acres, where it is located on the far edge. The grounds include swimming pools, tennis courts, stables and the like. It's the kind of place that would make Donald Trump envious. It has signs which read "Poverty Stinks," and "Charity Workers Will Be Shot". The mansion is armed with security guards, and Montana Max has several servants to do the simplest of tasks. The mansion has a bowling alley and movie theater, an in-ground pool, a high-tech alarm system, and countless safes for Max's money. The mansion also includes countless state-of-the-art traps for rabbits.


Wex Wuthor

Wex Wuthor is Montana Max's super villain alter-ego. He is a parody of DC Comics super villain Lex Luthor. Wex is considered as an enemy of the Just-Us League of SuperToons, as seen in New Class Day. He was also the main antagonist in the "Cinemaniacs" segment, "SuperBabs". Wex also has a assistant and bodyguard named Sarah Graves, who is a parody of Mercy Graves. Sarah loves Wex Wuthor and will do anything for him, similar to the relationship of Montana Max and Sarah The Wolf.

Harris Goulash

Harris Goulash is Montana Max's parody of a unknown villain from the Indiana Jones film series. Harris was trying to get the secret of life before Pasadena (Buster Bunny) does, but at the end of the segment "Pasadena Jones", of the episode "Cinemaniacs", he failed by getting squished by the door that he was pulling on saying ''Its mine, finally mine!!''.

Relationship With His Siblings

Actually not in the real Tiny Toons show, just a fanon, Monty and his three siblings don't get along with each other well, as they all want to be on their own. Monty sometimes steals Emily's doll away from her and wants to do weird experiments with it. This makes Emily mad as she begs Max to give it back to her, but Monty always refuses to do so. Tommy always wants to play with Monty, but Max doesn't want to. But, he gets forced to do so since if he doesn't, his parents will ground him or take his allowance away. Hannah has a similar personality to her brother Monty, since she is always fussy with her family, and she throws temper tantrums over the littlest things, like getting more toys. This makes her look like a spoiled little brat counterpart of Monty himself. As seen in the fanon Tiny Toons episode, “Take Monty Please”, it was shown that Monty was having a hard time dealing with his siblings. First, he had to deal with a fussy sister named Emily, who wanted her doll back because Max stole it to do some experiments on it. He then grumpily gave back her doll. Next was Tommy, who was throwing a temper tantrum because his favorite toy car broke. Max told him that he asked the wrong person to fix anything, because Monty isn’t a expert at fixing stuff. Tommy cries really loud and then Max decided to fix his car as he yanks the toy car out of Tommy’s hand. Tommy thanks Max as Max responds back “Whatever”. This shows how Monty deals with his siblings, and for Max, he doesn’t appreciate it at all. But, he still loves his siblings.

Relationship with Buster and Babs

In the series premiere, "The Looney Beginning" (a non-canonical origin story), it is revealed that Max was the star of a show that had been pitched to Warner Bros., but rejected because of the character's brattiness. Taking revenge on the network for rejecting his series, Max boots Babs and Buster out of the cartoon, steals their scripts and takes over the show, renaming it The Montana Max Show. Buster and Babs manage to reclaim the show by visiting his mansion disguised as Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd, who Max admits are his personal heroes.

According to the half-hour episode "Citizen Max" (a parody of the movie, Citizen Kane), Monty was once impoverished and friends with one of the series' stars, Buster Bunny, until the day his parents won the lottery and became quite wealthy; after this, he abandoned Buster and quickly turned into his familiar bullying, juvenile delinquent self, thus setting the stage for his long-running feud with the blue rabbit.

In the "The Acme Acres Zone" (a parody of The Twilight Zone) episode segment "A Walk on the Flip Side", Max gets an ironic comeuppance from Babs and Buster. Monty hates rabbits so much that he dreams that he is a rabbit himself. As a rabbit, he tries to get back to his real home. Elmyra catches him, but he makes an easy getaway. When he gets to his house, he finds out that Buster and Babs have taken over his mansion. They call the animal shelter and the keeper puts him in with a bunch of rabbits. Max is terrorized by visions of rabbits and by Elmyra when she wants to take him home "forever and ever." As Max wakes up, he decides to be nice to rabbits, but reneges when Buster and Babs begs at his doorstep. After being chased off the premises, Babs observes that these zone shows are supposed to have a twist ending. Max gets his twist as he opens his cabinet and finds a whole bunch of rabbits in it.

In the "Rainy Daze" episode segment "Rent a Friend", Buster is the only one who willingly volunteered to be Monty's rent-a-friend for the day, as Monty's abusive and insensitive behavior (as well as many dangerous toys) has scared all of the other rent-a-friends away. Buster is forced to be friendly towards Monty, who mistreats the bunny and has him play with his deadly and destructive toys, but when Monty goes too far, Buster gets his revenge on him (also costing the rich brat $250,000 to be saved from a tremendous fall, plus $13.50 for his rent-a-friend fee).

Relationship with Elmyra

Montana Max is the (unrequited) love interest of Elmyra Duff on Tiny Toon Adventures. Although he abhors Elmyra (and states he'd rather either eat dog food or get a lobotomy than go on a date), he does personally tell himself he's in love at the end of the episode "Love Disconnection", episode segment "My Dinner with Elmyra."

In an earlier episode, "Prom-Ise Her Anything", after many attempts to refuse to go to the prom, especially with Elmyra, he eventually pretends to give up just to stop her from squeezing him, so he can steal a truck and head for Rio de Janeiro for some other party. Although Monty is angry with Babs and Buster Bunny for forcing him to come anyway, he develops a crush on Dizzy Devil's tempting date Mitzi. As Max tries to pounce on her, Buster yanks her away and Babs pushes Elmyra over so she can catch him. After Monty breaks Elmyra's heart, he tries dancing with Mitzi, but she rejects him, telling him the exact hurtful words he said to Elmyra, causing him to regret what he said. He then decides to dance with Elmyra, but when she forcefully takes him with her, he regrets that saying.

There are a few times when Montana Max is nice to Elmyra, while there was one time Elmyra was mean to him; the latter, however, was justified because Monty had plagiarized one of her scripts.

The two have several episodes showing them either dating or associating with one another. At first Montana Max seems hostile when he is forced to take Elmyra on a date in "My Dinner With Elmyra" but, when it comes to dropping off Elmyra at her house it shows after being kissed by Elmyra that he is in love with her. Some fans believe that in the future Elmyra will be the most likely character to be Montana Max's wife but, it never came in to play.

Monty as the Good Guy

In the "Playtime Toons" episode segment "Fit to Be Toyed", Monty is bored playing with his toys and decides to blow them up to make room for new ones. One of the toys lands in the drink of his father, who outraged, donates the rest of them to Toys 4 Tots. He also takes away Monty's Acme Excess charge card and cuts it up, preventing him from buying any new ones. Monty is left with nothing to do, so his father tells him to use his imagination. Later that day, Monty goes up to the attic where he meets his imagination, who has shrunk down to the size of a mouse. He has not been used for a long time, as Monty previously had all those neat toys to play with. Monty tries to play with a paddle ball and his imagination tells him that there are other ways to play with it. Monty pretends the paddle ball is a musical instrument, a club, and a space weapon. His father, who decidedly gives him back his newly taped Acme Excess card, is proud of him, as imagination is where real play begins.

In the "Love Disconnection" double-length episode segment, "My Dinner With Elmyra", Monty's mother tells him that she is having dinner with a cute couple across town. The couple has a cute daughter, who turns out to be Elmyra Duff. Monty does not want to go on a date with her, but his mother tells him that Elmyra's parents are close friends of her's and Monty's father and that she will take away his allowance ($700,000 weekly) if he refuses. Monty has to suffer through the date, everything from buying her a Happy Baby Puppy Face Meal and being teased by the other Tiny Toons at Weenie Burger to sitting through The Adventures of Fido and Mewmew at the Acme Theater. When he walks Elmyra to her door in an attempt to seltzer her at the end of the cartoon, she kisses him, and as he gets back into his limousine, he utters to himself, "I think I'm in love."

There are two reasons why Monty has been depicted as the main protagonist in these shorts. On the show, it's because Monty's parents finally assert themselves in his life. In real life, it's because the young Danny Cooksey (Monty's voice actor) complained about being "the bad guy."


Buster Bunny

Buster is a young male rabbit and the leader of the Tiny Toons. He has to deal with the challenges of a tough school curriculum, the machinations of rich kid and local bully, Montana Max, and the advances of crazed and dippy animal lover, Elmyra Duff. Like Babs, he will do anything for a laugh, though he is marginally more sane and calm than his female counterpart. He attends Acme Looniversity and live in Acme Acres.

One of Buster's biggest rivals is Montana Max. The mega-rich brat and the clever bunny are usually at odds, as Monty has no respect or care in the world for the blue rabbit. Monty is the richest and meanest kid in Acme Acres, whereas Buster is one of the friendliest and most popular, causing the two to engage in many rivalries. Buster (sometimes along with Babs) constantly thwarts Monty's devious and nasty schemes, usually trying to teach the ill-tempered brat a lesson in the progress, but Monty is relentless and never learns, much like the over-caring animal lover, Elmyra (who occasionally has a crush on Monty as well).

In Citizen Max, it shows Monty and Buster to have been extremely poor and humble best friends, but when Monty's family wins the lottery and causes him to have to abandon his blue buddy, he quickly turns into a nasty, rabbit-hating spoiled brat. He competes against Buster for student body president at Acme Looniversity. He manages to get Buster wrongfully expelled by planting a book of stolen test answers in Buster's hat, which Plucky reveals later to the bunny pair (by having to show them a tape of the incident in "Acme super-duper slow motion" because, as Plucky states, "the hand is quicker than the eye") that it was actually Monty quickly ripping through Buster's hat and going into his own pocket to pull out the stolen test answers. Buster and Babs disguise themselves as reporters, along with Plucky as a hidden cameraman, to get Monty to confess the truth. Buster's reputation is saved and he is welcomed back in Acme Loo as the new student body president, while Monty is expelled.

Babs Bunny

In the Spring in Acme Acres episode segment, Love Among the Toons, Buster and Babs argue after Buster falls off a ladder that she was supposed to be holding steady for him while he paints a sign for the Acme Looniversity Spring Picnic. Concord Condor, who is filling in for cupid, tries to fix the problem, and although the first arrow succeeds in hitting Babs, the second arrow that was meant for Buster accidentally hits Montana Max, who gets in the way because he's in a grumpy mood. As a result, Babs and Monty fall in love with each other. Buster begs her to stop, as Monty is neither her type nor her species, but she is too lovestruck to listen. Cupid is forced to take his job back and fix Acme Acres, as Babs is about to get married to Monty at the Acme Acres Church and Buster is unable to stop her. Cupid throws anti-love arrows at them, causing them to go back to their normal (and not so loving) feelings for each other again.

Babs is normally at odds with Montana Max and the Perfecto Prep students (especially Rhubella and Roderick) as well as Elmyra and Arnold, who have been some of the biggest antagonists to the comedic and charismatic pink bunny, but like Buster (and sometimes along with him), she is able to outsmart and trick them into just about anything.


Elmyra Duff

Despite Monty's faults, Elmyra Duff, seems to harbor maniacal affection for him. In the Dating, Acme Acres Style episode segment, Dream Date Game, Elmyra chose Montana to be her date but only because Buster tricked her into believing that he is a rabbit. Their relationship to each other is toyed with in the episode, Sepulveda Boulevard, (a parody of Sunset Boulevard), in which Elmyra and Max have characters based on the Norma Desmond and Joe Gilis characters, respectively. On occasion, it is implied that he does have romantic feelings for Elmyra (at the end of the Love Disconnection double-length episode segment, My Dinner with Elmyra, he admits, "I think I'm in love!"), but would prefer not to show it. In spite of this, Max does not appear in Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain, where Elmyra instead romantically pursued Rudy Mookich.

Babs Bunny

Monty had a brief romance with Babs Bunny in the Spring in Acme Acres episode segment, Love Among The Toons. This was because Concord Condor was filling in for Cupid. He had noticed Buster arguing with Babs and tried to fix it, and although the first arrow succeeded in hitting Babs, the second arrow that was meant for Buster hit Monty, who got in the way because he was in a grumpy mood. This had caused Monty and Babs to fall in love with each other, with Buster trying to talk Babs, who is too lovestruck to listen to him, out of it. When Cupid is forced to take his job and his arrows back, Monty and Babs are about to get married to each other. Cupid uses his anti-love arrows to return Monty and Babs to their normal (and not so loving) feelings for each other.

Sarah The Wolf

In the fanon universe of Tiny Toon Adventures, Sarah appears in every episode where Monty appears in, where Sarah is roled as the assistant of Montana Max, the richest and meanest toon in Acme Acres, but Sarah doesn’t think that Monty is mean, so she has a huge crush on him and loves him with all her heart. She is the clever helper of Monty who never declines the rich spoiled child's demands, because she really enjoys caring for Monty and helping him do his nasty deeds, like trying to capture those two pester bunnies Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny (No relation). Montana Max is not a very nice person, but one of his friends, Sarah, really likes him. Similar to Elmyra’s affection, Sarah adores Monty with all her heart, and even feels like wanting to kiss him or hug him. Sarah has a ton of photos of Monty on her wall in her bedroom. That means she is madly in love with the rich brat. According to the episode, Chaos In Acme Acres, Sarah was helping Monty rule Acme Acres and make Monty become Mayor. But Buster and his friends stopped him before Monty brought more misery. At the end, Sarah was gifted to get some ice cream with Montana Max, to make her happy. Sarah will do anything for her best friend, even Monty's evil hobbies, like tricking Buster Bunny, or taking control of Acme Acres. Monty is never mean to Sarah ever, but sometimes he can get frustrated with her whenever she fails, but Sarah doesn't mind if her true love is angry at her, and she usually smiles back at him in a nice way. Sarah is very friendly, but also mean to the other toons when trying to help Monty do something bad and try to spoil children's fun. She enjoys helping him since they are best friends, and she likes doing what Monty wants.


According to The Looney Beginning, At the Warner Bros. Animation studio, Monty was going to have his own show at first, but then rejected because of his own nasty behavior and greediness. Monty then gets revenge on Buster and Babs as they have plans to come up with a new show called Tiny Toons. Max stole the scripts and booted the two rabbits out and renamed the show ''The Montana Max Show''. At the end, Monty was tricked by Buster and Babs who were dressed as Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd, who were Montana Max's heroes in Looney Tunes. Max then got mad and realized that it was them in costumes and set out traps around his mansion, but failed since they escaped so quickly. Monty was then being chased by one of his big coins of a face of himself on it and got defeated by getting crushed by it. That means Buster and Babs saved the show from being ruined by Monty.

Buster shows Hamton a flashback of Monty and Buster back in the day when they were friends. In Buster's flashback, they were in the snow, dressed like peasants, riding on Monty's bicycle. Monty splits a piece of chewing gum with his best friend, Buster, that he got for 50 cents, and that he had been saving up for it for weeks. Buster hopes that Monty never changes at all. Monty also invites Buster over for supper. Unfortunately, Monty's parents pick Monty up in a limo, telling him that they won the lottery and that they are moving. Then Buster thought that Monty was supposed to be his best friend forever. But from then on when the day of the school election came, Monty had changed and became mean, greedy, and rich.

Citizen Max

Montana Max is at his house, destroying all his toys and other possessions. After looking at himself in a mirror, he shouts out "ACME" to the whole world. People in Acme Acres wonder why he said "ACME." Hamton goes around to interview people, wondering why Monty said "ACME."

Although Monty takes control of the school's television station and tries to bribe the students into voting for him, his bribery is barely a match for Buster's honesty. During an interview with Buster on what he would do if he were elected student body president, Monty disguises himself as a news press secretary. He asks Buster what his opinion on students who cheat on tests is, and Buster tells him that, "Cheaters should be tarred, feathered, and kicked out of school!" Monty reaches into Buster's hat and pulls out a book that says Stolen Test Answers. Little did the other students know that Monty framed Buster for the crime, and Buster was wrongfully expelled from the Looniversity. After that, Buster (now tarred and feathered) vows he would get revenge on Monty.

During Monty's interview as Student Body President, Buster and Babs both cross-dress as TV interviewers, with Plucky as a hidden cameraman, and coerce and trick Monty into revealing to the students of Acme Looniversity that Monty framed Buster. When Monty goes on stage to make a speech, the students respond by throwing tomatoes, some of which are distributed by Plucky himself. Buster's reputation is saved, and he is accepted back into the Looniversity as the new Student Body President, while Monty is expelled.

Monty unexpectedly appears and finally answers everyone's question: He did not say "Acme," he said "Acne," as he had a bad case of acne, and shows the trio an outbreak of pimples on his face. Hamton says, "Now he tells me!" and faints.

Prom-Ise Her Anything

Mary Melody is a reporter for Looniversity TV, reporting the prom. Montana Max refuses to go to the prom, but Elmyra hugs him tightly and doesn't let go. To escape her grasp, Monty promises to take Elmyra to the prom. Elmyra gets excited, unaware that it was a lie. Monty escapes in a chicken farmer's truck.

Buster realizes even Elmyra deserves to have fun on her prom night, and he and Babs travel to Rio to bring Monty home to the prom. At first, Monty refuses to keep his promise or stay at the prom, but he becomes instantly attracted to Mitzi. Buster and Babs put Elmyra in her place and she dances with Monty. Monty hates dancing with Elmyra, and when she asks what's the matter, he tells her that she's the matter and that he doesn't like her, literally breaking her apart. Monty then snatches Mitzi from Dizzy and tries to dance with her, but she rejects him, using almost the exact same words he says to Elmyra. Having been rejected by Mitzi, Monty apologizes to Elmyra and tells her she's not all that bad. He agrees to dance with her as long as nobody was watching them.

The Looney Beginning

Buster remarks that they will be pushovers, as suddenly Montana Max comes bursting out of the box (now with flames bursting out from it) with an angered roar, scaring the bunnies. Angry that his show was rejected by the network after the animator promised him his very own show, he goes looking for the animator in the drawing of Acme Acres (which Babs falsely points to when Monty demands to know where he is).

The bunnies work hard at completing many scripts for the show (as Hamton types them all out), but Monty sneaks up, riding Arnold, and knocks the bunnies out of the drawing with a golf club. He steals their scripts and their show, renaming it "The Montana Max Show," which he (as Monty states) will be the only star. Buster and Babs are ready to give up, as Monty continues to wreck havoc on Acme Acres and the characters. Bugs decides to step in, as Buster and Babs plead and beg on their knees for his help. Bugs paints in Acme Looniversity, where the characters will get cartoon knowledge from past Warner Bros. cartoon stars as their teachers, including learning how to deal with their adversaries (who, according to Bugs, "always fall for cheesy disguises").

Buster and Babs disguise themselves as Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd, respectively, to get the scripts back from Max and head to his mansion. Max locks the scripts away in a wall safe, as the bell rings and he lets in "his heroes." The disguised bunnies want to know how Monty got rid of "those varmints," and they demonstrate various dangerous ways (on Monty) of what he could have done to accomplish this (including dropping a bowling ball on his foot and hitting him with a giant fly swatter). Monty responds, "Nope, all I did was steal their scripts," and points to the open safe with the scripts in plain sight. The disguised bunnies take the scripts and begin to leave, but Monty sees through their disguises and a chase ensues (similar to The Raiders of the Lost Ark's opening scene) with Buster and Babs being nearly taken out by many of Monty's booby traps, including giant snapping teeth, cannons that shoot bags of money and a giant gold coin (with Monty's picture on it) rolling after them. The bunnies come through at the end, as the giant coin rolls over Monty instead.

It's A Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special

In the flashback, the Tiny Toons were at Acme Looniversity, filming the Christmas Special, when Montana Max arrived in a wheelchair, interrupting the special. Buster told Monty he's late, and Monty told him he was skiing in Aspen with Morgan Fairchild, and broke his leg. Because of his broken leg, Buster cut him from the special. To get revenge, Monty planned to sabotage the special.

Plucky was ready to perform his sketch, "Plucky the Red-Beaked Reinduck", but Buster told him about the rewrite, with the yellow pages, telling him, "Now it's Urkel the Red-Nosed Reindude." As he prepared for the Ebenezer Sneezer sketch, Montana Max snuck upstage and poured pepper all over Sneezer, causing him to sneeze and destroy the set.

Plucky was ready to perform his next sketch, "Plucky the Lonely Fruitcake Nobody Wanted for Christmas", but Buster told him about the new rewrite with the pink pages, telling him, "Now it's Urkel the Lonely Fruitcake." Plucky was outraged, and as a result, was unprepared for any future rewrites. During the "Cher and Cher Alike" sketch, Buster sent Babs on the ice so he could whisper to Cher privately. Monty, who knew about Babs' relationship with Buster, told Babs that Buster is flirting with Cher. Babs didn't want to believe him, but she wasn't so sure. As they sang, Babs sang altered lyrics describing her feelings toward Cher about Buster, as Monty cut a hole in the floor which led to a tank of piranhas. Buster cut the sketch, and asked Babs what happened. She told him, "Your new girlfriend fell through the ice."

In the timeline without Buster, Acme Acres is now Montyville. Without him, Monty was put in charge of the show, and Plucky was made the star. Babs took all the abuse while Plucky played all the parts. Buster is outraged, as Babs was his best friend, and he hated seeing her hurt, so he storms the set. But Alternate Plucky doesn't remember Buster in this timeline, as Buster was never born, and he mistakes him for a riffraff fanboy. He calls this universe's counterparts of Arnold and Sneezer, who is named Sleazer in this timeline, to remove him from the studio.

Buster hopes that someone from Acme Looniversity will remember him in the timeline. Unfortunately, without him, Acme Looniversity was bought out by Monty and renamed Montana Max's Business Looniversity. Inside, Monty tells the students they will be working shorter days on Christmas, eighteen hours to be precise, while he goes skiing in Aspen with Morgan Fairchild. Inside Buster's homeroom, none of the Looney Tunes were present, and instead, the toons were being taught to be sexy rather than funny.

In the third act, Buster's wish is granted and Acme Acres is back to normal. Babs recognizes him, and he is happy that Acme Acres is back to normal. Back at Acme Looniversity, Monty's Christmas Special is a disaster, and almost everyone agrees that Monty is a terrible director. When Buster returns, they are happy to see him. Monty is fired, and Buster is rehired. Buster decides to put Monty in his special after all, as the star. Babs is still mad at Buster, and wants to know why he was whispering to Cher. Cher tells her he wanted to know what to get her for Christmas. Babs asks what she suggested, and Buster gives her a kiss, which causes her to melt in a puddle.

The Toons perform the finale and it is a success, but Monty is the star on top of the Christmas Tree. He doesn't want to be the star of the show anymore, as he is unable to escape from Elmyra. Babs tells Buster that if he ever feels like a loser again, he should remember that, "No toon is a failure who has friends." Harvey then reveals himself as Bugs Bunny, and leaves the studio.

Love Disconnection

Montana Max is relaxing in his pool, when his Mother tells him that she and his Father are having dinner with a nice couple across town. She tells him that the couple has a cute daughter and reveals that she and his father are hoping he'd take her to dinner and a movie in the meantime, and Monty immediately gets prepared. When the daughter arrives, it turns out to be Elmyra Duff, much to Monty's horror. Meanwhile, Elmyra suddenly changes to formal wear. Monty refuses to go on a date with her, but his mother tells him that Elmyra's parents are close friends of her and his father and that he could at least be nice to her. She makes him go on a date with her, threatening to take away his allowance if he refuses. Monty reluctantly accepts and decides to take Elmyra to dinner and a movie.

Monty tries to ruin his date by taking Elmyra to Weenie Burger. Unfortunately, his plan backfires, as Elmyra loves Weenie Burger's happy baby puppy-face meals. Inside Weenie Burger, Elmyra makes Monty buy a happy baby puppy face meal for her along with his ultra burger, saying that (she thinks) the gentleman is supposed to order the lady's food for her. All the Tiny Toons laugh at Monty for doing so. Fowlmouth and Dizzy in particular tease Monty for going on a date with Elmyra, singing, "Monty and Elmyra, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Monty with a baby carriage!" Elmyra likes the song, but Monty is outraged and humiliated. prompting him to throw both Fowlmouth and Dizzy into the garbage bin, much to their annoyance but they still tease them. Grateful for the dinner, Elmyra squeezes him (to his dismay), but his hair gets messed up from it, so she curls the hair on each side of his head; however, he returns it to his default hairstyle as they start to leave. However, Buster begins singing, "Monty and Elmyra," and the other Tiny Toons join in. Not even the kind-hearted Mary Melody could resist teasing Monty!

In the second act, Monty and Elmyra are at the Acme Acres cinema. Monty is excited to see Deathlords, but Elmyra has already paid for the movie tickets. Monty, believing she wanted to see Deathlords, joins her. When they arrive at the theater, Monty is outraged to find out they're seeing The Adventures of Fido and Mewmew. Elmyra likes Fido and Mewmew, and dislikes Deathlords, because (quite ironically) she hates violence, asking who'd want to see it. Monty yells, "I WOULD!" Elmyra warns him not to spoil the movie for the others, but Monty reveals that there are no others to spoil the movie for, so Elmyra decides to sneak-kiss Monty in the dark. After Fido and Mewmew started singing the same song, "Monty and Elmyra", Monty angrily rips up the movie screen and escapes from the theater. He calls Grovely to pick him up, which Grovely does so, but Monty is shocked to find Elmyra in the limo. Grovely was also assigned to take Elmyra home.

Monty is relieved that the date is almost over, but he has one last part of the date, walking Elmyra to the door of her house with a goodnight kiss. Elmyra kisses Monty, who attempts to seltzer her, but is stood still by her kiss (She kissed him twice on his left cheek, once on his forehead, and an eight-second one on the lips. Then after messing his hair again and rubbing his chin, she kisses the lips again, but briefly and more gentle. She also bids him good night before going in her house). Monty goes back into his limo and says to himself, "I think I'm in love!" making the moon fall apart.

Career Oppor-Toon-ities

Buster and Babs have their first customer come, and unfortunately, it is Montana Max. Montana Max talks in an unfriendly way when he orders his food. He orders a hamburger with pickles and relish, and a Mega Weenie Cola (a parody of Coke), and he tells Babs to hurry up. Babs gets him his food, but then Montana Max obviously changes his mind and he wants two double cheeseburgers, a fish-o-burger, and a large chocolate shake. Babs gets angry, but Buster insists on giving Monty 'service with a smile'. Montana Max throws his skateboard in the counter area of Weenie Burger, which causes Babs to trip over Montana Max's skateboard when delivering his meal. She ends up crashing into Buster and spilling the food, and Buster decides he's had enough of Monty's harassment.

To get revenge, all the while with forced smiles on their faces, they introduce Monty to the Weenie Burger Wacky Pack. It consists of a mega jumbo Weenie Wipeout, three Mega Weenie onion balls, a vat of super-secret weenie sauce, and a Mega Weenie toy surprise. They trap Monty in the food box with the toy surprise, which turns out to be a stick of dynamite, and use his skateboard to whack it out of the restaurant. The box containing Monty disappears into the city skyline and explodes in a mushroom cloud. Unfortunately, this also costs them their jobs, which Buster describes as "the best time to quit." Buster says that mowing lawns is a great way to earn money if your first job doesn't work out. He likes to eat greens while mowing lawns instead of using the actual lawn mower.

Sepulveda Boulevard

Montana Max tells about Sepulveda Boulevard, on San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. He says that someone must have tipped the cops off about the Crazy Dame who lives there. As three police cars head over there, Monty says that he'd like to tell his side of the story, as opposed to The Inquirer's side. Monty yells at the cameraman, telling him to point the camera downwards. The camera points downwards to Monty in a puddle, and Monty's voice-over describes himself as a cartoon writer, and asks how he ended up face-down in a gutter. He says that he will tell them as long as the dramatic music cues stop. He says that his story happened six months ago, but he remembers it as if it were today's cartoon.

Six months ago, Montana Max was on the run from one of the scriptwriters, which is revealed to be Plucky Duck, who tries to chase after him, but instead crashes into the lamp post with the Sepulveda Boulevard sign on it. Monty then tells the viewers that he "borrowed" one of Plucky's scripts, by crossing out Plucky's name and replacing it with his own. (Not that Plucky was all that original anyway, as he crossed out Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett's names before putting his name in.) Monty then tells the viewers to relax, as this is Hollywood. Plucky's voiceover then takes over, telling the viewers he was on Sepulveda Boulevard. A dramatic music cue plays, and a strong wind blows, flattening Plucky and stripping him of his feathers. Montana Max walks over to Plucky, and his voice-over asks him why he's taking over. Plucky's voice-over tells Monty that as a member of the union, he has the right to do a voice-over. Monty's voiceover then tells Plucky that he does all the voice-overs in this picture, then Monty grabs Plucky by the beak and tosses him aside. Plucky's beak, still in Monty's hands, says, "Got it," and Plucky's body returns and takes his beak back. Monty's voiceover then tells the viewers he needed a place to hide out, so he ran to the driveway of a big mansion on Sepulveda Boulevard, which had presumably looked run-down and deserted, like one of those mansions the Cutesy-toon animators drew back in the 1930s. He then asks the viewers if any of them have seen Cutesy-toons. The viewers nod their heads, "No," and Monty's voice-over says, "Lucky you." Monty then looks over at the fountain of the mansion, and says, "Yuck!" Inside the Mansion, Elmyra Duff (who is called Elmyra Desmond in this cartoon), calls over to Monty, asking him what took him so long, and telling him she's been waiting all her life for him, as she thinks he's cute. Hamton, as Elmyra's butler, opens the front door to let Monty inside. Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers he found the perfect mansion to hide the stolen script and hide out for several days. Monty then stuffs the stolen script in one of the fountain's horns, and ruses to the front door. Hamton dusts off Monty, telling him that Elmyra is waiting for him, but before Monty can take another step, Hamton tells him to wipe his feet. Monty wipes his feet on the "Willkommen" mat, then walks inside the mansion. When he reaches the bottom of the stairs, Elmyra tells Hamton to have him come upstairs. Hamton tells Monty to go upstairs, but not before wiping his feet first. Monty wipes his feet again, then walks upstairs. Hamton then tells Monty that if he needs any help, he should call him. Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers he was getting real annoyed with Hamton, but it wouldn't matter anyway, as he was only hiding out in Elmyra's mansion for a few days. After that time, he would be stealing more scripts and living it up in Bel-air. Monty then opens the door to Elmyra's bedroom, where Elmyra is applying her makeup. Elmyra is happy to see Monty, but asks where her cat, Furrball is. Furrball is clinging to the chandelier, watching Elmyra circle around Monty from above. Monty tells Elmyra, "You got me, sister," and Elmyra hugs Monty, telling him he has got her. Monty tells her, "Back off, fruitcake," and pushes her aside. He bumps into a column, which causes the mansion to rumble, and the chandelier with Furrball clinging to it to fall to the floor. Elmyra is happy to see that Monty found Furrball, and hugs Furrball while telling Monty he won. Furrball escapes Elmyra's grasp and runs away, but Elmyra chases after him. Monty's voice-over then tells he viewers that he'd had enough and was ready to leave. Elmyra is now upset, and cries for Monty to stay to play "Hide the Kitty" with her, as she's so lonely. Furrball runs away from her after slicing her with his claws, then Elmyra asks Monty if he thinks she's cute. Monty then tells Elmyra he knows her voice, and that she's Elmyra Desmond, star of the Cutesy-toons Cartoons from the 1930s. He then tells her that she used to be big. Elmyra tells him that she's still big, but it's the cartoons that got small. Monty says that "It's her mind that got small!" Elmyra is upset because nobody wants cute anymore. She then grabs Furrball by his tail and tells Monty that the producer said Mr. John Q. Public doesn't want cute anymore. She doesn't even know John Q. Public, or what he wants. If it's violence, she hates violence. As she says this, she spins Furrball and tosses him, and he crashes into a wall. Elmyra then tells Monty that violence isn't cute. She then hugs Monty and asks him if he likes violence. Monty tells her, "Only if it's gratuitous," and a card flies out of his pocket. Elmyra then reads the card, "Montana Max, Cartoon Writer", with Mike Maltese's name crossed out and Montana Max's name in its place. Elmyra is happy that Monty is a cartoon writer, because she is, too.

Elmyra drags Monty with her to her living room, where Monty's voice-over tells the viewers that she brought him into her inner sanctum to take shop, while the camera was doing an endless, tricky, 360-degree pan that never really paid off. Elmyra then asks Monty how long a cartoon script is today. Monty tells her that it depends on who you ask; if it's a writer, 45 pages, if it's a director, about four. Elmyra then drags Monty and sits him down on her couch, telling him she wrote a new cutesy-toon; 101 Cuddly Puppies Meet Princess Pretty Girl. Monty then asks Elmyra if she will play the princess. Elmyra tells Monty he guessed right, and she is going to have Mr. Cooper DeVille direct it. She then asks Monty his opinion, and Monty tells the viewers, "She's off her bean!". Elmyra then says, "I hope it's a garbanzo bean." Monty shushes her, and as he walks over to a nearby chair and reads over the script, his voice-over tells the viewers that this new script could be something he could steal, er, "borrow". Monty then tries to turn on the lamp next to the chair, so he can read over the script better, but he pulls Furrball's tail, as Furrball was hiding inside the lampshade. Furrball scratches him, and runs away, while Elmyra is happy that Monty found Furrball again. She then jumps over to the chair where Monty is sitting and hugs him. Monty runs away, but Hamton catches him in a lasso and ties him up. He takes him back to the living room, and tells him that he will read all of Elmyra's script, and then reveals a mountain of script pages behind a red curtain. As Hamton plays the pipe organ, Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers that the script pages lay before him like a death sentence. Monty snarls.

In the second act, Monty is tied up in a chair in Elmyra's office, typing on a typewriter and his voice-over tells the viewers that he came up with a plan during the commercial break. He decided he would re-write Cuddly Puppies Meet Princess Pretty Girl, and put his name on it. As sickening as the plot was, if Monty could steal it, who cared? Hamton then comes by to tell Monty to wipe his feet. Monty wipes his feet, then continues typing with his toes. Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers that his job wasn't easy, as Hamton was always lurking, and he was a slave to the whims of Elmyra. Elmyra is then dressed a safari outfit, holding a net, and chases after Furrball, even going up the chimney! Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers that Elmyra was determined to make a new cartoon, even after the industry had given her the boot. Elmyra then peeks her head out of a painting above the fireplace, only to get kicked out by a mouse. Elmyra then tells Monty that his voice-over should stop, as it's making it harder for her to find Furrball. She then asks Monty to help her find Furrball, but Monty pushes her aside and tells her to get lost. As Monty puts a new piece of paper into the typewriter, Furrball runs out of it and into Monty's shirt. Elmyra is happy that Monty has found Furrball again. She then hugs Monty, squeezing Furrball out of his shirt and into the air. She then rushes off to the couch, and catches Furrball before he lands. After she catches him, she swings him around. Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers that life at Elmyra's mansion wasn't all working on the script and finding Furrball; once a week, he was forced to watch Elmyra's Cutesy-toons. After Monty watches one of them, his voice-over tells the viewers that Elmyra was still sleepwalking along the giddy heights of her lost career. Elmyra then runs up in front of the screen, still angry that the producers don't want cute anymore, and is determined to show them with her return to the big screen. Monty then scoffs in disapproval.

Later that night, as Monty continues to type the script, his voice-over tells the viewers that while he kept pounding on the underwood, Elmyra kept pounding on the cat. As Hamton plays Skip to My Lou on the pipe organ, Elmyra sings while swinging Furrball, dressed in a top hat. After she finishes, Hamton presses a button on the pipe organ that has the sound effect of an audience cheering. She then thanks Monty for being her audience, and Hamton says, "Encore!". Elmyra, thinking it was Monty who said it, decides to sing again, much to Monty's disapproval. Hamton then says that Elmyra has danced 17 times. Elmyra tells Hamton to play again, and as Hamton plays again, Elmyra snatches Furrball and sings again. Monty, whose face now has key prints in it, says, "Call 911!"

After finally finishing the script, Monty's voice-over tells the viewers that even though the script stunk, at least he put his name on it. Monty then asks the viewers, "What? You want me to have morals?". The next morning, Hamton loads the finished script into the trailer of his car. Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers he was going to take the script over to Mr. Cooper DeVille at Warner Bros., taking Furrball with him. Monty, still tied up in the chair, tosses Furrball into the car. On his way to WB studio, Hamton looks over the title page of the script, crosses out Montana Max's name, and puts Elmyra's name in its place. Some of the pages fly out of the trailer, and one of them lands near Plucky Duck. Plucky looks over the page, which turns out to be the title page, with Monty's name crossed out, and Elmyra's name in its place. Plucky is sure that Monty is still plagiarizing scripts, and then crosses out Elmyra's name and puts his name in its place, saying, "turnabout is fair play!". Plucky then sayss, "Hey, what do you want? It's a valley!"

At the WB studio, Hamton delivers the script, and tells an employee that his script is for Mr. Cooper DeVille. He then drives away, passing by Gordon Cool's office, where Gordon Cool is, laughing at Furrball's antics. Gordon's voice-over then says, "That's one funny cat, or my name isn't Gordon Cool!"

That night, at Elmyra's mansion, Monty is still tied up in the chair as Hamton serves him some punch. Monty's voice-over then says that Elmyra threw a big New Year's Eve party. As Elmyra emerges from the curtain, Monty's voice-over tells the viewers that Elmyra was completely bonkers when she thought Cooper DeVille would direct her and her lousy script, which he stole. Elmyra then wishes Monty a happy New Year as she pushes his chair across the balcony. After Elmyra kisses Monty, he blushes, then acts disgusted. Monty pretends to be allergic to cooties, then sneezes. He then snatches a vase with a rose inside, and drinks the water from the vase to wash out Elmyra's kiss. Monty's voice-over then tells the viewers that Elmyra untied him, and it was his one chance at freedom. His voice-over then tells the viewers that he, unfortunately, made one of those stupid decisions you make in life. His voice-over then tells the viewers that it was unlike him to do so; Monty is lovestruck by Elmyra's dancing, and asks her if she wants to dance with him. She accepts, and they dance together.

Meanwhile, at the WB studio, Plucky sneaks in and switches a new title page of the script with the title page with his name, then says after laughing sinisterly, "Happy New Year, Montana Max!" The reflection of Monty and Elmyra dancing together appears in Plucky's eyes, which even Monty's voice-over admits is strange.

In the third act, Monty's voice-over says that he, Elmyra, and Hamton got a call from Mr. Gordon Cool. Hamton drives Monty, Elmyra and Furrball to the WB studio. Monty's voice-over tells the viewers that Elmyra refused to talk to anyone other than Mr. Cooper DeVille. He then tells the viewers that he was playing cool, as he figured by the time Elmyra found out he put his name on her script, it would be too late. As Hamton opens the door, Elmyra tells Monty that she will be right back, telling Monty that he asked her to dance with him because he loves her. Monty kicks Elmyra out, and Hamton tells Elmyra to wipe her feet. He then tells Monty that someday he will end up face-down in a gutter (just like in the prologue). As Elmyra opens the door, one of the employees comes by, telling her he hasn't seen her in years, and that she's still as cute as ever. Elmyra says, "I know", and laughs. The employee asks another employee to tell Mr. DeVille that Elmyra is here. The employee rushes off, and tells everyone that Elmyra has returned. When Mr. DeVille finds out, he figures it's because of the script she sent, as he thinks she has more heart than anyone who ever worked in this town. Elmyra rushes off, and Mr. DeVille sits her down in his director's chair. She then asks him if she liked the script she sent him. Before he can give her his opinion, she interrupts, telling him he did like it, because it has lots of puppies. He tries to tell her his opinion, but she keeps interrupting him, telling him he did like it, which is why Gordon Cool called her. Mr. DeVille doesn't know what Elmyra is talking about. He tells her to stay in his chair, as he will be right back. He then tells an employee to get Gordon Cool on the phone. Gordon Cool arrives at Hamton's car, saying that he wants to use Furrball in his next movie. An assistant snatches Furrball and asks what funny about him. Gordon then tells his assistant that Furrball is a hoot, which is why he called Elmyra. Monty is outraged that Gordon wants Furrball, and yells himself to pieces, which Hamton sweeps up. After Mr. DeVille calls Gordon, he tells his employee to tell Gordon to forget about Furrball, as they'll get him different cat. Hamton then tells Monty not to tell Elmyra about Furrball, as it would destroy her. Monty tells Hamton he would never tell.

That night, Monty sayss that Elmyra walked out of the studio, convinced Mr. DeVille loved her script. As he looks for the script he hid in the fountain's horn, Hamton comes by with the script, and asks if he was looking for it. Monty tells Hamton to hand it over, but Hamton refuses, aware that Monty tried to cheat Elmyra, as he put his name on her script, but he took care of it, as he put her name back on the script. Plucky watches from the bushes, laughing at Monty in trouble. Hamton tells Monty that he made Elmyra a star, and will not allow her to be destroyed. Monty laughs, and doesn't believe Hamton. Hamton tells him that back in his day, there were three famous directors, Mr. Cooper DeVille, some other guy whose name he can't remember, and him. Both Monty and Plucky are shocked to hear this. Hamton then tells Monty he gave it all up for Elmyra, as he was her first pet. Monty tells Hamton he's crazy, and Elmyra shows up, with Furrball in her hands, asking, "Isn't the fountain romantic?", then saying she wants to use it in her cartoon. Monty rushes up to the fountain and tells him to tell her that there's not going to be any cartoon, as the studio only wanted Furrball, and Mr. DeVille was too soft to tell her the truth. Elmyra cries, as she's not going to have a new cartoon showing how cute she is. Hamton assures her that she's the cutest star of them all, and Elmyra cheers up and asks, "I am?" Monty tells Hamton and Elmyra they're both insane, as Elmyra is littered up in Laa-Laa Land, but Hamton argues, telling Monty he's a thief. Monty laughs evilly, but Elmyra tells him, "You are a poop!" She pushes him into the fountain, and Hamton pulls the lever, draining the fountain. He then tosses the stolen script in the fountain, which Plucky tries to recover when he jumps out of the bushes. Monty and Plucky both get washed out of the gutter.

As Monty's story ends, he asks, "Well, this is where you came in. Some story, Huh?" The police arrives at Elmyra's mansion, where inside, Hamton is telling the camera crew to wipe their feet. The police come in to tell Hamton his sewer is spitting off has-been writers, but Hamton shushes them, as they are about to begin filming. Elmyra comes out of her room, dressed as a princess, with Furrball as her sash, asking what the scene is and where she is. Hamton tells her it's the staircase of the palace, and everyone is waiting for her to walk down it, as Princess Pretty Girl. Elmyra walks down the stairs, happy that she is making a new cartoon again after many years. After 101 Pretty Puppies Meet Princess Pretty Girl, she plans to make many more cartoons for years to come. She walks over to the camera, telling Mr. DeVille she's ready for her close-up. Unfortunately, she moves in a little too close to the camera. As Elmyra's film ends, Mr. DeVille is pleased with the final product, and claims himself to be the producer, director, and writer, telling the viewers, "What do you expect? This is Hollywood." Plucky, Monty, and Elmyra are behind him, and they heard everything. They tell him, "This is the valley, bub," and beat him up.

Playtime Toons

Montana Max is bored with all the toys he has. He decides to destroy the old toys to make room for new ones. He dresses in a soldier uniform and wraps his toys in sticks of dynamite. One of the toys lands in the drink of his Father, who is relaxing by the pool. Monty's father is fed up with his son destroying his toys, and calls Toys 4 Tots, saying he has a donation. Toys 4 Tots sends a machine with a vacuum that sucks up the toys. The machine also strips Monty of his soldier uniform, leaving him in nothing but a diaper. Monty isn't worried at first, as he can buy all the toys he wants with his Acme Excess charge card, but then his father takes it from him and cuts it up, telling him, "It's expired." With no toys left to play with, Monty asks his father, "What am I supposed to do now?" Monty's father tells him to use his imagination. Monty hasn't used his imagination for a long time, and doesn't know what it is.

Later that day, Monty goes up to the attic to see if there are any toys left. All he sees is a paddle ball, and his imagination, who has shrunk down to the size of a mouse. His imagination tells him that it's been a long time since he's been used, as Monty had all those great toys to play with. When Monty tries to play with the paddle ball on his own, he gets tangled up in it. Monty's imagination tells him that there are other ways to play with the paddle ball.

Monty first imagines that the paddle ball is a musical instrument, and that he is performing in a jazz band with Dizzy Devil and Calamity Coyote. Elmyra Duff shows up, and slams Monty down. She then bathes him. Monty doesn't like this fantasy at all.

Next, Monty imagines that he is a caveman and his paddle ball is a club tied to a coconut. He is hunting dinosaurs that resemble Buster and Babs. Unfortunately, his club is no match for the Buster dinosaur, and he sends him flying upwards.

Monty then imagines he is in space, as an astronaut. He uses the paddle ball as a spaceship that abducts him, and later as a weapon to battle the alien overlord. Back in the real world, he then sees his father, who he accidentally hits with the paddle ball. He tells his father that he was using his imagination. His father is proud of him, as imagination is where real play starts. He gives him back his newly repaired American Excess Card. Monty's imagination asks him if he's learned anything about imagination, and Monty tells him, "I'll never leave home without it."

Going Places

Various animals one conveyor belt end up as cans of meat on the other. The teacher leads the students to the Merry Meat-o-Rail to begin the tour. As they ride the Merry Meat-o-Rail, the teacher demonstrates how the animals will become processed meat. Plucky boasts about how he's a higher life-form than the animals that are about to be made into processed meat. Buster points out that even the higher-class cows aren't safe from being processed. The teacher shows the students a machine that turns animals into meat, which turns a pig, a mouse, and even a car, into processed meat. Plucky asks, "Is there a USDA Inspector in the house?" and the USDA inspector appears silhouetted onscreen to tell Plucky that he looks very fresh to him. He then stamps Plucky with a Grade-A stamp. The teacher stops the Merry Meat-o-Rail and shows the students the Merry Sausage Machine, where the robots scan each pig for freshness. One of them scans Hamton, then snatches him and tosses him onto a conveyor belt. Plucky sees Hamton on the conveyor belt, then rushes to tell Buster and Babs that Hamton is about to be turned into processed meat. They rush onto the conveyor belt to try to rescue Hamton, but they get put into the machine and all four of them come out as giant sausages. Monty finds this amusing, but Elmyra is sad to see Buster, Babs, and Plucky as giant sausages. Elmyra pulls the lever that sets the machine to reverse, which turns them and Hamton back to normal. They then slide into the Ptomaine Tunnel and onto the factory floor.

Monty laughs, and asks them what they think of his factory. Buster and Babs ask Monty if he's out of his mind, and take him to a screening room to reprogram him. They strap him to a chair, and Babs turns on a film projector. The film is entitled, How to Make a Hamburger, starring Happy the Cow. Happy tells the viewers that he wants them to eat him, telling them that, as a Grade-A High-quality Heifer, he will do anything for them. He demonstrates to the viewers that in order to make a hamburger, you must first find a cow and knock it out, then a cook picks it up and tosses it into the meat grinder. Monty is horrified when he witnesses Happy being ground up in the meat grinder. Happy, now as a hamburger, ends the film, saying, "That all, folks!" Buster then presents a Merry Meats complimentary Merry Meal. Plucky, Hamton, Babs, Elmyra, and Buster bring in various meat byproducts that make animal noises when they remove the lids over the dinner plates. Monty is now enraged, and Buster tells him, "Don't get mad, Monty, get even!" Monty decides to follow Buster's advice and sets the factory in reverse, turning the cans of meat back into animals and setting them free. Monty then sets sticks of dynamite around his factory, and walks up to a plunger. The teacher, the students, and the other animals duck while Monty pulls the plunger and blows up the factory.

Buster tells the viewers that after a little gentle persuasion, Monty converted the meat factory into a veggie emporium. He then tells them that rabbits have always been strict vegetarians, and at least Vegetables don't mind when you eat them. Just as he, the teacher, and the other students are about to eat their lunches of vegetable sandwiches, the vegetables scream, beg them not to eat them, and flee in terror. Buster and Babs give a heavy sigh.

Hero Hamton

Hamton is in a happy mood on his way to Acme Looniversity. Meanwhile, Montana Max is in a grumpy mood and isn't looking where he's going. Hamton accidentally hits Monty with his locker door, and Monty challenges him to a fight after school. Hamton wants no part in the fight, but Plucky tells Monty that Hamton could easily take him down. Plucky also charges admission to see the fight after school. During lunch, Hamton has a huge lunch because it could be his last. Hamton's friends help him train for the fight.

Plucky (in a tuxedo) is the announcer for the fight, as everyone is at the boxing arena waiting for it, except for Hamton, who is nowhere to be seen. He is at Porky's props class, writing his will. He tells Porky about the fight, and Porky tells Hamton that maybe Monty would leave him alone if he scared him. Hamton finally shows up at the fight, with Plucky being the most relieved to see him, but he is too scared to compete.

Buster and Babs decide to substitute for him as the Masked Marauder and Mata Harey, respectively. Plucky introduces them, as Monty sends one of his helpers, Dizzy, to take care of the costumed rabbits. He spins them around and shapes them into basketballs, as he, Monty, and Monty's other helper, Calamity, take turns bouncing them around the ring. Hamton remembers Porky's advice and steps in, pretending to be in a mad rage and using Porky's breakaway props to scare the three bullies away. Plucky makes a lot of money from the fight, but Porky takes every bit of it away to replace the broken props. Porky gives Hamton his permission to say his famous closing line, "Th-th-th-That's All Folks!"

Gang Busters

Montana Max hangs out with three gang members, so he can be cool. He and his gang go into Acme Buy N' Buy, where Rémi Bughari asks them if there is anything they want to purchase. Monty tells Remi that they're just looking as he and his gang steal a slushie machine. Buster is on his way to Acme Buy N' Buy to get a carrot slushie, but Monty and his gang pass by him with the police on their tails. Buster confronts Monty and his gang in an alley and demands they give the slushie machine back. They toss the slushie machine on top of Buster and flee as the police arrive. Remi thinks that Buster is the one who stole his Slushie Machine, and one of the police officers arrests him, as Monty and his gang have framed Buster for the theft.

Buster is put on trial and Plucky is his lawyer. Babs is the court reporter who also tries to impress the judge with impersonations of Looney Tunes characters. Plucky turns out to be a very obnoxious lawyer and he and Buster are sent to jail when they are found guilty of both slushie theft and disorderly conduct in a courtroom (the jury is made entirely of Yosemite Sam clones). As they are being bused off to jail, Plucky loudly protests his innocence until Buster whacks him with the judge's mallet.

Monty is pleased that Buster is in jail. Plucky goes insane being locked up, despite the fact that he and Buster have only been in jail for five minutes. Buster and Plucky tell a guard that they want a better room. The guard assigns them to working in the garden, threatening to put them in the hole if they fail. Using a garden hose, Plucky tries to escape, much to Buster's disapproval. They are sent to the hole, where it is so dark, all they can see are their eyes. To pass the time, they use their eyes to play the video games Pong and Pac-Man. With nothing to look at but their eyes, Plucky suggests they find a way out. Buster starts digging his way out with Plucky following closely behind. They make several attempts to burrow out, eventually ending up in the Juvenile Hall storage room, where they meet up with the prisoners Rocky and Mugsy who force them to dig them to freedom.

Meanwhile, Gogo Dodo, Babs Bunny, and Hamton want to free Buster and Plucky, and they beg the Warden to release them. Babs also tells them that they are Buster's friends and have signed petitions to release them. Buster digs his way up and leads them to the Warden's office where the Warden releases Buster and Plucky for turning over Rocky and Mugsy. In return for turning them over, Buster is given a chance to prove he was framed.

Monty and his gang are roaming the streets, making a mess of Acme Acres. Buster, Gogo, Plucky, and Babs start rapping with Plucky as the DJ to get Monty to confess and he refuses. Among the gags they use is the prison bus, retooled as a boom box, which they use against Monty and his gang. Hamton tries to think rap and fails. He plays a banjo and then does a disco dance, neither of which impresses the others.

Despite Hamton's mishaps, the Toons continue chasing Monty using hip hop and other pressure tactics against him and eventually this strategy pays off. Monty finally turns himself in to the Warden and confesses to the crime so that he doesn't have to hear that rapping sound. Buster is given a full pardon as Monty is sentenced to three months of juvenile hall and community service. Hamton ends the cartoon by telling Buster he knows how to rap. He wraps a gift box, and Buster tells him not to quit his day job.

Stuff That Goes Bump In The Night

Late one night in his burrow, Buster is trying to sleep. A bunch of steel bars come crashing down on everything in his room. Buster is oblivious to the bars crashing down into his burrow, as he walks half-asleep a small distance to turn off a dripping faucet, which is crushed by a steel bar as soon as he does. He crawls back into bed, narrowly avoiding plummeting steel bars, and tries to get some sleep. Two flies buzz into Buster's ear, so he knocks them out of it, waking him up to finally realize that someone is building something on his property. Montana Max is building a summer house right on top of Buster's burrow, and the annoyed blue bunny greatly protests against it. Monty tells Buster that he owns the surrounding land now and shows him the deed to prove it, but Buster folds the deed like a paper airplane with a stick of dynamite inside it and lights it.

The dynamite explodes in Monty's face, and Buster responds, "It would take a crane to move me, Monty." Montana Max uses the crane that was being used to build the house to toss Buster through the air and several hundreds of feet away. Buster returns and sets up a lawn chair, refusing to move. Monty uses the crane to drop his newly built summer house directly on top of him, which appears to have crushed the blue bunny. Monty suddenly worries that he might have accidentally killed him. Monty fears that if anyone finds out, he could go to prison forever. Fortunately for him, there were no witnesses, so Monty thinks he is in the clear.

Monty relaxes in his newly built summer house, plopping down on the couch to watch some television, as he laughs and states, "Buster's deader than a doornail." He turns on the television, but the first image that he sees is Buster, who has a glowing, sparkling outline around him. Monty screams, turns the television off, and hides under a cushion. He hears someone making a mess in his kitchen and immediately goes to check it out. He sees that there are rabbit footprints in a spilled beverage in the opened refrigerator, and he walks up the wall to follow them. Buster is on the ceiling and asks him, "What's down, doc?" Monty is shocked and thinks Buster has come back to haunt him. Buster scares Monty so bad that it sends him soaring through the roof and into the sky. Monty desperately hopes that he lands in the pool. Monty does land in the pool, however, Buster had just drained it, causing the spoiled rich brat to slam into the emptied pool's concrete.

Monty hears his harp being played from another room and investigates, finding it being played by Buster, who taunts him by telling him that he's going to live with him for the rest of his afterlife. Monty traps Buster in a box, encases it in cement, and dumps it in the river, only to return home to find Buster already there and totally unharmed. Monty searches in his closet for his Acme Ghost Sucker vacuum, which will suck up anything, and he tries to use it to suck up Buster. Buster flees and the vacuum sucks up the entire house and everything in it instead. Monty cries in despair, realizing his summer house is gone. Buster reveals to Monty that he is still alive, dusting himself off and knocking the glowing, sparkling outline off of him, and was merely acting like a ghost. Monty throws a temper tantrum and Buster, sitting back in the lawn chair, replies, "You know, I just can't stand to hear a rich kid cry." He puts on a pair of headphones with the music up high, toning out the whining Monty.

The Wacko World Of Sports

Montana Max is throwing a tennis tournament in his backyard. The only players he invites to compete against him are lousy players such as Hamton (Monty actually serves him food- with his tennis racket), Furrball (Monty serves him a tennis ball that explodes, causing Furball to disintegrate into ash) , and Bookworm (Monty wins because Bookworm is too small to hold the racket properly). Babs disguises herself as Bunny Wawa (Her Version of Barbara Walters), an interviewer who speaks with a lisp similar to Elmer Fudd. When she interviews Monty, she asks him why he's only inviting lousy players. He tells her, "I WANNA WIN!" Buster Bunny, who is an expert at tennis, is working as a ball boy.

After defeating Furrball, Bookworm, and Hamton by cheating, Monty wins the wimpydumb trophy. Buster Bunny quits his ball boy job in protest and disguises himself as Bjorn Bunny, an expert tennis player from Sweden. He shows Monty the biggest trophy he owns, and Monty challenges him to a game of tennis for the giant trophy. Buster manages to compete against Monty without breaking a sweat, and they soon reach the tiebreaker. Monty uses a remote control tennis ball and racket to confuse Buster, but Buster soon catches on. He sends in the army to send the tennis ball back to Monty, and the tennis ball explodes in his face. The force of the explosion actually sends Monty flying through the scoreboard. Buster wins the trophy and reveals the secret of his success; "Confidentially, I wasn't Bjorn yesterday!"

Pollution Solution

Montana Max is on the news, introducing his new pollution-free, environmentally safe factory. His motto is, "Give a hoot, don't leave garbage lying around!" What the media doesn't know is that Monty is dumping his factory waste in Wackyland.

At Wackyland, Gogo Dodo is fishing and finds out Wackyland is being polluted. He tells his friends to evacuate, and so they do. He finds Montana Max and puts him on trial. The jury, which consists of Gogo's clones, find Monty guilty and Gogo attempts to behead him. Montana Max agrees to clean up Wackyland, and so he does. Buster and Babs give the moral of the story, "Pollution Stinks!"

Journey to the Center of Acme Acres

Now reunited, the four Tiny Toons run away with the gremlins hot on their paths. Seeing that gremlins are in fact causing the earthquakes, Buster and Babs realize the theory of center of the of the Earth being made of gold is true, Prompting Hamton to tell them that someone has stolen it. They run into a wall and are trapped, as a gremlin rolls a large rock down a hill at them. Buster hits a "reset" button on the wall that sends down a bowling pinsetter and picks them up. The rock rolls below them and crashes through the wall, setting them free. The gremlins are angered as they reach the top of the earth again. Plucky is relieved and kisses the ground multiple times, as Babs grabs Plucky and checks his tongue, which is covered with gold along with the end of his beak. There is a large trail of gold specs that lead to Montana Max's mansion. Buster realizes it was Monty who stole the gold, just as another quake begins to rip the ground beneath them.

They know they must retrieve the gold nugget to get the quakes to stop or else Acme Acres will be destroyed, so the bunnies think of the idea to visit Max disguised as the Vanderbunnys, whom Buster and Babs play as extremely rich and snobby rabbits. The "Vanderbunnys", along with Plucky and Hamton,dressed as a maid and butler respectively, go to Monty's home and ring the bell. Monty's butler Grovely opens the door for them, and they begin to introduce themselves. Monty immediately comes up and wants to know what they want. "Biff Vanderbunny" mentions they need help and Monty scoffs and slams the door in their faces until he hears Buster mention they are willing to offer "oodles and oodles of cash". Monty promptly lets them in and they tell him they are on a scavenger hunt, already collecting Titanic, the Sphinx, and the Trump Towers, and looking for a gigantic nugget of gold to complete their collection. Buster Vanderbunny says that money is no object.

Montana Max leads them to a vault full of gold coins similar to Scrooge McDuck's money bin, which Plucky, still dressed as a female maid named Skylar, swims through in excitement until Babs pulls him out. Buster Vanderbunny informs him they need a nugget, not coins, so Monty shows them to a vault full of gold bars stacked extremely high, which again Plucky flips over and wants to keep some of the bars until Babs knocks him out with her fist. Buster yells into Monty's ear that they are looking for a gold NUGGET, so Monty finally shows them to a much more secured vault which is highly guarded by automated guns. The enormous and bright gold nugget sits in the vault by itself, and Buster tells Monty to charge it to his charge card. Monty looks at the card, which is his student I.D. card.

The bunnies, on top of the nugget with Plucky and Hamton, call Monty a thief and reveal to him that his theft of the gold nugget is the reason for the quakes. Monty does not care and tells them they won't get out with the nugget. Another quake suddenly shakes up Monty's mansion and causes the gold nugget to roll off its pedestal and crashing out of the vault as Monty's feeble attempts can not stop it. The nugget crushes its way through the mansion and out the front door with Monty chasing after it. The nugget stops near the edge of where the quake ripped through the earth, and the four Tiny Toons jump off of it as the gold-hungry Monty jumps onto it. The nugget falls down the hole along with Monty, who has a tight grasp on it. Two of the gremlins torture Monty near the center of the earth by using him as a pinata and swinging a stalactite at him as a punishment for taking their gold nugget. Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton, now back in their regular attire, sing a song in celebration.

Rainy Daze

Having gone through eleven rent-a-friends, Montana Max orders a new one, which turns out to be Buster Bunny. Under the advice of his new job, he is to be nice to Monty no matter how rude he is to him. When Monty bullies him, Buster decides to get revenge. Monty demands that Acme Rent-a-friend fire Buster and send a new rent-a-friend, but the company tells him that Buster was the only one who volunteered due to the way Monty treated his other rent-a-friends.

Monty decides to take Buster up to the attic, where his best toys are. One of the toys is an Acme Bunny Basher robot. Buster ties his ears in a knot and puts fake rabbit ears on Monty to fool the robot, who grabs him and nearly tosses him out the window. In an attempt to save Monty, Buster pulls out a Durasmell battery from the robot's Achilles heel, causing the robot to power down. Unfortunately, the robot also drops Monty, but he is rescued by the Acme rescue team.

Buster tells Monty that he called them, and it only cost him $250,000, which he charged to Monty's account. Although Monty is shocked because of the big money loss, he is grateful that Buster saved his life. Just then, Buster's time as Monty's rent-a-friend is up, and Buster takes 13.50 from Monty. Monty is no longer grateful, but Buster is satisfied.

Looking Out For The Little Guy

Plucky invites his neighbors over to his house for their annual swamp party. Meanwhile, Montana Max is having a swamp drainer installed for his pool, so he can drain the swamp and get free water for the pool. Plucky dives as his swamp is drained, so he dresses as the Toxic Revenger to find out where the swamp water is going. As the Toxic Revenger, Plucky returns the water to the swamp, but Monty, wise to his plan, steals the water back at full blast. He also catches the Toxic Revenger and demands Grovely to get rid of him.

To get revenge, Plucky invites his neighbors to Monty's pool. Outraged, Monty tries to drop an anvil on Plucky, but he tickles him with a party favor. Monty drops the anvil in the pool and is launched by the diving board. Plucky returns the water to his swamp, and takes the hose to the Acme rock quarry. When Monty tries to steal the water again, his pool is filled with rocks.

You Asked for It

It's Montana Max's birthday, and the spoiled brat has rented his own party and friends, and becomes frustrated when they can't remember his name. He opens one of his many presents, which is a water gun. Monty hates the present, because it only shoots water. He opens another present, which is the exact same water gun. After getting the same present twice, Monty throws a tantrum that causes him to regress into a literal crybaby. He asks who was it that gave him the present, and everyone points to the boy who did. Monty ejects the boy out his party.

Grovely, the butler, tells the children that the magic show, featuring Presto the Great, is about to begin. Monty doesn't want a magician to steal the spotlight on his birthday. Presto performs a magic trick where he pulls a rabbit out of his hat. The rabbit is Buster Bunny, who is working for Presto as a part-time job. Monty, who is unimpressed with Presto's trick, throws pies at him and Buster. This causes Presto to quit, as Presto decides to become a dentist. After Presto leaves, Buster decides to get revenge on Monty, as he cost him and Presto their jobs.

Buster announces to the children that he, as Haredini, is the new magician, and appears on stage. Monty is outraged, and snatches the magic hat and stomps on it. He challenges Buster to see his magic act. Buster tells Monty to step into a box. Buster closes the box as Monty sarcastically states that Buster is going to saw him in half. Buster cuts the box in half with a chainsaw, and moves the pieces of box apart as Monty tells the children that Buster's magic isn't real. Buster puts the box back together, and Monty escapes the box to prove that Buster's magic is fake. As he jumps up and down, his body, which is split in two, bounces around. Buster is now concerned that he didn't put Monty back together, and checks a book called Messed Up Magic to see what went wrong. Monty tells Buster that since it's his birthday, he should be the magician. He puts Buster in a box, chains and nails the box together, and puts many swords in it. He uses a crane to put the box into a tank full of water. After Monty completes his trick, the real Buster is right behind him, telling him the trick was fantastic. Monty is confused and wonders who is in the box if Buster is next to him. Buster operates the crane, and takes the box out of the tank. Monty removes the chains, boards, and swords, and Buster tells Monty he should check the box for him. Buster opens the box, and Monty is inside. Buster and the children applaud Monty, and Monty, who is now enraged, chases after Buster. When Buster runs into Monty, he toots a party favor, and tells the children it's time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Monty. As the children sing, Buster takes his hands out of his gloves, and the gloves lead the children as Buster bakes a birthday cake, with a stick of dynamite as the top candle. Buster returns to the party, gives Monty the cake, and puts his hands back in his gloves. Just as Monty is about to blow out his candles, the cake explodes in his face. Buster says, "Eh, I also do Bar mitzvahs." and eats a carrot.

You Asked for It, Part II

Montana Max's new donut hole factory is polluting the air. Plucky as the Toxic Revenger tries to teach Monty a lesson.

Life In The 90's

When Buster arrives at Montana Max's mansion, he remembers that Monty hasn't paid for his subscription since 1985. He wants Monty to pay him the two dollars he owes, but being the rich brat he is, Monty refuses to pay. Buster keeps popping up to collect from him, and Monty tries to hide, but Buster finds him every time. Monty traps Buster in his mansion and destroys it, then runs off to his Savings and Loan Bank. He hides in the vault, whose only inhabitant is Byron Basset. Monty is relieved, until Buster reveals it was him disguised as Byron, which causes Monty to break down and literally cry like a baby. Unable to escape from Buster, Monty finally pays off his subscription, and Buster gives him the latest newspaper issue. Monty reads that his funds have been bankrupted, leaving him with only two dollars, the very two dollars he gave Buster for the paper, which causes him to go crazy. The next morning the daily paper headlines the story of Monty ending up in a mental hospital. Buster, who was reading that same paper, ends the cartoon with the moral of the story, "It's better to wear a pouch than a straightjacket!" As he has said so, he actually wears it as a one-piece outfit, even covering his feet.

Strange Tales of Weird Science

Plucky is enjoying a swim in his pond, when suddenly, the pond is polluted with toxic waste, which turns a frog into a four-eyed mutant. Plucky discovers that there are toxic waste barrels at the bottom of his pond. Plucky dresses as the Toxic Revenger and follows the trail of toxic waste to the Acme Ice Cream Spoon Factory. At the factory, trees have been cut down to make one ice cream spoon apiece, and the rest of the tree makes toxic waste. Plucky confronts Montana Max, the owner of the factory, but Monty ejects him from the factory.

Later, Plucky shows Monty what his pollution has done to the animals, as a bear has a fawn's head growing out from his head. Monty once again ejects Plucky out of the factory. Plucky returns, and uses a pipe to flood Monty's office with toxic waste. This makes Monty mutate and grow a second head and a dragon tail. They chase Plucky, and knock him into the spoon machine. Plucky hides in the spoon machine and the mutated Monty chases him, eventually destroying the factory. With the factory destroyed, the forest is restored to its original beauty, but the toxic waste from the factory makes Plucky grow a second head. The four-eyed frog presents Plucky with a trophy, and the mutated Plucky sets off into the sunset. Buster, Babs, Hamton, Furrball and Sweetie end the cartoon by clog dancing.

Best Of Buster Day

Montana Max is being very rude to Grovely, and decides to fire him. Buster and Babs walk by Monty's mansion, and Buster asks Grovely what happened. Before Grovely can speak, Monty kicks his family out of the mansion as well. Buster feels sorry for Grovely, but Grovely tells him that he and his family will manage things on their own, just as they always have. Grovely's wife bursts into tears, as now Grovely's family has no home. Babs whispers, "Isn't this your cue to be noble?" to Buster, who is being showered by Mrs. Grovely's tears. Buster decides to let Grovely and his family stay with him in his burrow until they find a new job. Grovely is very grateful.

Grovely is peeking out Buster's burrow, looking through the want ads in the newspaper. Inside Buster's burrow, his wife and kids are eating carrots. Buster, who, having put up with the family for three weeks, asks Mrs. Grovely how she's doing. Grovely's family is used to the high-class accommodations of Monty's Mansion. Buster then asks Grovely if the job hunt is any more successful today. Unfortunately for them, it's not. Monty's ad is still in the paper, as he hasn't found a new butler and maid yet. Buster suddenly has an idea.

Inside Monty's Mansion, Monty is trying to cut the crusts off his sandwich with a butcher knife. The doorbell rings, and he calls for Grovely to answer it, only to realize a second later that he fired him. Monty answers the door, and Buster and Babs are at it, dressed like a British butler and maid, respectively. Buster and Babs tell Monty that they're interested in the Butler and Maid job opening. Monty is about to eat his sandwich, but Babs snatches if from him and tells him that eating it himself will be much too strenuous for him. She and Buster tell him they'll eat it for him. In fact, they'll eat all his food for him. They eat all the food in Monty's fridge and are now very fat. Monty is outraged and kicks them out of his mansion.

Monty is about to eat his sandwich again when the doorbell rings. Buster and Babs are at the door again, this time dressed as a Swedish butler and maid, respectively. Again, they tell Monty they're interested in the Butler and Maid job opening. Buster puts a dust bunny on the table, and Babs decides to get to work scrubbing the floors. Monty asks them how much they want, and they tell him, "next to nothing." Monty tells them they will work for nothing, and they agree. Just then, Babs sobs, pretending to be homesick. Buster decides to take care of that problem, and turns Monty's den into a Swedish farm. Monty is upset, as he wants Grovely back. Grovely returns, and Monty tells him he is hired again, this time with pay. Grovely tells him that he's not coming back, as he is now employed by Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbunny, who are none other than Buster and Babs in disguise. Buster and Babs tells him that Grovely is now being paid the biggest salary of his life. Monty gives Grovely his entire mansion and everything in it. Now, Grovely has a day off, with him and his wife relaxing by the pool, his children playing in the pool, and Monty as his butler for a change. Monty says, "Eh, it's a living."

Elephant Issues

Foghorn Leghorn is teaching his students to dissect jokes, when a new student arrives. His name is C.L.I.D.E., standing for Cybernetic Laser Ionized Digital Entity, and he tells the students that he is enrolled in Acme Looniversity. Although his robotic appearance and tendency to speak in game show metaphors, usually calling everyone Dave, make him strange, he is welcomed by all except Montana Max, who discriminates against him. During lunchtime, the special is Green Eggs and Spam, and Plucky says that the cafeteria must be using the Dr. Seuss cookbook again. C.L.I.D.E. is having oil and metal bolts. Plucky says that they look a lot better than the green slop he's eating. When C.L.I.D.E. tries to sit down, Monty gets in the way. He pushes one of C.L.I.D.E.'s buttons and C.L.I.D.E. malfunctions. At first, he finds this funny, but then his shirt gets stained. As the other students leave, Buster sticks by C.L.I.D.E. and asks how he feels about Acme Looniversity. C.L.I.D.E. tells him that he doesn't want to be a robot, and that he wants to be popular. Meanwhile, to get revenge on C.L.I.D.E. for staining his shirt, Monty tries to get rid of him using a large robot called S.N.I.D.E., standing for Super New Improved Droid Eradicator. He programs S.N.I.D.E. to attack the nearest geek, but as a result, gets attacked himself. C.L.I.D.E. decides to put popularity aside to rescue Monty, and becomes the hero of Acme Looniversity. After being saved, Monty is very grateful and no longer biased towards C.L.I.D.E., but C.L.I.D.E., aware that Monty was trying to get rid of him, transforms into an anvil and flattens him. Buster says, "I think this new kid's gonna fit in fine!" and eats a carrot.


(Montana Max plays as Wex Wuthor) Superbabs goes after Wex by disguising herself as a television talk show host and questioning Wex. He reveals to her that he created a machine that reached out from space and through the drawing paper, grabbing a bottle of ink from the table and pouring it on the drawing that has Acme Ares on it. The talk show host then reveals herself as Superbabs to Wex, and tells her he knows her super weakness and pulls out a large carrot cake. She tries to resist at first, but gives in and eats one after another as Wex keeps giving them to her, laughing hysterically the entire time, until she is so obese she can barely move.

Wex plans to rename Acme Acres to WutherLand, which he describes as "the unhappiest place on earth...with free parking". Wex leaves as SuperBabs pushes a button on her utility belt with her ear, which brings out a TV with a work-out video of herself on it. She fast-forwards the tape so she can work out faster and get thin quickly to stop Wex Wuther. The plan works and Superbabs is back to normal. Wex is going to repaint the drawing to be WutherLand, but is thwarted as Superbabs pops out of the drawing and duels with him.

She fights with him in a sword-like battle, but instead using paint brushes, Superbabs with white-out on her brush, and Wex with paint in his. Superbabs defeats him, but spares his life. Meanwhile, Buster, Plucky, and Hamton are huddled up together with the ink about to consume them, but suddenly the ink begins to subside, sparing them their lives. Wex is forced to clean up Acme Acres by using the white-out on a paint brush to erase it.

(Montana Max plays as Harris Goulash) Pasadena arrives in the Himalayas by riding a long, red solid line that is traveling through the sky. He uses his whip to catch a tree branch growing off a cliff as he plummets thousands of feet below. He climbs up the mountain and grabs out his map to see where to go, only to come across a bunch of hostiles with spears led by Harris Goulash. Goulash takes his map and rides off on a tricycle. Pasadena distracts the hostiles by pointing another direction and saying it's Merv Griffin, then uses his whip to attach himself to Goulash's back tire. Pasadena moves up the rope as he dragged across the ground and board the tricycle. They fight atop the bike across the mountain cliffs and end up tearing the map in two, sending Pasadena rolling off of the bike with half the map. Goulash looks back and taunts him, but smashes into a rock, allowing Pasadena to take the other half back as well.

Pasadena runs into the Abominable Snowman, a giant snowman with a carrot nose, top hat and a broom that turns into nunchaku, but he just yawns and pulls out a flamethrower, completely torching the snowman. He then checks the map and wonders where the Temple of the Secret of Life is. Suddenly, Hamton announces it through loudspeakers attached to the temple, which is right in front of Pasadena. Hamton is behind a booth selling tickets for the secret of life, but as Pasadena tries to get one, Goulash rushes in front of him and wants one first. Pasadena allows him to go ahead and Goulash rushes into the temple, but he is abruptly trampled and beaten, coming back out of the temple caught in a a large mousetrap.

Pasadena goes inside with Goulash following back in after him. They race in separate mine carts, with Pasadena slightly ahead. They hit ground and go through several booby traps, including spears, saws, knives, hungry alligators, and a giant 8-ball. They reach a huge gold door with a question mark on it, and Goulash runs up to it and tries to pull it open. The door falls and smashes him; Pasadena calmly walks over the door.

It's Buster Bunny Time

Buster and Babs are outside Montana Max's mansion, ready to interview him. Monty cancels the interview, as his weekly allowance has arrived in many armored truckloads full of bags of money, and it will take him the rest of the afternoon to count it. Buster and Babs decide to tag along, but Monty, busy observing several guards pouring the bags of money out into his living room, does not agree with their idea, so he orders Arnold to kick them out. Buster and Babs land in a dumpster and decide to tour the mansion without him.

Buster and Babs are relaxing and sitting in chairs by Monty's pool. Buster pulls a lever which causes large waves in the pool as well as the chairs to double as surfboards. Meanwhile, Monty is counting his allowance with huge piles of cash all around the room, as Buster and Babs have fun surfing and speak loudly, mentioning numbers or words that sound like numbers, like Babs saying, "Too much." This confuses Monty and causes him to forget what number he had counted, which was over five million dollars by this point. An infuriated Monty notices them at the pool and wakes Arnold, telling him to get rid of them or he will be "out on the street begging for bones." Arnold pulls the lever which causes a giant tidal wave in the pool. Buster and Babs try to outswim it. Buster pulls out a small remote-controlled joystick to override the lever's control, and the tidal wave reverses its path and comes down hard on a fleeing Arnold, burying him beneath the water. The wave also makes a mess of Monty's mansion.

Buster and Babs continue to tour the mansion, from the dining hall to the private screening room. Just as the 3D movie is about to start, Arnold rips up the projector screen from the other side of it and lunges at them. They duck, and Arnold lands in the popcorn machine, burning his butt. Meanwhile, Monty has just finished counting his allowance, using a ladder to put the final bill on top of the stack for a grand total of $14,043,000. Arnold rushes inside, yelling and holding his smoking bottom, and crashes into the pile of money, then uses some of it to fan his burning red fanny. Outraged, Monty chases him with a mallet, as Buster and Babs leave his mansion, concluding their "interview." Buster picks up a bill and says, "Babsy, I'll buy you an ice cream...," pausing as he suddenly notices how large the bill is, "...Store!"

The Acme Acres Zone

Rabbit-hater Montana Max goes through a nightmare where he wakes up to find he's become a bunny, to the delight of Babs, Buster, and Elmyra. The nightmare starts with Monty finding out to his horror that he's a rabbit with brown fur. He runs desperately in surprise and is quickly caught by Elmyra who proceeds to squeeze him and shower him with kisses declaring he is her new pet. When he tries to resist Elmyra quickly ties him up placing him in a baby carriage and makes him wear a baby bonnet; Monty struggles against the ropes as Elmyra prepares a baby bottle for him testing the temperature and making sure the nipple is sturdy. Monty fed up rocks his baby carriage so it rolls down a hill allowing him to escape but crashes sending him flying through the air back to his mansion to find it occupied by a rich couple (Buster and Babs with rich outfits and British accents). They pity him at first and give him rabbit food and later give him a bubble bath, but eventually become annoyed by his screams and tantrums and call an animal control agent to take him away so he can be given a good home. The animal shelter throws Monty in a cage full of hundreds of white rabbits, which drives him even more insane. Elmyra then arrives to tell rabbit Monty to "come to Mommy" and that she'll take him home and love him "forever and ever", and this causes him to finally break down and scream wildly that he'll be kind to rabbits; he then wakes up from the nightmare. Even with the nightmare, Monty quickly regains his hostile attitude toward rabbits, and when Buster and Babs pay him a visit, he sends his guard dogs to chase them out. Buster assures Babs that there will be a twist ending. It comes when Monty opens the breakfast cabinet to find it full of hundreds of rabbits and when Babs twists her ears. Monty breaks down bawling, and the misery increases when Elmyra shows up to hug him, causing him to flee.


How I Spent My Vacation

Monty only had some brief cameos in this movie, no speaking roles provided for him.

Spring Break

Same thing with the How I Spent My Vacation movie, but only one small cameo.

Night Ghoulery

In the segment, "The Devil and Daniel Webfoot", Plucky, as Daniel Webfoot, heads to Montana Max's mansion to confront Satan and bring judgement to Monty, but his plan backfires. Monty also appears in the intro and outro song, and has some lines like "The monsters will find you!".

Toys R Mine

Toys R Mine is a fictional chain of toy stores owned by Montana Max in Tiny Toon Adventures. It is a parody of the popular children's toy store, Toys R Us, with Monty parodying its mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Toys R Mine first appears briefly in the Season 1 episode, Citizen Max as one of the franchises owned by Montana Max. The store's arm snatches a large teddy bear from a little boy, causing the little boy to cry. Toys R Mine returns in a commercial in the second wraparound of the Season 2 episode, Playtime Toons. The commercial parodies the "I Don't Wanna Grow Up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid" song, and features Montana Max buying every toy in the store. After buying all the toys, Monty destroys them.

Although the toy store does not appear in any video games specifically, the head of Monty parodying Geoffrey can be seen in the Monty's Playroom stage of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game, Acme All-Stars.

Theme Song Lyrics

"I just wanna have fun, I'm a Toys R Mine brat,

I go running through the store, screaming, 'Give me this and that!'

From games to balls, to spiky-head dolls,

It's a happy place to be!

I can break them all and my folks don't squall,

cause they all belong to me!"

The Montana Max Merry Meat Factory

The Montana Max Merry Meat Factory was a large slaughter house that Montana Max bought with his allowance and one of three places Acme Loo Students go on a field trip in the episode Going Places segment Slaughterhouse Jive.

The Factory was shown to be a basic slaughterhouse that makes meat such as turkey legs, cow tongue, frair and buffalo wings. After one of Monty's machines turn Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton into giant sausages, they decide to get revenge on him by taking him to the Montana Max Merry Meat Factory's Screening Room where after watching how meat was made, Monty decides to destroy the factory and change it into a veggie emporium.


Montana Max's Parents are minor characters in Tiny Toon Adventures. Like Babs' Mother and Plucky's Parents, they only appear from the neck down. They have made several appearances in Tiny Toon Adventures. Montana Max's father is voiced by Frank Welker, while Montana Max's mother is voiced by Tress MacNeille in Citizen Max and by Gail Matthius in Love Disconnection.

In the episode, Citizen Max, it was revealed in a newsreel, that when Montana Max gained control of his family's business in a hostile takeover, he kicked his own parents out of his mansion for making him eat brussels sprouts. In Buster's flashback, Monty's mother tells him, who was Buster's best friend at the time, that they have won the lottery and have become rich, and picks him up in a limo.

Father appears on his own in the Playtime Toons episode segment, Fit to Be Toyed. He is seen relaxing by the pool, until one of the toys that Monty destroys in order to make room for new ones lands in his drink. Fed up with his spoiled son destroying his toys, his father calls Toys For Tots and tells them he has a donation, prompting a machine belonging to them to pick up the toys. When Monty decides he can buy more toys with his Acme Excess charge card, his father takes it away from him and cuts it up. Monty is left with nothing to do, so his father tells him to use his imagination. Towards the end of the cartoon, when he finds out that Monty is using his imagination to find different ways to play with a paddle ball, he decidedly gives him back his newly taped Acme Excess card, and is proud of him, as imagination is where real play begins.

Mother appears on her own in the Love Disconnection double-length episode segment, My Dinner With Elmyra. When she tells Monty that she is going out to dinner with a nice couple, she tells him they have a cute daughter, immediately exciting Monty, until he finds out that the daughter is Elmyra Duff. Monty does not want to go on a date with her, but his mother tells him that she and his father are close friends of the Duffs, and makes Monty go on a date with Elmyra, threatening to take away his allowance ($700,000 weekly) if he refuses. Monty reluctantly accepts and goes on his date with Elmyra.


Monty's Imagination is a minor one-time character who appears in the episode "Playtime Toons" segment "Fit to Be Toyed".

Monty's Imagination looks exactly like Montana Max but only smaller. After having all of his toys taken away and his card cut in pieces by his Father, Monty tried to look for any toy he might have forgotten. Suddenly, he heard a noise up in the attic, and after an exhausting climb up the stairs, Monty opened the door to see a smaller version of himself playing with a paddle-ball. The smaller version revealed himself to be his imagination or what was left of it, since he hasn't been used since Monty had all those toys. After Monty tried to play with the paddle ball, the string and the ball got tied up on him and thought it was broken. But Monty's Imagination told him if he had an imagination, he could pretend it was something else. Afterwards, Monty's Imagination tried to leave but was stopped by Monty and was asked for help. He then climbed into Monty's head and helped Monty by telling him what he sees beside the paddle. Monty then experiences the wonders of his mind as he pretends the paddle is a musical instrument when he pretends to be a jazz player, a club tied to a coconut when he pretends to be a cave man and both a spaceship and a weapon when he pretends to be a astronaut. He appears in the end, after Mr. Max gave Monty his card back after using his imagination. When he asks him if he's learned anything about imagination, Monty tells him, "I'll never leave home without it."


Montana Max's Gang are one time characters who appeared in the episode "Gang Busters". All three are voiced by Charlie Adler.

They first appeared behind Montana Max, as they were walking the street, scaring the kids and other people in the neighborhood. Each member said they want to steal stuff like Wheels, Cash and TV's. But Monty said they are going to the Acme Buy N' Buy and steal a Slushie Machine. When they entered, Rémi Bughari asks them if there is anything they want to purchase but Monty tells Remi that they're just looking and while Rémi was looking at a magazine, Monty and his Gang stole the Slushie and made their escapes. Then they bumped into Buster who was blocking their way. When Buster demands they give the slushie machine back, they toss the slushie machine on top of Buster and flee as the police arrive and Buster was framed. They later appeared again near the end, this time leaving their mark (which is a backwards "$") all over town. They are then confronted by Buster, Gogo,Plucky and Babs who began to have a rap battle with them. Then Buster pulls out his secret weapon; a prison bus that was retooled into giant boom box and blew them away. it assume that like Monty, They were sentenced to 3 months of juvenile hall and community service.

Prehistoric Ancestor

Montana Max's Prehistoric Ancestor is the ancestor of Montana Max in the episode "A Ditch in Time". He is voiced by Danny Cooksey.

After Plucky fell off the time machine, he landed in prehistoric Acme Acres, where he first encounter him and is whacked by him for being on his property. He later appears again when he came and want Acme Acres for himself. After Plucky told him to leave, he called Dizzy Devil's Prehistoric Ancestor to eat Plucky. The next morning after waking up, he sees  Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor coming out of the bathroom and sees that she left a mess. While running to towards her, he sees Buster's Prehistoric Ancestor messing with his cave pictures by painting a mustache on it and then began chasing. When he ran into the kitchen, he saw the kitchen a mess also. As he was about to whack Babs; Ancestor with his club, Buster swap it with a feather and instead of whacking her, he fann her by mistake.  Buster's told Monty's that since he destroyed their home, they are going to live in his. Upon hearing that, Monty's Ancestor rebuild Acme Acres to it former glory.

Pollution Factory

Montana Max's Pollution Factory is a factory owned by Montana Max himself. It was seen in different episodes such as "Pollution Solution", "You Asked For It Part II", and "Strange Tales Of Weird Science".

Veggie Emporium

Montana Max's Veggie Emporium is a factory owned by Montana Max. It was the replacement of The Montana Max Merry Meat Factory.

This factory was a replacement for Montana Max's meat factory when Max thought that meat is disgusting and he would sue. So, he decided to release the animals as they and all the toons quickly ran from inside the factory as Monty grabbed some dynamite and placed them around the meat factory. Then, he grabs a lever, and pushes on it, causing the factory to be torn to pieces. Then, Monty replaced the remains of his old factory with his brand new vegetable factory called ''Max's Veggie Emporium''.

Buster then explains how rabbits are strict vegetarians. When the toons were about to eat the veggie meals, alive vegetables screamed and told the toons to not eat them, and they quickly ran off as the toons and Buster are in shock.


Montana Max, along with his parents, all live in the grandest mansion in Acme Acres, where it is located on the far edge. The grounds include swimming pools, tennis courts, stables and the like. It's the kind of place that would make Donald Trump envious. It has signs which read "Poverty Stinks," and "Charity Workers Will Be Shot". The mansion is armed with security guards, and Montana Max has several servants to do the simplest of tasks. The mansion has a bowling alley and movie theater, an in-ground pool, a high-tech alarm system, and countless safes for Max's money. The mansion also includes countless state of the art traps for rabbits.


  • "You can't do this to me! I'm rich!"
  • "Make my day, rabbit!"
  • "Ask me if I care!"
  • ”I hate RABBITS!!”
  • ”Probably some razzle frazzle charity worker!”
  • "I'm Montana Max! That stupid animator promised me my very own show!"
  • "Welcome to the Montana Max Show!''
  • "I sure have! Ahem. Remember kids, give a hoot, don't leave garbage lying around!''
  • ''Aloha suckers!"
  • "What? You expect me to have morals?"
  • "You can't do this to me, I'll sue!"
  • "Knock it off rabbits!"
  • "Out of my way rabbits!"
  • "And those saps really thought I had stopped polluting. Ha ha!"
  • "You look a little down in the dumps! Ha ha!"
  • "Let me go, you razzle-frackin' little Gogo! Who do you think you are?"
  • "Low-class pool crashers, dirtying my ten thousand of imported spring water. I wouldn't swim in anything less."
  • "To the opening of my new 100% pollution-free factory!"
  • "Allow me to give you a tour!"
  • "As you can see, I've taken every step to ensure that no pollution is created to spoil the environment."
  • "This boiler used to belch out black smoke 24 hours a day, now watch!"
  • "I was skiing in Aspen with Morgan Fairchild, I had a mishap. Where's my part?"
  • "I'd rather eat dog food, dweeb!"
  • "Who are these losers? Are they the celebrity guest stars you promised us?"
  • "Hello! Buy yourself a real network!"
  • "Oh, I understand. My faux pas. Go on with your little holiday… skits." (as he rolls away) "Don't mind me."
  • "Don't mind me… ruining it!"
  • "This'll spice up your act, Ebenezer Sneezer!"
  • "Look at Buster flirt with her. How can you stand it?"
  • "Ha!" Admit it, Babs. You're jealous!"
  • "You'd better believe it, Duck!"
  • "Good afternoon, anonymous students of Monty Loo."
  • "As you know, it is Christmas Eve, and in respect of that, I'm offering you a shorter day." (As he pulls out a pair of goggles and a pair of skis) "Only eighteen hours of classes." (as he puts the goggles on) "As for me, I'm heading to Aspen with Morgan Fairchild."
  • "Later, losers! Ah!"
  • "I like it, don't you?"
  • "Does that mean I have to put him in my show?"
  • "Gee, the star."
  • "Hey, get me down from here!"
  • "Ugh! I don't want to be the star!"
  • "Hi, friends. Montana Max here, asking for your support. As we all know, Acme Loo needs a new student council president who's reliable, honest, and fair, but I want you to vote for me anyway!"
  • "My friends, if elected, I vow to improve the lousy food in the school cafeteria!"
  • "Ha! That's how much you know, rabbit! Food is a disaster!"
  • "Ergh, crazy toons!"
  • "I'd like to offer you the deal of a lifetime!"
  • "Brand new beach-front property!"
  • "You haven't even heard my offer! How can you just pass it by?"
  • "He looks like the cover boy for Better Homes and Grease Guns!"
  • "A junk heap like that should be called 'C.L.O.D.'! What a freakazoid!"
  • "Sorry, pal. This seat is taken!"
  • "Next time, call for a reservation. Ha ha!"
  • "Look what you've done, you cordless weenie roaster! All over my new Dacron Dickie! That tears it!"
  • "I told you guys this robot was nothing but a C.L.O.D.!"
  • "Nobody stains my dickie and gets away with it! That's why I bought…"
  • "S.N.I.D.E.; Super New and Improved Droid Eradicator. He's gonna make mincemeat out of that chump!"
  • "And the best part is, it came with a 99¢ rebate."
  • "Go get him!"
  • "Ah, here it is. I forgot to program it. 'Attack nearest geek'."
  • "Oh, you saved my life. You really taught me a lesson. Now I realize it's not what you look like on the outside, but who you are on the inside that counts."
  • "Now I realize, that's the answer."
  • "I'd rather get a lobotomy!"
  • "You can't do this to me! I'm rich! I'm important! I'm a Republican!"
  • "You're what's the matter! You're a complete waste of space! You have a personality that rivals spore mold! On the evolutionary chart, you rank someplace between head cheese and toaster ovens! You're a cruise to nowhere! A null, a void, a zero!"
  • "I don't like you! Read my lips. I don't like you!"
  • "Montana Max. Maximillian to my friends, with emphasis on, the million. You wanna dance?"
  • "Hey, what's that goofy hairball have that I don't?"
  • "Hey, just what are you tryin' to say?!"
  • "Carrots? You have the nerve to ask me for carrots AFTER WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH?"
  • "This little piggy's crying wee-wee-wee all the way home... Without his pants!"
  • "As soon as Acme Acres is inked out, I'll simply repaint it as Wutherland, the Unhappiest Place on Earth...With plenty of free parking."
  • "All Right, That's it! I've had enough of this mushy stuff!"
  • "Don't 'Hello' Me! This has been the saddest excuse for entertainment I've ever seen! Dating?! Ha! Let's do a real story now-- Something with some action, Something with some Danger!"
  • "I've got to make even more ice cream spoons!"
  • "And bigger ones! Now get to work!"
  • "Why are you just sitting there?! I got it!"
  • "I'll bulldoze that duck pond downstream and expand the factory. What a great idea!"
  • "Oh, yeah? Well, who are you?"
  • "Oooh, I thought I got rid of that braizin' mallard!
  • "Aww, isn't that cute?"
  • "Listen, Duck! I bought this company with my weekly allowance, so buzz off!"
  • "And stay out! Ha!"
  • "And you're a dead duck!"
  • "One hundred million, four thousand in stolen lunch money," (as he writes down 3,800,000) "Three million, eight hundred thousand from the hospital foreclosure," (as the camera cuts to an opposing view of him) "Oh, I love money! Twelve million six..."
  • "Put it over there, Jeeves!"
  • "You may clean out the stables now!"
  • "Do a good job, and next year, I'll buy you a shovel! Ha!"
  • "Grrrr! Now what?!"
  • "Ha! Nice pouch, rabbit! You look like a kangaroo carrying a news stand!"
  • "Why should I pay?!"
  • "Your paper's awful! It's got nothing but bad news in it!"
  • "Yeah?! Well, get a lawyer, newsie! I'm not gonna pay! Ha!"
  • "The nerve of that rabbit." (As the camera cuts to a zoomed-in view and he sits down in his chair) "Doesn't he know rich people never pay?"
  • "Now, take it easy, Max."
  • "Get a hold of yourself."
  • "Ha ha! He'll never find me here."
  • "Rabbit, you're finished!"
  • "Phew! Well, what do you know? I thought you were the rabbit!"
  • "Here, take it! Take anything you want!" (as the camera zooms out on him) "Just get you and that crazy pouch out of here!"
  • "Wait a minute, rabbit!"
  • "My subscription's all paid up, So where's my paper?!"
  • "Now beat it!"
  • "Montana Max's fortune wiped out? Leaves heir with only two dollars cash?"
  • "Welcome aboard Air Acme's Hawaiian Express. We're presently 87th in line for takeoff, but why wait? Ha ha!"
  • "Hey, I got us up! Guess there's a first time for everything, huh, folks?"
  • "Attention, peasants! For lunch, we're pleased to offer you lobster, or filet mingon."
  • "Ha, just kidding!"
  • "That's what I'm having!"
  • "What you're eating hasn't been classified by science yet. Bon appétit!"
  • "Get off the stage, rabbit!"
  • "My films up next! It's a hoot!" (to the viewers): "For what I paid to have it done, it should be."
  • "What? What? This will be a beloved holiday classic! Hey, put me down!"
  • "This is censorship! I'll sue!"
  • "Clear out, Bunny! I'm building my summer house right here in Acme Forest!"
  • "Call my lawyer, rabbit!"
  • "I own this land now!"
  • "Looks like you're a homeless hare!"
  • "Give the rabbit some flying lessons!"
  • "All right, back to work!"
  • "Wanna know something, rabbit?"
  • "That's what you think! You are history!"
  • "Bring it on down!"
  • "Oops! Looks like we dropped the house a little too far to the left." (As he turns to face the camera) "Uh-oh. Wait a minute! Where is he?"
  • "I killed a rabbit! Oh, I'm in big trouble this time!"
  • "I could go to prison! Forever!"
  • "I'm off the hook! No one saw me do it!"
  • "Ha! They'll never pin it on me! I'm in the clear!"
  • "Ha ha! Buster's deader than a doornail!"
  • "That's impossible! I saw the house fall on him!
  • "I must have imagined it. My mind's playing tricks on me. Yeah, that's it!"
  • "Please let me hit the pool! Please, please, please, please, please!"
  • "My trusty ACME Ghost Sucker! Should have thought of this before; it'll suck up anything!"
  • "All right, rabbit spook! Say good-bye!"
  • "Oh, you stupid rabbit!"
  • "I hate you! I always hated you! I dumped the house on you so you wouldn't…"
  • "Aaah, you're history, pal! Aaah, don't let me ever…"
  • "With Rent-a-Friends like you, who needs Rent-an-enemy?"
  • "A repeat present? Grrr! Wasted present! I don't want it! Waaah!" (regresses into a literal crybaby) "Who was it?" (everyone points to the boy who gave Monty the present) "You're out of here!" (ejects the boy out of the party)
  • "And nothing in your head, either!"
  • "The monsters will find you"
  • "Our costumes are ready!"
  • "I'll be J. Paul Getty!"
  • "No! Please, Mr. Scratch! Spare me!"
  • "A man's gotta eat!"
  • "You can take him, right?"
  • "I'll get you for this, you cheap shyster!"
  • "Hey, where are we?"

Counterparts (Tiny Toon Adventures Version)

  • Diesel (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends/The Railway Series)
  • Zorran (TUGS)
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  • Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin (Shining Time Station)
  • Bowser (Super Mario Bros.)
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  • King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country)
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  • The Grinch (Dr. Seuss/The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss)
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Counterparts (Animaniacs Version)

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  • Metal Sonic, Gerald Robotnik, or Robotnik Jr. (Sonic the Hedgehog)
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  • Evil Jim (Earthworm Jim)
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Counterparts (Hero Version)

  • Thomas (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends)
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Season 1

  • Episode 1: The Looney Beginning -- (Supporting role)
  • Episode 3: The Wheel o' Comedy -- Episode segment: Win, Lose, or Kerblowie (Main role)
  • Episode 4: Test Stress -- Episode segment: Never Too Late to Loon (Cameo)
  • Episode 7: Journey to the Center of Acme Acres -- (Main role)
  • Episode 8: Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night -- Episode segment: Home Wrecker (Main role)
  • Episode 9: It's Buster Bunny Time -- Prologue before the episode segment: Lifestyles of the Rich and Rotten (Cameo: A still image is shown), Episode segment: Lifestyles of the Rich and Rotten (Main role)
  • Episode 10: Looking Out for the Little Guy -- Episode segment: The Re-Return of the Toxic Revenger (Main role)
  • Episode 14: The Acme Acres Zone -- Episode segment: A Walk On the Flip Side (Main role), A Bacon Strip (Minor role)
  • Episode 15: Life in the 90s -- Episode segment: Whining Out (Cameo: A still image is shown), Episode segment: Paper Trained (Main role)
  • Episode 16: Rock 'N' Roar -- (Main role)
  • Episode 17: Prom-ise Her Anything -- (Supporting role)
  • Episode 18: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow -- (Supporting role)
  • Episode 19: Cinemaniacs! -- Episode segment: Superbabs (Main role), Episode segment: Duck Trek (Minor role), Episode segment: Pasadena Jones (Main role)
  • Episode 20: You Asked for It -- Prologue before the episode segment: Debutante Devil (Cameo: A still image is shown), Episode segment: Slight of Hare (Main role)
  • Episode 21: Gang Busters -- (Main role)
  • Episode 22: Citizen Max -- (Main role)
  • Episode 24: Buster and the Wolverine -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 25: You Asked for It, Part II -- Episode segment: The Return of the Toxic Revenger (Main role)
  • Episode 28: The Wacko World of Sports -- Episode Segment: Tennis the Menace (Main role)
  • Episode 29: Rainy Daze -- Episode segment: Rent A Friend (Main role), Episode segment: Bunny Daze (Minor role: Shown in Babs' dream sequences)
  • Episode 30: Fields of Honey -- (Minor role)
  • Episode 32: Spring in Acme Acres -- Episode segment: Love Among the Toons (Supporting role)
  • Episode 34: The Wide World of Elmyra -- Episode segment: Go Fetch (Cameo)
  • Episode 35: A Ditch in Time -- (Supporting role: A prehistoric version is shown)
  • Episode 36: Animaniacs! -- (Minor role)
  • Episode 37: Career Oppor-Toon-ities -- Episode segment: Buster's Guide to Part-Time Jobs (Main role), Episode segment: Falling to Pizzas (Cameo)
  • Episode 38: Strange Tales of Weird Science -- Episode segment: Duck in the Muck (Main role)
  • Episode 39: Inside Plucky Duck -- Episode segment: Wild Takes Class (Cameo)
  • Episode 41: Dating, Acme Acres Style -- Episode segment: Dream Date Game (Main role)
  • Episode 42: Looniversity Daze -- Episode segment: The Learning Principal (Minor role), Prologue before the episode segment: Eating Between the Lines (Cameo), Episode segment: What's Up Nurse? (Minor role)
  • Episode 43: Best O' Plucky Duck Day -- Episode segment: One Minute Til' Three (Minor role)
  • Episode 44: Hero Hamton -- (Main role)
  • Episode 46: Ask Mr. Popular -- Prologue before the episode segment: A Pigment of his Imagination (Cameo: A still image is shown)
  • Episode 47: Son of Looniversity Daze -- Prologue before the episode segment: Plucky's Dastardly Deed (Cameo), Episode segment: Plucky's Dastardly Deed (Minor role), Episode segment: Open and Shut Case (Cameo), Episode segment: C Flat or B Sharp (Cameo)
  • Episode 48: Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool -- Prologue before the episode segment: Venison Anyone? (Cameo), Episode segment: Venison Anyone? (Main role)
  • Episode 51: Tiny Toon Music Television -- Music video segment: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Supporting role), Music video segment: Money (That's What I Want) (Main role)
  • Episode 52: The Return of the Acme Acres Zone -- Episode segment: Real Kids Don't Like Broccoli (Cameo: A droid version is shown), Episode segment: Duck Dodgers Jr. (Cameo: A still image is shown)
  • Episode 54: Weirdest Story Ever Told -- Prologue before the episode segment: Robin Hare (Cameo), Episode segment: Robin Hare (Main role)
  • Episode 56: Son of the Wacko World of Sports -- Episode segment: Acme Acres Summer Olympics (Cameo)
  • Episode 57: Pollution Solution -- Episode segment: Jungle Bungle (Minor role), Episode segment: Waste Deep in Wackyland (Main role)
  • Episode 59: Brave Tales of Real Rabbits -- Episode segment: And All That Rot (Main role), Episode segment: Day for Knight (Minor role)
  • Episode 62: Here's Hamton -- Episode segment: Milk, It Makes a Body Spout (Cameo)
  • Episode 64: K-Acme TV -- (Cameo)

Season 2

  • Episode 66: Pledge Week -- Prologue before the episode segment: It's All Relatives (Cameo), Prologue before the episode segment: The Kite (Cameo)
  • Episode 67: Going Places -- Prologue before the episode segment: When You're Hot (Cameo: Face not shown), Prologue before the episode segment: Slaughterhouse Jive (Cameo), Episode segment: Slaughterhouse Jive (Main role)
  • Episode 68: Elephant Issues -- Episode segment: Why Dizzy Can't Read (Minor role), Episode segment: C.L.I.D.E. and Prejudice (Main role)
  • Episode 69: Hog Wild Hamton -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 70: Playtime Toons --Prologue before the episode segment: Fit to be Toyed (Main), Episode segment: Fit to be Toyed (Main role)
  • Episode 71: Toon Physics -- Episode segment: The Year Book Star (Cameo)
  • Episode 72: Acme Cable TV -- (Supporting role)
  • Episode 73: Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian -- (Minor role)
  • Episode 74: Henny Youngman Day -- Prologue before the episode segment: Stand-Up and Deliver (Cameo), Episode segment: Stand-Up and Deliver (Minor role)
  • Episode 75: Love Disconnection -- Prologue before the episode segment: My Dinner with Elmyra (Cameo), Episode segment: My Dinner with Elmyra (Main role), Episode segment: The Amazing Three (Cameo)
  • Episode 77: Sepulveda Boulevard -- (Main role)

Season 3

  • Episode 79: Thirteensomething -- (Cameo)
  • Episode 80: New Class Day -- Episode segment: Just-Us League of Super Toons (Main role), Prologue before the episode segment: Sound Off (Cameo)
  • Episode 81: Fox Trot -- Episode segment: Can't Buy Me Love (Minor role)
  • Episode 82: What Makes Toons Tick -- Episode segment: Whirlwind Romance (Cameo)
  • Episode 85: Toons Take Over -- (Cameo: A still image is shown)
  • Episode 90: Toon TV -- Music video segment: Video Game Blues (Cameo: Face not shown), Music video segment: The Name Game (Supporting role), Music video segment: Toon Out, Toon In (Minor role)
  • Episode 92: Music Day -- Episode segment: The Horn Blows at Lunchtime (Minor role), Prologue before the episode segment: Loon Lake (Cameo: A still image is shown)
  • Episode 95: Weekday Afternoon Live -- (Minor role)
  • Episode 97: Best of Buster Day -- Episode segment: Compromising Principals (Cameo), Episode segment: Maid to Re-Order (Supporting role)
  • Episode 98: It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special -- (Supporting role)


  • How I Spent My Vacation -- (Cameo)


  • Tiny Toon Spring Break -- (Cameo)
  • Night Ghoulery -- (Minor role)


  • 1992 Japanese import audio CD of Tiny Toons Sing! -- Song: Tiny Toons Rap (Vocals only), Song: Don't Worry, Be Happy (Vocals only), Song: Money (That's What I Want) (Vocals only), Song: The Name Game (Vocals only)

Video Games

  • Montana Max is usually an enemy in the Tiny Toon Adventures video games. Often his plans involve him capturing Babs Bunny, in order to lure Buster Bunny into a trap.
  • Acme All-Stars for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: Monty is one of twelve playable characters in multi-player mode. This is the only video game in which he is a playable character.

Other Appearances

In 1992, Montana Max later appeared in The Plucky Duck Show, even though most of the episodes were recycled TTA episodes. He also appeared in The 1995 Halloween special of Tiny Toons and had a minor role, unlike the two other TTA films, he just made cameos. But, He did not make any cameos in the 2nd show Steven worked as a executive producer on, Animaniacs. He then was replaced by Rudy Mookich, the side character in Pinky, Elmyra, and The Brain. This spinoff was unsuccessful and many Tiny Toons fans criticize them for replacing Monty as Elmyra Duff's love interest. This is probably why that show got cancelled after only 13 episodes, since many people hated the spinoff. This spinoff probably existed because Steven really liked Elmyra. Monty also appeared in many of the Tiny Toons comics, having the bully and villainous role he always haves in Tiny Toons episodes. Monty even had an outside appearance and appeared as graffiti art along with Babs and Elmyra in the 1992 movie "Fly By Night".

Toys and Merchandise

Montana Max had toys and other merchandise of himself and were able to be collected in the 90's. McDonald's had toys of Monty in 1991 (A flip car with himself and Gogo Dodo), and in 1992 (A Wacky roller with bouncing coins in a cash register). Playskool had toys of him as well, including figures and cars. Other merch included, Posters, Comics, Stickers, etc.


Monty will be returning in the upcoming reboot for Tiny Toon Adventures called “Tiny Toons Looniversity”. According to Wikipedia, it claims that Monty will be returning in that reboot, but no other official news claim that he will be returning. We would probably know by Late 2021 or Early 2022, as the reboot claims to be released in 2022. The reboot originally was going to be released in 2021, but was delayed till 2022, probably because of the Animaniacs reboot having it’s 2nd season released on Hulu in November of 2021. As Elmyra is not returning in the reboot, Monty will be returning in the reboot, but official claims will be seen soon.

TV Tropes

  • Victim: While Monty gets put through the wringer a lot, he usually has it coming.
  • Alliterative Name: Both parts of his name begin with the letter M.
  • Affection-Hating Kid: A good example is in "Buster's Guide to Dating". Monty interrupts the show to announce dating is disgusting and demand they do a real show now.
  • Bad Santa: His student film; "A Montana Max Christmas". We see Santa, played by Monty, pull a sledge hammer on Buster and Babs. The bunnies cut the film off before we see any actual violence though.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: He and Elmyra are the show's most prominent antagonists, though he's way more malicious than the latter.
  • Characterization Marches On: Became less villainous as time went on, even being the protagonist of some cartoons. He was still a bit of an egotistical and materialistic jerk, but not exactly villainous.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: He owns a number of rather destructive businesses, which Plucky often tries to stop as the "Toxic Revenger".
  • Captive Date:
    • In "Sepulveda Boulevard", he is tied up and forced to be Elmyra's live-in boyfriend, and re-write her awful cartoon script.
    • In "Buster's Guide to Dating", Buster and Babs force him to be a contestant on their dating game show. He "wins" a date with Elmyra which consists of her locking him in a rabbit cage.
  • Entitled Bastard: Believes that the amount of money he can throw around makes him better than anyone else and deserving of whatever he wants, and says as much whenever he faces the slightest resistance to his objectives.
  • Evil Laugh: Quite often laughs when things go his way.
  • Evil Former Friend: As stated below, Monty was once friends with Buster until money turned him into a complete jerk.
  • Final Boss: In most of the video games.
  • Grade-School C.E.O.: Is sometimes shown owning various companies, especially in the Toxic Revenger episodes.
  • Girls Have Cooties: As Buster once said of him; "He'd rather have a lobotomy than go out with a girl."
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Like Yosemite Sam.
  • Humans Are Evil: He's one of the few human characters on the show and is a complete jerk.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: He spends a fortune on Rent-A-Friend, bringing them in by the bus load for his birthday. However, Max's abusive nature means he goes through them fast. He goes through multiple friends one rainy afternoon with one running off screaming "I am not an animal! I am a human being!" fleeing Max's estate with Max dressed like Robinhood with a bow and arrow. Max complains they haven't played William Tell yet. His reputation gets so bad that even Rent-A-Friend can't find anyone willing to spend time with him (except Buster, who in typical rabbit-style take this opportunity to payback Monty for all its worth).
  • Ignored Aesop: In "The Acme Acres Zone" he has a nightmare that he is a rabbit. When Elmyra is going to adopt him he begs to wake up, promising to be kind and generous to rabbits from now on. When he does wake up, Buster and Babs knock on his door asking for spare carrots. His reaction; "You have the nerve to ask me for carrots after what I've been through!?"
  • In-Series Nickname: He's usually just referred to as "Monty" rather than "Montana".
  • Jerk: One of the best examples of this is his owning a toy store called Toys 'R' Mine at one point. Any kid who bought something there had to deal with the heartbreak of the giant Max cutout atop the sign stealing it back as they exited.
    • Max picks on just about anyone, for no real reason other than to get a kick out of it.
  • Karmic Butt-Monkey: A lot of his suffering is a result of his mean-spiritedness coming back to bite him whenever he goes off the deep-end.
  • Kidanova: In the "Love Disconnection", he's initially all fired up to go out on a date with the "cute daughter" of his parents' friends. He loses his enthusiasm when he learns that said "cute daughter" is none other than Elmyra.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Many of his mean-spirited schemes come back to bite him in a very big way.
  • Leitmotif: "The Gold Diggers Song (We're in the Money)".
  • Mythology Gag: According to the series intro episode, Montana Max was originally pitched as the protagonist, but was rejected, and Buster & Babs' success at getting their own show is part of the reason why he hates them. This is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Daffy Duck was the "flagbearer" of the original Looney Tunes, until that position was stolen from him by Bugs Bunny.
  • No Indoor Voice: Full-fledged at first, but fizzled off a bit as time went on.
  • Pet the Dog: He has his moments, but those are usually towards Elmyra and no one else.
  • Rags to Riches: "Citizen Max" states that his family used to be poor.
  • Rich Bully: He's obscenely wealthy, but uses his fortune as an excuse to pick on the other characters and make their lives miserable.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Monty is incredibly easy to trick.
  • Forget the Rules, I Have Money!: He sometimes bribes people to get his way, one such person being the host of the game show Win, Loose, or Kerplowey.
  • Spoiled Brat: He is whiny, entitled and does everything he can to get his way.
  • Start of Darkness: As chronicled in "Citizen Max", Monty Used to Be a Sweet Kid back when his family was poor. He even used to be friends with Buster Bunny. Unfortunately, when his family won the lottery, Max turned into the money-grubbing sociopath the rest of Acme Acres knows and loathes.
  • Token Rich Student: The only rich kid at Acme Loo.
  • Villain Decay: See Characterization Marches On above.
  • Vocal Evolution: His voice actor being 14 when the show began, Max's voice got a little deeper in the later episodes.

Montana Max Monday

This is a holiday where every Monday, Montana Max is centered around and pictures of him are drawn each monday to celebrate. SarahDoesCartoons, the helper of this article, participates in that holiday every monday of the week.


  • Among the things that are in Monty's Mansion are the Rosebud sled, also from Citizen Kane, and an issue of Action Comics #1, which marks the debut of Superman.
  • Montana Max's toy store chain, Toys R Mine is a parody of the popular children's toy store Toys R Us. This toy store would later appear in in a commercial in the second wraparound for the Season 2 episode "Playtime Toons", parodying the "I Don't Want to Grow Up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid" song.
  • When Montana Max lustfully reacts to Mitzi, his head briefly morphs into a howling cartoonish wolf. This is a reference to the 1943 Tex Avery cartoon "Red Hot Riding Hood" by MGM. This gag was later performed in the 1994 Jim Carrey film The Mask.

Second Biography

Montana Max


Monty, Master Monty.


Tiny Toon Adventures




Powers / Skills

Vast wealth and assets


Shady business dealings



Having money.


Get a lot more money and get his own show. Get rid of Buster Bunny for interfering in his life and costing him money (all failed)



Attempted murder

Abuses (both psychological and physical)

Assault and battery


Under-the-table dealings

Animal cruelty

Type of Villain

Wealthy Juvenile Delinquent

Love Interest Wiki

Montana Max is the (unrequited) love interest of Elmyra Duff on Tiny Toon Adventures. Although he abhors Elmyra (and states he'd rather either eat dog food or get a lobotomy than go on a date), he does personally tell himself he's in love at the end of the episode My Dinner with Elmyra.

Relationship with Elmyra

In an earlier episode, Prom-Ise Her Anything, after many attempts to refuse to go to the prom, especially with Elmyra, he eventually pretends to give up just to stop her from squeezing him, so he can steal a truck and head for Rio de Janeiro for some other party. Although he is angry with Babs and Buster Bunny for forcing him to come anyway, he develops a crush on Dizzy Devil's tempting date Mitzi. As he tries to pounce on her, Buster yanks her away and Babs pushes Elmyra over so she can catch him. After Monty breaks Elmyra's heart, he tries dancing with Mitzi, but she rejects him, telling him the exact hurtful words he said to Elmyra, causing him to regret what he said. He then decides to dance with Elmyra, but when she forcefully takes him with her, he regrets that saying.

There are a few times when Montana Max is nice to Elmyra, while there was one time Elmyra was mean to him; the latter, however, was justified because Monty had plagiarized one of her scripts.


For unknown reasons, Montana Max, never appearing in the Tiny Toons/Animaniacs spin-off, Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain, was replaced as Elmyra's love interest by Rudy Mookich.

In Animaniacs 2020, it was stated that this never happened, as it is not canon.


  • In the entire series, Monty is voiced by Danny Cooksey, starting at the age of 14.
  • Also, in "It's Buster Bunny Time", it is shown that Elmyra has a big family, while in its second wraparound, not only does Elmyra develop a crush on Monty, so does her entire swarm.
  • Considering Elmyra isn't intentionally evil (as her deeds are out of love), it is undecidable whether Montana Max should go to the Villainous Love Interest category or the Evil Love category.

Looney Tunes Wiki

Montana Master "Monty" Max is a character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He was played by Danny Cooksey.

Like his mentor Yosemite Sam, he has red hair, a violent temper, and a hatred for certain rabbits. His relatives are Yosemite Sam and Ophiuchus Sam. Max is a spoiled, rich boy who lives in a huge mansion at the far edge of Acme Acres. He treats everybody badly, and he has no friends to put up with him.

In the premiere episode, "The Looney Beginning", he was promised to have his very own cartoon, but was rejected because of his bratty disposition. Seeking revenge, he kicks Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny out of their own creation, steals their scripts, and takes over the show, retitling it The Montana Max Show. To save their show from disaster, Buster and Babs enter his mansion disguised as Max's heroes, Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd. As they leave, Max sees through their disguises, and turns on the booby traps scattered throughout his mansion.

Monty is a mega rich brat who throws the most funniest temper tantrums. He hates rabbits, including Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny. Monty stars in two episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures: "Love Disconnection" and "Playtime Toons". He seems to be annoyed by Elmyra Duff, who has a big crush on Monty, but he receives help from her sometimes.

Montana Max does not have any friends, he is a bratty, cruel, greedy, sadistic boy and takes great pleasure and pride in being one. His ruthlessness knows no bounds. He actually Rents simply to torture them. However, he does have a very rarely-shown sweet side and has at least once had a good imagination. Elmyra likes Monty a lot. Monty is an only child, often subjected to severe physical and psychological harm.

Villains Wiki

Montana Max is the main antagonist of the Tiny Toon Adventures franchise.

He is a recurring menace who varies from a simpleminded bully to a full-fledged supervillain depending on his mood. He is obscenely rich and proud of it, loving to use his wealth to better his own enjoyment while caring little for that of others. He is the arch-nemesis of both Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny in a similar fashion as Yosemite Sam was the nemesis of Bugs Bunny. In fact, Montana Max is seen as Yosemite Sam's main admirer and mentee in Acme Looniversity (which makes sense, as their names both consist of a location and an actual given name).

He was voiced by Danny Cooksey, who also voiced Victor in The Ren & Stimpy Show, Hotstreak in Static Shock, Jack Spicer in Xiaolin Showdown, Django of the Dead in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, Brad Buttowski in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil and Brett and Chet in The Lorax.

Despite his loud and bullying nature, Montana Max was the focus of Elmyra Duff's manic affection on numerous occasions.

Montana Max's love of money is highlighted by the fact his doorbell rings out the phrase "Money!" when rang and despite usually being a high school bully he has also become a ruthless business villain in special episodes revolving around Plucky, who imagines himself as the eco-based hero the Toxic Revenger (a parody of the 1984 cult film The Toxic Avenger).

Montana Max is not only the nemesis of Buster Bunny but a rival to the entire Tiny Toons cast, it was revealed in one episode that Montana Max was originally to air his own show but he was so obnoxious that it was rejected in favor of the Tiny Toons (a case of breaking the fourth-wall): this enraged Montana Max and he's been causing trouble ever since.

He shares Yosemite Sam's explosive temper but is considerably smarter (at least sometimes) than his role model, he is also one of the few Looney Tunes villains that could be viewed as a regular threat to the heroes (though, like many things, this may be down to personal opinion). He is similar to Yosemite Sam and his mentor in Acme Looniversity.

Monty has interests which include counting his capital, landscape deforestation, and rabbit stomping. He also owns heavily polluting industries that make things like elevator buttons and holes. In his own home, he loves destroying his toys because he thinks they are lame, and he finds them pretty useless to play with or own himself.

As mentioned above Montana Max has often been pursued by Elmyra Duff and has sometimes returned the feeling, albeit reluctantly.

Although he is an antagonist in the series, the two-episode segments "Fit to Be Toyed" and "My Dinner with Elmyra" depict him as the main character. This is because, in the series, his parents finally assert themselves into his life, but in reality, it is because Danny Cooksey, the boy who had voiced him since he was 14 years old, complained about being the "bad guy".

In the final episode "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special" Montana Max, being the equivalent to Mr. Potter in the original It's a Wonderful Life, serves as the main antagonist. Like his original counterpart, he is in a wheelchair, but for a real reason, as he had an accident while skiing with Morgan Fairchild and broke his leg.


Montana Max (voiced by Danny Cooksey), nicknamed "Monty", is a young, brown-haired boy and the main antagonist. Based on Yosemite Sam (mostly in the fact that Max has an actual American location in his name, just like Sam does and is often an enemy to Buster Bunny, much like Sam is to Bugs Bunny), he is a bad-tempered, loud-mouthed, money-hungry tycoon. Like Elmyra, he is a human and attends Acme Looniversity. He is portrayed as a very wealthy character, living in a mansion and not having any friends, just a stubborn little boy. However, he does have a (very rarely ever shown) sweet side and has at least once been shown to have a good imagination. Elmyra likes Monty a lot, though he usually feels nothing but annoyance towards her. Monty is shown to be an only child and was the very first villain of the series, as seen in the pilot episode when the head of the studio rejected an artist's plans to have a cartoon star Monty. Monty will return in the upcoming reboot "Tiny Toons Looniversity".


  • In Prom-ise Her Anything, Even though Monty is a minor, he is claimed to be a republican in this episode.
  • Montana Max is 14 years old, according to one of the Topps cards that has information about Max. But, in the show, his age was never mentioned.
  • Some TTA episodes, Monty himself has his own theme song jingle, as heard in the opening of the segment ''My Dinner With Elmyra'' in the TTA episode, Love Disconnection. It can be noticed in various other episodes.
  • Max has a supervillain ego of himself named Wex Wuthor, a parody of the DC Comic Fictional Supervillain Lex Luthor. Wex is considered as an enemy of the Just-Us League of SuperToons, as seen in New Class Day.
  • Monty might have a character named after him, Major from Hellsing, who is also named Montana Max. Maybe the author of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano, mainly based The Major on his Tiny Toons counterpart (Montana Max).
  • Montana Max is actually named after a state in the USA, Montana. Because, Montana is a western state, and Monty was named like that to share common characteristics with his Looney Tunes counterpart Yosemite Sam.
  • Monty is mainly based on Yosemite Sam, since they both have a bad temper, hatred for rabbits, and a western state named after them. Unlike Sam, The only difference is that Max actually speaks proper english, instead of using phrases ''ain't'' and ''ain't none''.
  • Deep down, Max is very afraid that no one likes him, and he's right. So, he mostly calls an ACME-Rent-A-Friend to play with, but he usually yells and has a bad temper. So, he might have a hard time making actual ''friends''.
  • Monty clearly has no friends, since he is mean spirited. But, he has a best friend Sarah The Wolf, who apparently has a crush on Max.
  • It is speculated that "Montana" could be in reference to Tony Montana from the movie, Scarface, though it is possible that it is coincidence. His character may also have been designed as an homage to Montana resident, Ted Turner, updating the image of Western nouveau riche from Yosemite Sam, a gold prospector. Coincidentally, WB's parent Time Warner would buy Turner Broadcasting System in 1996.
  • According to Wikipedia, It has been confirmed that Montana Max will return in the upcoming Tiny Toon Adventures reboot, “Tiny Toons Looniversity”. But, that is the only claim that he will be returning so far. Yet other news have been published but soon official claims will reveal if Monty is actually returning in the reboot or not.
  • Monty hates crusts on his sandwiches, as seen in the episode ''Best of Buster Day''.
  • Rudy Mookich was the replacement for Montana Max for Pinky, Elmyra, and The Brain. But, since Monty is returning in Tiny Toons Looniversity, Rudy is probably forgotten and cut.
  • Some fans might think Montana Max has feelings for Elmyra, but he was probably too shy to admit.
  • Monty is shown to be an only child and was the very first villain of the series, as seen in the pilot episode when the head of the studio rejected an artist's plans to have a cartoon star Monty
  • Today, Monty would probably be 45 years old. But, it hasn't been confirmed yet. His age in the original show was 14.
  • In Montana Max's early concept art, it seems that his hair was intended to be orange, like his mentor Yosemite Sam, but in the final show this might of been changed to the iconic brown hair. This is probably because for instance, Monty would of been mistaken as Elmyra's brother or Sam's nephew, which makes sense.
  • In some episodes, Montana Max has his hair colored orange. Maybe this is because of the quality of the episode or something else.
  • In "Waste Deep in Wackyland", Montana Max's motto "Give a hoot, don't leave garbage lying around", is a parody of Woodsy Owl's motto, "Give a hoot, don't pollute!"
  • While admitting he set Buster up with the stolen test answers, Monty quotes Bugs Bunny with the phrase "Ain't I a stinker?"

Parodying Roles

Video Games

Tiny Toon Adventures (NES Game)

One day, Buster Bunny is relaxing in his home, watching TV, when Montana Max appears on the screen, announcing that he has captured Babs Bunny and has held her captive in his mansion. He plans to feed her to the sharks, so Buster has to think fast to save his best friend.

Buster's Hidden Treasure

While cleaning out the Acme Looniversity attic, Buster Bunny finds a treasure map. Montana Max, destined to find the treasure for himself, steals the map from Buster. He hires Dr. Gene Splicer, who captures and brainwashes several of Buster's friends, and Elmyra Duff, who captures several others, including Babs Bunny. Buster Bunny teams up with Gogo Dodo, Concord Condor, Little Beeper, and Li'l Sneezer to beat Monty to the treasure and rescue his friends.

Buster Busts Loose

As the game begins, Buster realizes he is late for class and dashes off, despite Babs' warning of the escaped animals within. Over the course of the level, Buster continually encounters what appear to be numerous purple-colored clones of Perfecto Prep student Roderick Rat, as well as frogs and crabs (obviously the escaped animals Babs mentioned). Midway through the stage, Buster will drop into the darkened art room and destroy a statue of Montana Max, prompting the appearance of the mini-boss, Arnold the Pit Bull. When Arnold is defeated, he drops a key which gives Buster access to the elevator leading to the next part of the stage, the cafeteria. At the end of the stage, Hamton tells Buster that Dizzy Devil is destroying the kitchen. This segues into the boss fight (which, along with Hamton's appearance, is skipped in the Easy difficulty mode), where Buster has to jump under the conveyor belt on which Dizzy is standing so that nine total pieces of food are consumed by Dizzy. Every so often, Dizzy will spin and destroy the conveyor belts, making feeding him more of a challenge.

The next stage is the set of a western movie being filmed, which Montana Max claims he is the star of. The first part of the stage has Buster walking through the town, encountering enemies such as the Coyote Kid from the episode, High Toon and, for some reason, Barky Marky. At one point, he will need to jump rope ten times (the rope moves faster in the hard mode). After jumping rope, he will then enter a five-story building. On the top floor, he catches Max in the act of stealing money from a vault. Max jumps out the window and Buster follows.

The second half of the stage (skipped in the easy mode) is an auto-scrolling stage that has Buster chasing after Max on a runaway train. Here, the dash move comes into full force, as at one point the train goes into a low tunnel, forcing Buster to dash over the tunnel's mountain in order to catch up with the train. This is followed by a run-in with Silas Wonder (as a mini-boss) and his minions from the episode, Sawdust & Toonsil. The end of the level places Buster on the front car of the train, where the smokestacks are on fire as the train is out of control. Once Buster makes it past the smokestacks, he catches up with Max, who is now begging for his help. The level ends with the two of them jumping onto a hand car and pumping it hard enough to get away from the train, eventually reaching 88 miles per hour and zooming off leaving a fire trail (in a reference to Back to the Future).

Montana's Movie Madness

Montana Max has opened a new theatre in Acme Acres, but the only movies he shows are ones where he's the hero, and Buster Bunny is the villain. It's up to Buster Bunny to go into the films and change the plots.

Bab's Big Break

Babs Bunny wants to become a famous star. She wants to practice at the Acme Theater, but Montana Max wants to buy the theater so he can tear it down and build a factory. Buster, Plucky, and Hamton have to help Babs fulfill her destiny and defeat Montana Max.

Trouble in Wackyland

A new amusement park called Wackyland has opened in Acme Acres. On the day of the grand opening, the park's owner sends a letter to Buster Bunny, inviting him to the opening ceremony and telling him to bring his friends. Buster, happy to have read the letter, brings Babs, Plucky, Hamton J. Pig, and Furrball to join him. Little do they know, Montana Max is the owner of the park, who has filled it with tricks and traps to stop them.

Acme All-Stars

Monty calls a car off-screen which can run down anyone who gets in his way. In the Montana Max's playroom stage, a jet fighter appears. This plane releases weights (similar to Plucky's special move) instead of firing shots.

Acme Looniversity is holding soccer and basketball tournaments to select members for an All-star team. Buster has gathered his friends, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton and headed for the stadium. Naturally, Montana Max is also slotted to play.

In story mode, you are limited to using Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton. Each of the games and mini-games follows the storyline, and the computer team is pre-selected.

Wacky Sports

Montana Max is throwing a sports festival where the winner will get a grand prize of $1,000,000. Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, and Dizzy Devil all want to enter the festival for their own reasons; Buster wants to prove he is the best athlete in Acme Acres, Babs wants to build her own theatre with the prize money, Plucky wants to use the prize money to become a presidential candidate, and Dizzy wants to party every day with lots of food.

Scary Dreams

While Buster Bunny is relaxing, reading an issue of Sports Illuminated, he is knocked out by an extendable boxing glove from the magazine. The magazine was a trap set up by Montana Max, who is ready to use his new Acme Dream Ray on Buster to control his dreams. As he zaps Buster, Elmyra Duff chases Buster's friends toward him, who get caught in the ray's blast. When Buster wakes up, he gets a call from Babs Bunny, who tells him that she and his friends are trapped in his dreams. Now Buster has to travel to Montana Max's mansion to find out how to free them.

Buster Saves the Day

Montana Max has captured Buster's friends, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton in an attempt to dampen Buster's spirits. To make matters worse, Monty has summoned henchmen, who have escaped from Wackyland. Now, it's up to Buster to fight Monty's henchmen and save his friends.

Dizzy's Candy Quest

Montana Max has built Stubby, a robot to steal all of the candy in the world for Elmyra Duff. However, Stubby wasn't programmed all that well, so he and Elmyra have also cloned Hamton J. Pig, Sweetie Bird, and Gogo Dodo as well as others to retrieve Stubby for them so they can reprogram him to do their bidding. But one obstacle stands in their way: Dizzy Devil. Dizzy Devil befriends Stubby and the two team up to find candy for themselves and stop Montana Max, facing all of the clones on the way.

Plucky's Big Adventure

The player controls either Plucky Duck, Hamton J. Pig, Babs Bunny, and Buster Bunny, one of the four playable characters with their ownpart. Then the player hunts around Acme Looniversity finding the required items using clues picked up in the game. The player must then trade out items as found before finally finding the required item needed for the chapter.

Familiar faces from the series appear during the mission and often offer their help. However, Elmyra Duff and Montana Max are hindrances, capturing the player if they can.