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Monterey Jack is one of the main characters in Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers He was initially voiced by Peter Cullen with Jim Cummings later assuming the role


He played Rafiki in The Womble King, The Womble King 2: Orinoco's Pride, Stoppit and Tidyup (Timon and Pumbaa) and The Womble King 1 1/2

He is a baboon

He played Governor Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Acorn

He is the governor

He played Kowalski in Madagascar (Disney and Sega Animal Style), Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Disney and Sega Animal Style) and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (Disney and Sega Style)

He is a penguin

He played Deacon Owl in The Rescuers (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

He is an owl

He played King Hubert in Sleeping Pearl

He is Prince Phillip's father

He played Louis in The Princess and the Chipmunk

He is an alligator

He played The Great Prince of The Forest in Sniffles (Bambi) and Sniffles 2 (Bambi 2)

He played Dizzy in The Children Book and The Children Book 2

He played Mufasa in The Rescue Rangers King

He played Sam Parrish in Jumanji (CoolZClassic Animal Style)

He played Fagin in Pinocchio & Company

He played King Triton in The Little Mouse (TheBluesRockz Style)

He played James Waltrip in Sniffles in New York

He is Andrew's deceased father

He played Singing Rats in Larry and Company

He played Frankie in Rodent Tale

He played Ape Family in Orinoco Pan

He played Chuchundra in Alvin-Tikki-Tavi

He played Dr. Owen in Dinosaur King (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

He played Ketata in Pearlhontas

He played Short Customs Dog in All Childrens Go to Heaven 2

He played Gene in Wreck-It Muzzy

He played one of the Warner Brothes in Looney Tunes Back in Action (Disney and Sega Style)

He played Riff in Chip & Friends

He played Hackus in The Mices 2

He played Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

He played Maxie's Father in Titanic: The Legend Goes On (Disney and Sega Style)

He played The Great Prince of the Forest in Sniffles (Bambi)

He is Bambi's father

He played Georges Hautecourt in The AristoGalaxy

He is Madame's lawyer

He played King Acron in Roquefort the Mouse (SatAM)

He Played G Darling In Basil Pan

He is Grumpy Father

He Played Bro In Pokemon (Chris1704 Animal Style)

He is a

He Played Raye's Grandpa In Sailor rebecca

He is a

He Played Goofy or Max Goof In The Cheddarhead (A Goofy Movie)

he is a Hothead Teenager

He Played Himself In Basil 'n Bernard

He Played Kenji Sketchit In Pokemon (1952Movies Style)

He Played Sing Song Guy In The Simon's New Groove

He Played Popeye In Monterey Jack (Popeye)

He Played The Holk In The Incredible Mouse (1996) 170Movies Disk Wars: The Avengers

He is Hot-headed and Strongest Marvel Superhero

He Played Super Mario In The Super Monterey Bros. Super Show! and Super Smash Bros Melee (TheBluesRockz Style) 'Super Monterey 64

He Played Scooby Doo In Monterey Jack, Where Are You!

he is a Great Dane

He Played Vladimir In Gadgetstasia

He Played Edward the Blue Engine In Mickey the Toon Mouse & Friends (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends)

He Played Sergeant Balzak In Home Alone (Chris1703 Animal Style)

he is a Donut Eating Officer

Voice Actors:

  1. Peter Cullen - English
  2. Jim Cummings - English
  3. Yuzuru Fujimoto - Japanese
  4. Eken Mine - Japanese
  5. Elmar Gutmann - German
  6. Mauro Ramos - Portuguese
  7. Wlodzimierz Bednarski - Polish
  8. Shimon Cohen - Hebrew