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The moose or Eurasian elk (Alces alces) is the largest living deer species, and is easily recognised by its humped shoulders, broad, overhanging muzzle, and the pendulous flap of skin and hair, or ‘bell’, beneath the throat. he body is heavy and deep, with long, rather gangly legs, a relatively short tail, and wide hooves, which aid in walking over mud or soft snow. The male moose is larger than the female, and, as in other deer, bears bony, hornlike antlers, which are shed each winter and re-grown through the summer. The antlers are massive and palmate (broad and flattened at the base, with short projecting branches), measuring up to two metres across and over 30 kilograms in weight, making them the largest of any deer. The coat ranges from blackish to reddish brown in colour, lighter on the underparts and lower legs, and provides excellent insulation, consisting of a fine wool undercoat interspersed with long guard hairs. The winter coat is duller and lighter in colour, and is shed in spring. The young moose is reddish brown, but, unlike many young deer, lacks spots. A number of subspecies have been proposed. Surprisingly fast, the moose can run up to 56 km per hour!

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