Bear dead eye

Mor'du is the main antagonist in "Brave"

Mordu plays the wampa in Kids Wars

Mor'du Plays Plays The Bear in Alexto

He is a black bear

Mor'du Plays Tyranitar in Pokemon 4Ever (Disney style)

Mor'du Plays Plays Snake Jafar in Alvinladdin

Mor'du Plays The Giant Stone Jaguar in The Road To El Dorado (Davidchannel Version)

He is a Giant Jaguar

Mor'du plays The Indominus Rex in Jurassic World (Male or Female Style)

She is a hybrid dinosaur

Mor'du plays Bad Cop in The Animal Movie (The Lego Movie Spoof)

Mor'du plays Dorian Tyrell (The Mask) in The Mask (Characters Style)

Mor'du plays Groot in The Guardians of The Galaxy (Mix-up Good and Evil Style)



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