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Mr. Big (played by Don Francks; in Beetlejuice Animated episode, called "The Neitherworld's Least Wanted") is a gangster who is ironically small, but is large in several angles. On of these angles is his own ego, as he had the nerve to call all the other villains Beetlejuice ever faced "pathetic". Mr. Big is also large on matters of business (on account he founded a group of villains known S.N.O.T.R.A.G.) and the brains to support it, as he was the one who figured out one thing, besides sandworms, that can destroy Beetlejuice: if he is dismembered too long (by sunset, apparently) BJ not only loses his powers, but also becomes so weak, he'd be reduced to a puddle... literally! While pointing this out to his fellow villains, however, Mr. Big winds up showing another oversized trained of his is his own stereotypical gangster lingo, and members of SNOTRAG (Jesse Germs, especially) flip through the dictionary for words he uses like "work" and "kaplooey". In the end, it is revealed that the biggest, yet most vulnerable part of Mr. Big is his own shadow (it may be argued, but it's heard that he nicknames himself "The Shadow" when he said "If anyone knows, the shadow knows"). He prized it so much that when Lydia helps Beetlejuice get "back in circulation" (Mr. Big held onto BJ's heart) the ghost with the most defeats Mr. Big by shining a spotlight on him until his shadow disappears. Humiliated and humbled, Mr. Big runs away and Beetlejuice teases that gangster by saying he has stage fright!