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Mr. Owl, Mrs. Snake, and Mrs. Fox
appear in the seventh season 3 episode of The Animal Show.

To celebrate the mouse, Stinky thought these predators might make perfect surprise guests for the party. First, when Stanley the Mouse tells Stinky and Jake about mice, Mr. Owl flies by and makes reaquaintances with him and wants to eat him. Jake wants the bird to fly away so they can sort this out. Then, after Baby Talk, Mrs. Snake slithers in and reunites with Stanley in an attempt to eat him too. Jake moves the reptile over to the owl. And finally, before Yves St. La Roach's segment, Mrs. Fox enters to reconcile in hopes of eating him also. Jake wants the vixen to go to Yves' kitchen. There, Yves plans on having the predators over for dinner to make sure that they don't eat Stanley. However, Mr. Owl wants to have the mouse in gravy, but Yves tells him that he's out of mice. Although, the snake wants some barbecued mouse, but Yves informs her that the new shipment of mice hasn't come in. He fears things don't look too good for Stanley, but things don't look too good for himself either as Mrs. Fox requests that she wants to eat a horse. As a result, a horse falls on Yves. Stanley kept worrying through the show that his predators might eat him, until Stinky decided to talk the predators over and they decided to let Stanley go and they'll give him a five-minute head start on the way out.

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