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―Mr. Pheasant, his final words before his death.

Mr. Pheasant is a male pheasant character from The Animals of Farthing Wood. He's the husband of Mrs. Pheasant, who is known to be very proud, but he is also very spoilt. Due to his wife's death at the hands of Tom Griggs, Mr. Pheasant became upset and full of guilt, along with regretting his spoilt attitude. Due to fact that Adder was left behind at the farm, he volunteered to go back to the farm to find her, but unfortunately saw his wife's cooked body in the window of the farmer's house. Due to this, he ended up crying and sobbing so loudly that it caught the attention of the farmer (who had his own shot gun), he was unable to see Adder (and was not able to hear her warning) and was unable to see the farmer, due to his eyes being full of his own tears, and met his end when the farmer shot him as well.

Voice Actors

  1. Rupert Farley (English, original)
  2. Thomas Reiner (German)
  3. Anders Öjebo (Swedish)
  4. Åsleik Engmark (Norwegian)
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