Mr. Smee (Disney)


Mr. Smee is the secondary antagonist from Peter Pan.

Mr. Smee played LeFou in Beauty and the Sea Monster

Mr. Smee played Wiggins in Goldiehontas and Mira (Pocahontas)

Mr. Smee played Mr. Snoops in The Rescuers (Stephen Druschke's Style)

Mr. Smee played Grimsby in Hercules Claus is Coming to Town

Mr. Smee played Chula in A Cartoon Tale 2: Oliver Goes West

Mr. Smee played the Creeper in The Black Cauldron (CityMaker Style)

Mr. Smee played Hugo in Taran and Wart

He is a fat cowboy

Mr. Smee played All Hands in Max and Rex Rescue Rangers

Mr. Smee played One Of The Willie Brothers Along With Lefou and Lawrence in Home on the Mythical Land

Mr. Smee played Bartok in Arielstasia

Mr. Smee played the Doorman in The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18 Style)

Mr. Smee played Elmo St. Petersburg in The Brave Little Fox


Voice Actors:

  1. Bill Thompson (1st film) & Jeff Bennett (2nd film) - English
  2. Per Pallesen (original) & Elith Foss (old) - Danish
  3. Erich Kestin - German
  4. Camille Guérini (1953/old dub), Teddy Bilis (1993/new old), & Patrice Dozier - European French
  5. Jacques Lavallée - Canadian French
  6. John Kraaijkamp sr. - Dutch



  • His appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are Kermit Returns, where he, Captain Hook, the pirate crew, Sharky, Bones, and The Drunkers try to catch Stephen and his friends, but can't succeed, then will even appear in more spoof travels.
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