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Mr. Snoops is Madame Medusa's Idiotic Henchman for The Rescuers.

He played Sullivan in The Secret of NIMH (AnimationMovies411 Style)

He is Jenner's sidekick

He played Fidget in The Great Warrior Detective

He is Ratigan's Henchman Bat

He played Humbert the Huntsman in Anna White and the Seven Characters

He is a huntsman

He played Lawrence in The Princess and the Mouse and The Princess and the Mice

He is Dr. Facilier's henchman

He played Gazeem in Kermiladdin and Milesladdin

He is Jafar's thief henchman

He played Wiggins in Arielhontas

He is Ratcliffe's assisstant

He played Grimsby in Taran Claus is Comin' to Town

He is the Burgermeister's assistant

He played Mr. Smee in Jeremy Pan and Taran Pan

He is a mate

He played Sir Hiss in Dimitri Hood

He is a snake