Mr. Tweedy

Mr. Willard Tweedy is the secondary antagonist in Nick Park's 2000 Animated Film "Chicken Run"

Mr. Tweedy played Wiggins in Kayleyhontas

Mr. Willard Tweedy played Eban Jones in A Winter Story (1986), Easter Egg (1987) and Turkey Love (1988)

He is a Farmer and a Henpecked Husband of Sera Jones.

Mr. Willard Tweedy played Max in Total Drama Aardman Island

He is a Kind-Heared Babysitter, Who pretends to an Evil Genius and He is partnered with Scarlett.

Mr. Willard Tweedy played Jacques in The Ridonculous Race (RebeccaTheSorceress' Version)

He is a Anti-Villainous Ice Dancer and He is partnered with Josee.



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