Mrs. Judson

Mrs. Judson is a Basil's maid character from The Great Mouse Detective.

Voice Actors:

  1. Diana Chesney - English

She Played Kaneyo In Pokemon (1961Movies Style)

She Played Mrs Beakley In Moustales

She played Madame Pearl in Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie

She played Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Bear (PierrickCanalFamille)

She played the woman at the window in Gumball Wattersonladdin (Robbie Shaw's Style)

She played one of King Darius' Maidens in Kit and the Lions' Den

She played Aunt Billie in Meet the Robinsons (TheBluesRockz Style)

She played Skyla in Pokemon Best Wishes (400Movies Animal Style)



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