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The broad snout of the mugger crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) makes it look more like an alligator than a crocodile, but the large and visible fourth tooth indicates that it is a true crocodile. The head is flat with the eyes, ears and nostrils all on the top to allow the mugger to submerge the rest of the body, but still keep these sensory organs above the water. The eye is protected by a clear third eyelid for underwater vision, and the windpipe can be covered with a flap of skin to allow the crocodile to attack underwater without letting water into the lungs. The mugger has webbed feet, but these are not used in swimming, as they are tucked against the body whilst the flat tail propels the mugger through the water. Juveniles are light tan in colour with black cross-banding on the body and tail but this fades with age as the body becomes grey to brown. Males are larger than females.



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