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Equestria's divided. But a bright-eyed hero believes all cartoon kind should be pals-- and, hands to heart, she's determined to prove it.


  • Katie Mitchell (The Mitchells vs The Machines) as Sunny Starscout
  • Gabi (Vivo) as Izzy Moonbow
  • Dashi (Octonauts) as Zipp Storm
  • Dawn Harper (w/ Nicky, Ricky & Dicky for extra) as Pipp Petals
  • Turbo/Theo as Hitch Trailblazer
  • O’Hare (The Lorax) as Sprout Cloverleaf
  • Queen Ant (Antz) as Queen Haven
  • Andie (The Nut Job) as Phyllis Cloverleaf
  • Mr. Peabody as Alphabittle
  • Rick Mitchell as Argyle Starshine


  • Ep1 | Prologue
  • Ep2 | "Gonna Be My Day"
  • Ep3 | Canterogic Presentation
  • Ep4 | Katie Meets Gabi
  • Ep5 | "I'm Lookin' Out For You"/O'Hare In Charge
  • Ep6 | Katie and Gabi Meet Dashi/Welcome to Zephyr Heights
  • Ep7 | The Mob Song
  • Ep8 | Meet Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn
  • Ep9 | The Secret of the Pegasi/Operation: Get the Pegasus Crystal
  • Ep10 |"Glowin' Up"
  • Ep11 | O'Hare Revenge/The True Toon Story
  • Ep12 | Gabi's House/"Fit Right In"
  • Ep13 | Bridlewood/The Ultimate Challenge
  • Ep14 | Trying to Bring Back Magic
  • Ep15 | Katie Gets It/Evil Emperor O'Hare
  • Ep16 | The Final Battle
  • Ep17 | Rediscovering the Magic of Friendship
  • End Credits