My Past is Not Today is a song sung by Pyrrha.


At nighttime, Pyrrha sings on a roof of a castle. A flashback then appears when Pyrrha transforms into Pyrrha Omega. Further flashbacks are through, Pyrrha discards her photos of Pyrrha Omega. She now has friends with her. Pyrrha lets her past go and is surrounded by light blue aura. As she starts to float, she transforms into Angel Pyrrha.


"Title Card shows Pyrrha sees Pyrrha Omega in the mirror"

"At nighttime, Pyrrha was on a roof of a castle "


Was all I Desired

But all that grew inside of me, was the darkness I acquired

"As Pyrrha turns into Pyrrha Omega in her flashback" When I begin to fall

And I lost the path ahead

"Pyrrha returns to normal" That's when your friendship found me

And they lifted me instead

Like a phoenix burning bright, in the sky

I'll show there's a another side to me, you can't deny.

I may not know what the future holds.but hear me when I say.

"Pyrrha sees a Pyrrha Omega reflection" That my past does not define me

Cause my past is not today.


Is what I believed

Would be the only way to set me free

But when it disappeared

And I found myself alone

"Pyrrha's friends (Marie (Skullgirls), Yellow Kirby, Sunset Shimmer, Star Butterfly, Princess Aurora and Ariel on her side)" That's when you came and got me.

And it felt like I was home

Like a phoenix burning bright

"Pyrrha starts to glow" In the sky!

"As she glows" I'll show there's another side to me, you can't DENY!

I may not know what the future holds, but hear when I say.

"As Pyrrha starts to float in the sky" That my past does not define me

Cause my past is not TODAY! "Pyrrha sprouts wings, transforming into Angel Pyrrha"

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