Nanao Ise
Nanao Ise Bikini

Nanao Ise in her bikini

Nanao Ise (伊勢 七緒, Ise Nanao) is the co-lieutenant of the First Division of the Gotei 13, under Captain Shunsui Kyōraku, and Vice-President of the Shinigami Women's Association.

Nanao Ise played Velma Dinkley in Winnie the Pooh, Where Are You!

Nanao Ise played Frances Albacore in Taylors Don't Dance

Nanao Ise played Prima in Pokemon (1701Movies Human Style)

Nanao Ise played Dr. Abby in Pokemon Advanced Generation (4000Movies Style)

Nanao Ise played Daisy in Pokemon (Chris1986 Style)

Nanao Ise played Amy/Sailor Mercury in Sailor Mulan

Nanao Ise played Nico Robin in One Piece (Ooglyeye Human Style)

Nanao Ise played Amara/Sailor Uranus in Sailor Velma

Voice Actors:

  1. Kate Higgins - English
  2. Hitomi Nabatame - Japanese
  3. Alma Juarez - Spanish



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