Nars is the main Antagonist in Alpha and Omega

Nars plays Drago Bludfirst in How to Train Your Forest Animal 2

He is a Dragon God

Nars plays Lefou in Beauty and the Smilodon

He is an Animal Catcher

Nars plays Scorpion in Mortal Kombat (WeLoveAnimation Style)

He is a ninja



  • Wife-Terra/Princess
  • Son - Fleet
  • Daughter - Magril
  • Father in Law- Slash/King
  • Brother In Law-Buster
  • Mother In Law-Belladonna 
  • Son in Law - Gmork
  • Daughter in Law - Sly
  • Brother - Garth
  • Father - Tony
  • Nephews in Law - Stinky and Runt
  • Niece in Law - Claudette
  • Brother in Law - Scarface
  • Sister in Law - Lilly
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