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He is the main antagonist character from "Darkwing Duck".

Negaduck played Janja in The Puppy Guard: Return Of The Roar

He is a hyena

Negaduck played Jafar in Mordecailaddin and Mordecailaddin 2: The Return of Negaduck

He is a Sorcerer

He played Ashcan in Homeward Bound 2 Lost in the City (NimbusKidsMovies Version)

Negaduck played Scar in The Duck King

He is a Lion

Negaduck played Hades in Daffycules

He is a Devil and the ruler of the Underworld

Negaduck played Dr. Robotnik in Tigger the Tiger (SatAM)

He is a Dictator

Negaduck played Carface in All Ducks Go To Heaven

He is a Dog

Negaduck played Rasputin in Margaretstasia

He is a Corpse

Negaduck played Judge Claude Frollo in The Rabbit of Norte Dame

He is a Judge

Negaduck played Captain Falcon in Gumball (Valiant)

He is a Captain

Negaduck played Ronno in Gumbambi

He is a Deer

Negaduck played Sierra in The Land Before Time 7: The Stone of Cold Fire (CoolzDane Style)

He is a Grumpy Flyer

Negaduck played Hacker in Cyberchase (Animal Style)

He is a Green Man

Negaduck played Randall Boggs in Cool Animal Guys, Inc.

He is a Lizard

Negaduck played The Grand Duke of Owls in Rabbit-a-Doodle

He is an Evil Owl who hates the light and plans the rooster for never letting the sun shine

Negaduck played Drake in The Pebble and the CrimeFighter and in the Pebble and the Duck

He is an Evil Penguin who plans to steal the Hero's girlfriend

Negaduck played one of the Evil Twins in Danny Cat (Crash Bandicoot)

He is a Bird

Negaduck played Uka Uka in Fievel Mousekewitz (Crash Bandicoot)

He is an Evil Mask

Negaduck played Old Jafar in Kovuladdin

He is a Old Man

Negaduck played Bluto in Donald (Popeye)

He is a Muscular Sailor

Negaduck played Iago in Larsladdin

He is a Parrot

Negaduck played Falcon in Rosielan

He is a Falcon

Negaduck played Lord Rothbart in The Foxworth Princess

He is a Sorcerer

Voice Actors:

  1. Jim Cummings - English