Nellie Brie
Nellie Brie is a Character from An American Tail 4:Mystery of The Night Monster

Played as Ima GoodLady In The Powerpuff Mice (TV Show)

She is Sedusa's Disguised

Played as Sarabi In The Jerry King

Played as Mrs Shepherd In Jumanji (Pet Style)

Played as ???? In Dr.Dawsonladdin Dr.Dawsonladdin 2: The Return of Sheriff of Nottingham and Dr.Dawsonladdin 3: The King of Thieves

Played Lita/Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Brisby

Played Human Luna In Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice (Chris1702 Style)

She played Princess Atta in A Mouse's Life (my version)

she is a ant


  • in An Wild Tail 4:The Mystery of The Night Monsters Played By Maid


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