Nephrite , known as Neflite in the DiC Entertainment dub, was the second of the Shitennou to be introduced. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.

Voice Actors:

  1. Kevin Lund (DIC) - English
  2. Liam O'Brien (VIZ) - English
  3. Katsuji Mori - Japanese
  4. Kosuke Toriumi - Japanese
  5. Mario Castaneda - Spanish
  6. Liron Lev - Hebrew

Nephrite plays DVD in Dumbo and Simba's Regular Show

Nephrite plays Genie Jafar in Ashladdin (TailsXHotaru Tomoe Style)

He is Jafar's Genie form

Nephrite Plays In Pokemon (1986Movies Style)

He is Charmander's Original Owner

Nephrite Plays Devil In Darienucules

He is a Ruler of the Underworld

Nephrite Played Jafa In Mevlinladdin

He is a Arabian Sorcerer

Nephrite Played Mr. Pinkie In Jimmy and the Boys

He is theodore's Evil Counterpart

Nephrite Played Prince Adam In Beauty and the Blue Dragon (Chris1702 Style) and In Beauty and the Blue Dragon (2017) (Chris1702 Style)

He is a Prince or a Hunter

Nephrite Played Judge Doom In Who Framed Simon Seville

Nephrite played Rocky in Scooby Dangerfield

Nephrite Played Zamasu In Dragon Ball Super (Chris1701 Style)

he is Evil Supreme Kai



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