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The Ngandong tiger (Panthera tigris soloensis), is an extinct subspecies of tiger which lived in what is now the Sundaland region of Indonesia in the Pleistocene epoch. The few remains of P. t. soloensis known suggest that the animal would have been about the size of a modern-day Bengal tiger. However, other specimens suggest an animal larger than any of the modern tigers in Indonesia. Heltler and Volmer (2007) estimated that a large male could potentially weigh up to 470 kg (1,040 pounds), heavier than the Bengal tiger, one of the largest extant cats. Although Raúl Valvert (2014) later estimated the head-body length to be between 172–233 centimetres (5.64–7.64 feet), while the total length was estimated to be 258–350 centimetres (8.46–11.48 feet), both taken in straight line. The minimum weight for females was estimated at 143 kg (315 pounds), with males weighing up to 368 kg (811 pounds), with exceptional specimen weighing up to 400 kg (880 pounds).



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