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Niju from Balto II: Wolf Quest

The Emperor in Star Wars (Mistercartoonmovie Style) & Cat Wars

He is a Emperor

Niju plays Sa'Luk in Baltladdin III: Baltladdin & The King Of Thieves

He is a thief & murderer

Niju Plays Jetsam in The Little Mer-Husky

He is a Moray eel

Niju Plays Banzai in The Superdog King

He is a hyena

Niju plays Prince Achmed in Trampladdin

He is a Prince

Niju plays Phineas T. Ratchet in Animals (Robots; 2005)

He is a Robot

Niju Plays Razoul in Furballaddin and Boldladdin

He is a Arabian Guard

Niju Plays The Mouse King in The Fox Prince (1990) and The Lion Prince (1990)

He is a Mouse

Niju Plays Yon Rha in Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

He is a former Fire Nation soldier

Niju Plays Jafar In Kodiladdin, Kodiladdin 2: The Return of Niju

He is a Sorcerer

Niju Plays Guard in Warthog Form In The Robot Boy's New Groove

He is a warthog

Niju Plays The Sheriff of Nottingam in Bodi Hood (1973)

He is a Wolf

Niju Played Undertow (Large Size) In The Little Huskey II:Return To The Sea

He is a Whitte Shark

Niju Played Governor Ratcliffe in Foxhontas and Foxhontas 2: Journey to a New World

he is a Govenner

Niju Played Hades in Kodicules

He is the Lord of the Dead

Niju Played Shan Yu in Aleulan

He is a Hun Warlord

Niju Played Lord Rothbart in The Dragon Princess

He is a Spell-Weaver

Niju Played Bartholomew in The Great Microraptor Detective

He is a Mouse

Niju Played Nuka in The Watterson King 2: Gumball's Pride

He is Itchy Lion

Niju Played Shadow the Hedgehog in Balto the Wolf Dog (Sonic the Hedgehog) Series

He is a Black Hedgehog

Niju Played Savage Opress in Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Niju played Ronan the Accusser in Dynamite's Cinematic Universe


In [[Simbalto II Lion Quest Played By Scar

In Dannto II Cat Quest Played By Shere Khan

in Skunkto Quest Niju is Played by Discord


  • Wife- Metal
  • Daughter- Jade
  • Brother-in-law- Steele
  • Father-in-law- Buster
  • Mother-in-law- Princess the White Wolf
  • Son-in-law- Bradley Uppercrust III


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