Nikolai Abulinov (Russian: Николай Абулинов, tr. Nikolay Abulinov) is a Russian ROBLOX Fighter, who is extremely brave, and he often fights extremely skillfully. He is willing to not give up to fight very hard, if not extremely brutally, such as physically assaulting another noob for fun. He's known as ProxyCyanide in ROBLOX, and he is an extremely brave man. He usually doesn't smile, but often risks his life to be an extremely heroic person as well, and he has made notable risks, along with risking his life to disarm bombs, dealing with zombies, and handling live ammunition.

Born functionally illiterate, he was able to speak Russian, then he taught himself English, he had physically done very dangerous but brave things, which got him promoted to 1st Lieutenant when he was just 23 years old. He enlisted in the military at only 17 years old, and this is why he is surprisingly good in marksmanship. He also worked with other people as well, such as Aleksey Kizhyevsky and Andrey Andrikov, and he learned how to handle extremely risky situations that could've killed regular people. He is a young man, defending for all costs. He tended to be quite rude, insulting people for their race, religion, or even insulting people for fun. However, his favorite game mode is Nazi Zombies, and he enjoys it regularly. He often uses a Remington 870 shotgun to murder zombies and he is still active in war duties today.


  • "No more Zombies!"


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