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Nina is a character who was first introduced in Season 4 in the episode of the same name, "Nina". She lives in Pato's flower garden with her friends, Roberto and Ladybug.


She greatly loves plants and nature. She naturally speaks mostly a form of gibberish with Japanese or Spanish accent, but can also speak fluent English, though not as much as Pocoyo.

She appears to be very fond of Pocoyo, always play together like siblings. One image shows Nina kissing Pocoyo's cheeks, implying that they have a relationship.

Some of her personal favorites imply that she is younger than Pocoyo, liking soft music and butterflies. She also dislikes pizza.


She is a human girl with red hair and wears a lime green hoodie with two antennae, lime green shorts and shoes. She is slightly shorter than Pocoyo.


  • Her birthday is on February 12th, but her exact age remains unknown.
  • The Narrator often translates Nina's gibberish, but it is shown in some episodes that Pocoyo can understand her.
    • It is shown in later episode that Pocoyo can speak gibberish too.
    • In some episodes, it is shown that Nina's gibberish isn't really a random sound, but a different language if not Japanese. This is heard when she says "bumbleberry" in Bumbleberry Surprise, and when she counts the Aliens in "Tourist Trapped".
  • Other than her accent, Nina may as well be a Japanese girl, as she appears to make anime faces in some episodes.
    • However, she gave her pet robot a Spanish name, implying that she may be Spanish.
  • Nina takes smaller but more steps than Pocoyo, making her just as fast when walking.
  • Unlike Pocoyo, Nina has visible teeth.
  • Nina's temper is just as short as Pato's, but she only loses it in certain conditions. One being unable to to kick a ball despite Roberto's training.
  • It is not confirmed if Nina is really a human, as she made her debut in her small state, and also has never shaken hands before Pocoyo.
    • Due to Nina constantly using Roberto to change her size, it is unknown which is her original size.
    • She is also not familiar with Halloween.
    • In an additional scene between Muck Struck and Great Shot!, it is shown that Nina has never played tennis, as she thought that the racket was a banjo.
  • Being close to nature, Butterfly often flutters around her.
  • Nina and Pocoyo hate chilli, immediately spitting it out after a slurp.