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The Nostalgia Critic is a very famous character on the site and he knows it, taking advantage of his fame whenever possible (enough to actually call himself a "God"). He can get very angry if the movie's bad enough, or if his pride is put to test. He is also known for carrying a trademark handgun with him, and also for getting incredibly insane if someone mentions a "bat-credit card" or if he sees it, due to the trauma of reviewing Batman & Robin. However, he is sane enough to tell right from obscenely wrong and does know his limits when he is calm enough to think. The Critic is a big enemy of the Angry Video Game Nerd, but in real life, Doug and James Rolfe are actually really good friends. But actually he can sometimes redeem himself, but all & all, he is considered an anti-hero. He goes freakin insane when he sees or hears bat credit card.

Nostalgia Critic plays as Larry Daley in Night at the Toontown, Night at the Toontown 2 and Night at the Toontown 3

Nostalgia Critic plays as Beast in Beauty and the Critic

Nostalgia Critic plays as Zeus in Nerdcules

Nostalgia Critic plays as Fear in Inside Out (160 Movies Style)

Nostalgia Critic plays as Dr. Dawson in The Great Nerd Detective

Nostalgia Critic plays as Lon in Camillehontas

Nostalgia Critic plays as Chuck in The Angry Birds Movie (160 Movies Human Style)