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An inventor and pilot with a passion for flight, rarely seen without an old fashioned brown aviator hat. Numbuh 2 builds all the technology used by his sector.

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Hoagie portrays Nathan Kravet (2009) and a sub director in Cold Case Toonime (Rotten Seeds Production)

  • S6E13 Breaking News, a former news executive producer for News5 (WCNU in real series) and Jane Everett's (portrayed by Sarah Goodman [Flint The Time Detective]) mentor, which in the evening of November 1988, he strangled her to death using the scarf she's wearing at that time. The main motive he killed Jane is because he was trying to stop Jane from exposing her story that she found out involving a plastic company who was responsible for their former employees for using asbestos as one of their chemical ingredients which causes cancer and not giving them compensation and health benefits, and since he was involved in this illegal activity after he was called by a manager of former Shaw Plastics offering him a big bucks, he wants to get the said footage caught on tape just to keep the said event a secret. He was then arrested after the homicide team reopened Jane's case. His past counterpart was portrayed by Matt Ishida (1988).
  • Before he appeared in the said episode, he was also the writer and sub-director of the Episode 11 in the same season entitled Wings, which his personality as a pilot as well was related in the said episode, where his fellow Sector V operative Numbuh 5 / Abigail "Abby" Lincoln portrayed Allison "Ally" Thruston, as the main victim of the said episode.


Other Appearances

He is a part of a dancer crew on Just Dance 2018, for the song "Make It Jingle".