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"Can I come into the out now?"
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Oh is a boov from Home.

Oh played Bugs Bunny in Space Jam (tom style) and Imaginary Tunes: Back in Action

Oh Played Hugo In The Despcable Of Norte Dame

Oh played Chicken Little in Oh Little

Oh played Dopey in Sawyer White and the Seven Characters (CoolZDane Style)

He is a mute and beardless dwarf

Oh played Flik in A Toon's Life (Justin Bonesteel Style)

Oh played Michael Darling in Genie Pan

Oh played Shrek in Oh (Shrek) series

Oh played Ogre Fiona in Disgust (Shrek) series

Oh played Aladdin in Ohladdin

He is a street rat

Oh played Dodger in Harvey Beaks and Company

Oh played Stanley in A Boov in Central Park

Oh played Nick Wilde in Cartoontopia

He is a fox

Oh played Toby in The Great Mailman Detective

He is a dog

Oh played Prince Adam in Beauty and the Troll

Oh appeared in The Wolf Who Saved The Little Girl

Oh played Tom Cat in Oh and Joy: The Movie

Oh as Emmet Brickowski in The Toon Movie 2: The Second Part (The Hannah Schmidt 229 Show Style)

Oh as Woody in Toon Story 4 (The Hannah Schmidt 229 Show Style)

Oh as Sonic in Oh the Boov (OTB), Oh X, Oh Boom, Oh the Boov (2020)

Oh as Thomas in Oh the Boov and Friends, Oh and the Magic Space Drift


  • Friends: Tip, Lucy, Smek
  • Girlfriends: Disgust, Twilight Sparkle