Old Slow Coach, or simply known as Coach, is a GWR Victorian luxury coach.

Old Slow Coach


Old Slow Coach was a luxurious coach when she was first brought to the Island of Sodor, but was eventually replaced by modern rolling stock. Sent to the scrap yards, Old Slow Coach was luckily found and saved by Thomas and Percy, so she is once again very useful indeed. Old Slow Coach was long due for the scrapheap when Thomas and Percy met her, and the two tank engines vowed to find a way to save her. Their chance came sooner than expected when the workmen's hut was destroyed by fire. Thomas and Percy suggested that Old Slow Coach house the workmen while a new hut was being made. After the hut was rebuilt, Old Slow Coach was restored into a coach, and later became the "old" item for Mrs. Kyndley's daughter's good luck package.


Old Slow Coach is a Falmouth Coupe TRI brake coach, built in 1893 for the Great Western Railway.


Old Slow Coach is painted in the Great Western Railway's chocolate and cream livery.


Television series

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  • Old Slow Coach is the first coach with moving eyes and a moulded face like the engines, the second being Henrietta, starting from the eighteenth season.
    • Old Slow Coach was also the last sentient coach to be created in the television series until the Slip Coaches in the eighteenth season.
  • In the Spanish, Czech and Polish dubs, Old Slow Coach is portrayed as a male.


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