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Olivia Flaversham is a young heroine who appears in Disney's 1986 film The Great Mouse Detective as a tritagonist. She is Hiram Flaversham's nauseatingly adorable and unbearably beautiful young daughter and is voiced by Susanne Pollatschek.

Voice Actors:

  1. Susanne Pollatschek - English
  2. Nariko Fujieda - Japanese
  3. Federica De Bortoli - Italian
  4. Barbara Tissier - French
  5. Diana Santos - Spanish
  6. Berta Cortés - Catalan
  7. Adriana Torres - Brazilian Portuguese
  8. Kristine Nørgaard Sørensen - Danish
  9. Marlijn Pel - Dutch
  10. Anine Kruse - Norwegian
  11. Zofia Jaworowska - Polish
  12. Albina Ishmouratova - Russian
  13. Cecilia Schiöld - Swedish

She played Princess Eilonwy in The Black Cauldron (Nikkdisneylover8390 Animals Style)

She is a princess.

She played Morgan Phillip in Enchanted (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style)

She Played Young Cale Tucker In Animal Ae 

He Is A Young Boy

She played Alice in Olivia in Wonderland

She is a girl.

She played Ariel in The Little Mouse (Nixcorr26), The Little Mouse 2: Return to the Sea (Nixcorr26), and The Little Mouse 3: Olivia's Beginning (Nixcorr26)

She is a mermaid.

She played Abby Mallard in Fievel Little (a.k.a. Chicken Little)

She is an "ugly duckling".

She played Sarah in Basil, Timon n Dale (Ed, Edd n Eddy) and Basil, Timon n Dale's Big Picture Show

She is Ed's baby sister.

She played Wendy Darling in Bernard Pan Fievel Pan, Fox Fievel Pan and the Soldiers, Jenner (Hook), Fievel Pan 2: Return to Neverland, and Pikachu and the Neverland Pirates

She is a girl.

She played Jane Darling in Piglet Pan ll: Return to Neverland

She is Wendy's daughter.

She played Rosie in A Pooh in Central Park

She is a baby sister.

She played Young Tanya Mousekewitz in An Animal Tail and An Animal Tail 3: The Treasure of Manhattan island

She is a mouse.

She played Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia (Nixcorr26 Pet Style) (1985 version) and Bridge to Terabithia (Nixcorr26 Pet Style) (2007 version)

She is Jess Aarons' love interest.

She played Cream in Chip X

She is a rabbit.

She played Cera in The Land Before Time (1701Movies Style)

She is a three horn.

She played Dot in A Critter's Life

She is Princess Atta's little sister.

She played Princess Atta in A Mouse's Life

She is an ant.

She played Clarice in Fievel the Red-Nosed Mouse (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style)

She is a female reindeer.

She played Young Faline in Fievel (aka Bambi), Fievel (aka Bambi 2), Fievel (Bambi), and Fievel (Bambi 2)

She is a fawn princess.

She played Bonnie in Pokemon XY (Chris1701 Style)

She is Clemont's sister.

She played Miss Bianca in The Rescuers (Stephen Druschke's Style)

She is a Hungarian mouse of the Rescue Aid Society.

She played Maid Marian in Fievel Hood and Fievel Hood (Nixcorr26 Style)

She is a vixen.

She played Karin Kurosaki in Bleach (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

She is Ichigo's sister.

She played as Lilo in Olivia and Flik, Flik! The Movie, Olivia and Flik: The Series, Olivia and Flik 2: Flik Has a Glitch, and Hopper and Flik

She is a Hawaiian girl.

She played as Evelyn Ross in Fievel and Jaq

She is Jason's love interest.

She played Cecilia Nuthatch in We're Back!: A Feline's Story

She is Louie's girlfriend.

She played Wendy in Fievel the Mouse (a.k.a. Bob the Builder)

She is Bob's business partner and later his wife.

She played Young Anastasia in Biancastasia

She is a young Russian princess.

She played Nurse Joy in Pokemon (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style)

She is a nurse.

She Played Misty in Pokemon (397Movies Animal Style)

She is a Cerulean City gym leader.

She Played Herself in The Great Mouse Detective (4000Movies Style)

She is herself

She Played Rukia Kuchiki In Bleach (1984Movies Style)

She is a Ninja

She played Anastasia in Oliviastasia

She is a Russian princess.

She played Young Nala in The Mouse King

She is a lioness cub.

She played Young Kayley in Quest for Camelot (Nixcorr26's Rodent Style) and Quest for Camelot (Stephen Druschke's Animal Style)

She is a little girl.

She played Joy in Inside Out (Luke Yannuzzi Style)

She is an emotion.

She Played Sailor V In Sailor Moon Spoof for 1953movies

She is a Masked Guardian and the 5th sailor scout

She played Young Anna in Frozen (Amy Rose's Animal Style) and Frozen (Nixcorr26 Animal style)

She is a girl.

She played Yzma [Kitten] in The Hornbill's New Groove

She is a kitten.

She played Nellie in Miss Bianca's Hole and Miss Bianca's Hole 2: Robin Hood's Great Adventure

She is one of Charlotte's daughters.

She played Princess Aurora/Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty (Nixcorr26 Style)

She is a princess.

She played Yuzu Kurosaki in Bleach (160Movies Style)

She is Ichigo's sister.

She played as Oliver in Olivia and Company

She is a kitten.

She played Toddler/Mid-teen Odette/Young Adult Odette in The Kangaroo Princess

She is a toddler, mid-teenager, and young adult.

She played Cinderella in Olivirella, Olivirella 2: Dreams Come True, and Olivirella 3: A Twist in Time

She is a maid.

She played Ducky in The Land Before Time (TheCartoonMan12 Style)

She is a swimmer.

She played Princess Jasmine in Fieveladdin, Fieveladdin 2: the Return of Drake, Fieveladdin (TV series), and Fieveladdin 3: The King of Thieves

She is an Arabian princess.

She played Mailtida Wormwood in Olivia (Matilda)

She is a little girl

She played Clara in The Kitten Prince

She is a girl.

She played Belle in Beauty and the Bat, Beauty and the Bat: The Enchanted Christmas, and Beauty and the Bat: Olivia's Magical World

She is a woman.

She played Princess Irene in The Princess and the Mouse King

She is a princess.

She played Thumbelina in Olivilina

She is the fairy princess.

She played Raye/Sailor Mars in Sailor Bianca

She is the third Sailor Scout.

She played Princess Camille in Little Fievel: Adventures in Slumberland

She is a Slumberland princess.

She played Tinker Bell in Romeo Pan and Jiminy Pan

She is a pixie.

She played Laura in Dinosaur King (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

She is a child of the Alpha Gang.

She played Marilyn in The Magic Voyage (Nixcorr26 Style)

She is a fairy.

She played as Fauna in Sleeping Snivy

She is a green fairy.

She played Bubbles in The Powerpuff Mice (TV Show) and The Powerpuff Mice Movie

She is the joy and the laughter.

She played Izzy in Piglet and the Neverland Pirates

She is a young pirate.

She played Kiki in Olivia's Delivery Service

She is a witch-in-training.

She played Kaede Shiranui in Ninja Nonsense spoof for ???

She is Shinobu's best friend.

She played Mrs. Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (Nixcorr26 Pet Style)

She is a mouse.

She played Marie in The Aristomice

She is a kitten.

She played Amy in Fievel the Mouse (Willy the Sparrow)

She is a sparrow.

She played Tawna Bandicoot in Fievel Mousekewitz (Crash Bandicoot)

She is Crash Bandicoot's love interest.

She played Frog Tiana in The Princess and the Mouse (a.k.a. The Princess and the Frog)

She is a frog.

She played Piper Pinwheel in Disney Characters (Robots)

She is a robot.

She Young Celeste in Bernard: The Movie, Bernard (TV series), and Bernard: King of the Mice

She is a young elephant.

She Played Annie in Olivia (Annie)

She is a orphan.

She Played Paprika in Angel's Clues (a.k.a. Blue's Clues) (nikkdisneylover8390 style)

She is a young spice shaker.

She played May in Pokemon Advanced Generation (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

She is a Pokemon coordinator.

She played Eleanor Miller in Basil and the Mice (1983)

She is a chipette.

She played Korrina in Pokemon XY (158Movies Animal Style)

She is a gym leader.

She played Angelique in Beauty and the Muppet Bear: The Enchanted Christmas

She played Suri in Dinosaur (Hiatt Grey style)

She played Zola in Blue Dragon (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style)