• (Fade to a book titled "Olivirella." The book opens to the beginning of the story.)
  • Narrator: Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom. Peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition.
  • (The pages turn to reveal a father mouse with his baby daughter and two puppies.)
  • Narrator: Here, in a stately chateau, there lived a widowed male toymaker mouse named Hiram Flaversham and his little daughter, Olivia.
  • (The page in the book becomes real. The father mouse is half-bald with tan fur, a red mustache and sideburns, curvy, pink ears, a black nose, white buckteeth, and brown eyes. He wears spectacles that are too big for his head, a creamy shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a red bow tie, an olive green apron, dark brown trousers, and brown shoes. His name is Hiram Flaversham.)
  • (The baby mouse is a 1-year-old baby girl with brown fur, a peach muzzle and upper face, a round head, a small bucktooth, a little pink nose, tiny whiskers, bright blue eyes, and curvy, pink ears. She wears a diaper, as well as a pair of pink footy pajamas and a matching bow. Her name is Yasha Mousekewitz, or baby Olivia Flaversham, Hiram's infant daughter. She was the one who is petting young Toby with young Spike looking at her while holding onto the water fountain's edge.)
  • Narrator: Although he was a kind and devoted father and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, still he felt she needed a mother's care.
  • (Meanwhile, inside a window, four evil figures are looking at Yasha and her daddy with the puppies. Two young mice are staring out at the fun Yasha is having while a mouse is petting cat.)
  • Narrator: And so he married again, choosing for his second wife, a woman of good family, with two daughters a few years older than Olivia.
  • Narrator: It was upon the untimely death of this good man, however, that the stepmother's true nature was revealed. Cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous... of Olivia's charm and beauty, she was grimly determined to forward the interests... of her own two awkward daughters.
  • Narrator: Thus, as time went by, the chateau fell into disrepair, for the family fortunes were squandered... upon the vain and selfish stepsisters, while Cinderella was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in her own house. And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found, new hope that someday... her dreams of happiness would come true.
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