Ono lion guard

Ono is an Cattle Egret from The Lion Guard.

Ono played Iago in Nick Wildeladdin

He is a parrot

Ono played Jacquimo in Fulilina

He is a swallow

Ono played Mr. Stork in Michael (Dumbo)

He is a stork

Ono played the Eagle in Kion: Lion Cub of the Cimarron

He is an eagle

Ono played Dweeb in We're Back! A Lion Guard's Story

He is a green Parasaurolophus

Ono played Lampy in The Brave Little Lion Cub (Abeiscool40 Style), The Brave Little Lion Cub to the Rescue, and The Brave Little Lion Cub Goes to Mars

He is a lamp

Ono played joe in Bagheera's Clues and Bagherra's Room,

He is steves Brother


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