Ord the Blue Dragon
Ord is the Main Character in Dragon Tales

Ord Plays Bloat in Finding Simba (BobandLarryFan Style) and Finding Stella

Ord Plays Genie in Larryladdin

Ord Plays Patrick Star in The Yakko, Wakko and DotBob WarnerPants Movie and The CraigBob SnakePants Movie

Ord Plays The Great Owl in The Secret of NIMH (Ooglyeye Style)

Ord Plays Barney in Ord & Friends

Ord Played Just Friend In Max's Laboratory (150Movies Style)

Ord Played Himself In Dragon Tales (Chris1702 Style) and Dragon Tales (1988Movies Style)

Ord Played Baloo in The Jungle Book 1986Movies

Ord played Po (Kung Fu Panda) in Kung Fu Dragon (DaveGrrrrrrruly)

He is a Panda

Ord played TV (Elmo's World) in Baby Tugs Cub's World, Baby Tugs Cub's World: Happy Holidays!, Baby Tugs Cub's World: Wild Wild West! and The Street We Live On!

He is Elmo's TV

Ord played Snake (Toy Story) in Animation Creature Story

He is a Snake

Voice Actors:

  1. Ty Olsson - English
  2. Takayuki Sakazume - Japanese
  3. Herman Lopez - Spanish




  • His appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' movie spoof travels are The Brave Little Piglet and Kung Fu Owen and will even be in more spoof travels.
  • When Ord is scared of something, he sometimes turn invisible.
  • Ord is afraid
  • Ord is a similar to Eduardo from Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, as he is afraid of spiders, the dark, and scary things despite being bigger than most of the dragons.
  • He is the only other dragon on the show who has all sharp teeth
  • He is allergic to the dandelions in the dandelion forest. The seeds that fall close to him will make him sneeze so powerful it makes them lose their seeds which makes the dandelions sad.
  • Ord's mother is a giant.
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