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PJ Berri (PJ ベリー PJ Berī) is a DJ teddy bear and Parappa's best friend. His general demeanor is that of a very dopey bear with a big appetite, usually thinking of food at the most inappropriate times. PJ Berri's signature name is PJ DJ. That means he is the DJ in a party. This was present in Stage 7: Noodles Can't Be Beat of PaRappa The Rapper 2.

In the anime, PJ is an aloof character with a face stuck in one expression and seems indifferent about situations if he even cares at all. His primary function as a character is to provide background gags, tied to his habit of sleeping during the day. His daytime napping is explained by his activity during the night; being the DJ to the party place the rest of the main characters occasionally hang out at. Despite his stoic behavior, he is involved within the group and remains aware of his surroundings during rest.

He loves his work as a DJ, as is evident that he also performs in his dreams, but he wants to reach people and contributes to an ultimate goal of world peace.