Pacifica Render

Pacifica Northwest is the most popular girl and Mabel's former rival. She can fly, has speed and agility. Depends on using the 7 chaos emeralds or when her friendship is high, she can transform into Winged Pacifica. She turns into her winged form with high friendship more than the 7 emeralds


Wander, Sylvia, Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Yellow Kirby, Sunset Shimmer, Candy Chiu, Red Kirby


Lord Hater, Lord Dominator, Commander Peepers, Emperor Awesome, Sir Brad Starlight, Bill Cipher

On Hand


Eevee -> Jolteon

Gym Battle

Raichu Lv 39

Magneton Lv 38

Jolteon Lv 40

Electabuzz Lv 41


Electivire Lv 55

Magnezone Lv 58

Raichu Lv 60

Manectric Lv 59

Ampharos Lv 61

Luxray Lv 62

She played Aladdin in Pacificaladdin Northwest, Pacificaladdin Northwest 2: The Return of Darla Dimple, Pacificaladdin Northwest 3: The Queen of Thieves

She played Pacifica Pan, Pacifica Pan 2: Return to Never Land, Pacifica Pan 3: Hakuna Matata

She played Pocahontas in Pacificahontas, Pacificahontas 2: Journey to a New World

She played Diana in Jewelpet (Karyll Aguilar Style)


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