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She Played Chibiusa Tskuino/Sailor Chibi-Moon In Sailor Videl, Sailor Rain (DIC), and Sailor Rain (VIZ)

She is Sailor Moon's future daughter.

She will play Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (TR22P Style)

She is a Kansas farm girl.

She will play Young Kiara in The Gundam King 2: Domon's Colony, The Gundam Guard: Return of the Roar, The Gundam Guard 2: The Rise of Tyler, and The Gundam Guard 3: Battle for Neo-Tokyo.

She is a female lion cub.

She will play Robyn Starling in Nezumi-Otoko/Rat Man and Kitaro: The Movie.

She played Pinocchio in Panocchio.

She is a wooden puppet.

She will play