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Caesar Boulevardez (better known as Papi) is Felix Boulevardez's father, Sunset's father-in-law,and LaCienega's abuelo. He is voiced by Alvaro Gutierrez

Due to being close to the same age, he is also the target of Suga Mama's love something he seems ambiguus about returning. Although he is in her constant company, his comments in Spanish indicates he finds her wearisome, and his actions shows a willingness to accept the attention of other older ladies.

Papi usually wears purple clothes, and his styled hair is green, which apparently is due to his age as he has claimed to having black hair when younger.

He always laughs after saying something rude, and sarcastic to and about Suga Mama in Spanish, knowing she does not understand a word he says. However, it would seem that he can speak and understand good fluent English, having done it once, but apparently prefers his native language. A genetic trait past down in his family is that all of them have large feet that enables them to swim better than most people.


  • Papi's laugh, together with clothing and hair color makes him reminiscent of an elderly Joker from the Batman franchises, specifically Cesar Romero.
    • As of Louder and Prouder, his laughter is provided by Kevin Michael Richardson, who actually provided the voice of the Clown Prince of Crime himself in the 2004 animated series The Batman.
      • His comments are caption-translated.