Parappa the Rapper is the title character and rapping dog in the PlayStation games.

Voice Actors

  • Dred Foxx


He Played Marlin in Finding Pac-Man.

He Played Flounder in The Little Whale Shark.

He Played Dopey in Lady White and the Seven Best Friends.

He Played the White Rabbit in D.W. in Wonderland.

He Played Pudge in Ocean Animals Don't Dance.

He Played Harold the Seahorse in The Little Aardvark.

He Played Toby Turtle in Arthur Hood and Bailey Hood.

He Played Figaro in SpongeBobnocchio.

He Played Happy in GoGo Tomagowhite and the Seven Animals.

He Played Dinah in Vanessa in Wonderland.

He Played Iago in Leapladdin.

He Played Lampwick in Lazlonocchio.

He Played the Cheshire Cat in Lily in Wonderland (1951).

He Played Young Simba in The Aardvark King.

He Played Jim Crow in Lucifer (Dumbo).

He Played Droopy Dog in Sid and Flap: The Movie.

He played Gary the Snail in The KaaBob SnakePants Movie.

He Played Alice in PaRappa In Wonderland.

He Played Fluttershy in My Little Animals Friendship Is Magic (Genderswap Version).

He played The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Parappa Town.

He played Boots in Bianca the Explorer and Go Grey, Go!.

He played Dumbo in Parappa (Dumbo).

He played Doogal in Parappa (Doogal).

He played Percy the Small Engine in Vinnytovar & Friends (Thomas & Friends).

He played George Pig in Vix Fox (Peppa Pig).

He played Stinky in Alpha & Omega Series (Vinnytovar Style)


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