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DaveGrrrrrrruly's Parody movie of Abby in Wonderland.


  • Elmo/The Red Rabbit - Baby Tugs Cub (The Care Bears Family)
  • Abby Cadabby/Alice - Vampirina Hauntley (Vampirina)
  • Count von Count/The Counterpillar - Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Oscar the Grouch/The Grouch of Hearts - Four (7 Little Monsters)
  • The Grouch Cards - Spiders and Bats (Little Einsteins: The Missing Invitation)
  • Cookie Monster/Cheshire Cookie Cat - Mater (Cars)
  • Zoe/Mousey the Hatter Helper - Baby Hugs Cub (The Care Bears Family)
  • Bottle - Himself
  • Cookie - Himself
  • Grover/The Mad Hatter - Three (7 Little Monsters)
  • Bert/Tweedle Dee - Bob (The Doodlebops)
  • Ernie/Tweedle Dum - Rooney (The Doodlebops)
  • Rosita/Red Rose - Cassie (Dragon Tales)
  • Anything Muppet Characters - Anything Cartoon Characters


Baby Tugs Cub as Elmo/The Red Rabbit

Vampirina Hauntley as Abby Cadabby/Alice

Dracula (Hotel Transylvania) as Count von Count/The Counterpillar

Four as Oscar the Grouch/The Grouch of Hearts

CDA as The Grouch Cards

Mater as Cookie Monster/Cheshire Cookie Cat

Baby Hugs Cub as Zoe/Mousey the Hatter Helper

Three as Grover/The Mad Hatter

Bus Driver Bob as Bert/Tweedledee

Rooney Doodle as Ernie/Tweedledum

Cassie as Rosita/Red Rose