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Pato is one of the Pocoyo's best friends and main character in the series.


Pato is a friendly duck who Pocoyo has known for quite some time. When his time isn't spent with Pocoyo and/or Elly, he can usually be found watering his garden or other plants or flowerbeds. He has the unique ability to shape and bend his body to the way he desires, and can even give himself flight or be used like a tool.


Normally Pato appears to be very calm and passive about most things. He loves gardening and flowers above all else, but he also enjoys things like skateboarding or listening to rock music. He can be pretty fussy when someone messes something up, or if he doesn't get his way, and his temper has no bounds. He can also become stubborn, demanding, or greedy when put in a tough spot. But he is usually very nice, and often acts cool to try to cover his insecurities. Sometimes he can become a bit too dramatic.


Pato is a yellow duck with big black eyes. He has small wings for hands, and an orange beak and feet. He always wears a green hat on his head.


  • Pato's name is the spanish word for Duck. It also applies in Portuguese, Filipino, Tok Pisin and Papiamento.
  • He is a favourite amongst the young children due to his enjoyable dancing and the fact that his beak turns 360 degrees.
  • In the pilot episode of Pocoyo, Pato's real name is Ducky, not Pato.
  • In Pocoyo's Christmas Carol, the scene of the ghost of past Christmas shows a younger Pato and Pocoyo. Also, we see how he hatches from the egg and befriends Pocoyo. yeah, but pocoyo is still a super young baby. so pato would already be 4-5 yrs old