Patrick Henry Eval (born December 5, 1963) is Prince Anario's father

Patrick Eval played Cassim in Anarioladdin III: Anarioladdin and the King of Thieves

He is Aladdin's father

Patrick Eval played General Li in Orianalan

He is Li Shang's father

Patrick Eval played King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty (160 Movies Style)

He is Prince Phillip's father

Patrick Eval played King Colbert in Orianalina

He is Prince Cornelius' father

Patrick Eval played the King in Orianarella

He is Prince Charming's father

Patrick Eval played Zeus in Anariocules

He is Hercules' father

Patrick Eval Played Jonthan Brisby In The Secret of NIMH (160 Movies Human Style)

He is Mrs Brisby's Lost Husband

Patrick Eval Played Tarzan's father in Anariozan

Patrick Eval Played Sam Parrish in Jumanji (160 Movies Style)

Patrick Eval Played Curdie's Father in The Princess and the Spanish Villain

Patrick Eval Played Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz Style)

Patrick Eval Played Lou Pickles in RugKids

Patrick Eval Played Naveen's Father in The Princess and the ???

Patrick Eval Played Nathoo in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (160 Movies Style)

He is Mowgli's Father

Patrick Eval Played Mr. Stoppable in Oriana Possible

Voice Actors

  1. Christopher Plummer-English


  • Wife-Talisa Samantha Korg-Eval
  • Father-Gerald Eval
  • Mother-Oletta Eval
  • Sister-Patricia Eval-Rowland
  • Brother in law-Arnold Rowland
  • Niece-Marilyn Rowland-Burton
  • Nephew-Kyle Rowland
  • Sons-Adam, Zachary and Alvin Eval (Aka Prince Anario)
  • Daughters in law-June Hilton-Eval, Pauline Eval and Princess Oriana
  • Grandsons-Matthew Eval and Gus
  • Granddaughters-Princess Camille, Rosie and Veronica Eval
  • Sister in law-Lindsey Brittany Korg
  • Parents in law-George and Nancy Korg
  • Paternal Cousins-Talisa Yelena Eval, Christina Eval
  • Paternal Aunt-Helga Eval
  • Paternal Uncle-Stefan Eval
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